Easy Cookie Dough Truffles

There is nothing like a truffle to delight my taste buds! A few weeks ago the kids and I were craving something sweet and we decided to try our hand at making some really easy truffles!

These were so simple to make and so fun to share with my 2 little sweeties! I can't wait to share this idea with you so that you can whip up some decadent truffles to share this holiday season!

To make these easy truffles you will need:
 melting chocolate
Cake Mix in your favorite flavor
A stick of butter, melted

Mix your cake mix and melted butter until it is well combined.
Melt your chocolate and pour a touch into the bottom of a silicon mold.
Scoop the cake mixture into the molds then top with more chocolate.
Allow to cool and harden. Then share.

As you can see, we mixed things up a bit! We added chocolate chips to a vanilla cake, we also mixed up a red velvet truffle base and a chocolate fudge one too!

I couldn't give you an opinion on which one was the best, because they were all incredible and dreamy!!


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