Top Picks for Gifts for Boys

It is time to start checking your list and shopping for the special boys in your life! I have gathered some of my favorite picks for this year and I can't wait to share them with you! These are some of the hottest toys of the season with educational benefits, that are perfect for boys!

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An adventurous boy is going to love opening this action packed gift option.There are so many things I love about this particular model. The color choices are fantastic. We loved the purple, which is super stylish and works well for boys and girls. With speeds up to 7.4 miles per hour, the Hoverfly Plus glides smoothly for up to 12 miles on a single charge. Complete with all of the bells and whistles you could want, including a built in bluetooth speaker and  zero radius turning capabilities, the Hoverfly will send your boys into orbit for under $200. 

This is a great model for a beginner, it makes learning to operate a hoverboard a breeze, which was perfect for my beginner. I loved that this model from Go Trax can support up to 220 pounds so that the fun loving adults in the family can take their turn on the Hoverfly too. 

Asides from being safety tested, this model is equipped with cosmic led lights to make sure everyone notices you on the path with your Go Trax Hoverfly Plus! This is a great hoverboard at a great price that is sure to make you a holiday hero with any adventurous boy!

Your young programmer is going to LOVE building his own interactive and adorable pet! This is an easy to assemble dog that will satisfy several desires; the wish for a dog of his own and his very own robot as the toy is basically an ultra cute robot dog.

I love that this is a great introduction to coding for kids ages 6 and up, there are so many ways to make this FurReal Makers Prototype your own that it is kind addictive. Retailing for about $120, you can find this one of a kind puppy your own exclusively through Amazon this holiday season.

I know that this is going to be one of the hottest gifts of the season, packed with tail wagging fun for kids. My son has been itching for his very own dog, and this is the perfect way to introduce him to the concept of responsibility, while giving him the fun of his own puppy.

3) Little Bits Droid Inventor Kit
If you have a Star Wars fan boy in the house, this is the ultimate gift for the holiday season. It combines all of the fun of Star Wars with STEM for a one of a kind building and learning experience. This kit contains everything you need to build a functioning droid including the battery. This is a fully customizable experience that is going to appeal to boys 8 and up. I can personally attest to the fact that boys at heart will want to get their hands on this kit! I don't know who is more excited, my husband or my son, to start building and sending their very own R2D2 droid on missions!

One of my favorite things about this kit is that after you have built your droid you can rearrange it to create a new and exciting droid! No matter what droid you create, you can count on it having 20 sounds right from the Star Wars movies included!

Retailing at under $100 this is a great kit to gift for the holidays because it has so many missions and ways to play with your completed droid that kids are definitely going to play with this gift long after the tree comes down.

4) Thomas the Train Stop and Go RC
My son has been a big Thomas fan for years. He can't resist that friendly train face! Toy State offers a fun RC train that will take your boy to the tracks in search of fun! This is a wired remote, which encourages active play.

Retailing for about $30 you can find this fun train remote control toy at major retailers and online. Boys 3 and older are going to love the Thomas vocals and sounds, as well as the fun to use remote control.

5) 3D Pens
If you are shopping for an aspiring young artist, 3D Simo offers some of the best 3 D pens. I love that they offer a basic pen which is super safe and ideal for ages as young as 8. This is an easy to create with pen that kids and adults are going to have a ton of fun creating with. Retailing for about $100 this is an awesome gift that will inspire creativity while giving kids a new way to draw.

They also offer a mini pen option which can do so much more than just draw! It can solder, burn, cut foam and more and has the amazing benefit of adapting to any filament.

6) Thin Stix
I love gifts that encourage creativity in kids. Painting is something that my son can't resist, and now that we have been using Thin Stix tempera paint sticks, I love to see him painting! These are the best way to paint with kids. They dry super fast, are easy to use and can work on so many surfaces!

These make an awesome stocking stuffer, or paired with a pad of paper or some wooden cut outs, Thin Stix make for a great gift that will keep giving long after the holiday has passed. A 12 pack retails for about $12.

7) Nintendo Switch 
If your boy loves to game, the Nintendo Switch is the system to get. We are loving this new addition to the Nintendo family and all of the fun games offered. This holiday season my son is crazy about the Gear Club Unlimited Game. Available at about $50 this is a game that is sure to send your boy speeding off towards fun this Christmas.

8) Educational Insights GeoSafari Constellation and Solar System Explorer
This was a must have item for my shopping this year. My son is a budding astronomer and loves to attend viewing the night sky and belongs to a star gazing club. This is such a fun and educational option for kids. From your house, you can check out the 12 zodiac constellations, the sun, moon, 8 planets, and the big and little dipper. These are viewable in 3 ways; celestial, connected, and illustrated mode. There is an included guide which is packed with information to combine play and learning!

Retailing at under $25 this is an awesome option for kids. It is STEM supportive and a great way to learn something new that may not be taught in school. I love to give gifts that spark the imagination and this one absolutely does that!

9) Y Glider XL Deluxe 
If you have an active boy on your shopping list, this is a great gift option that will provide years of fun without breaking the bank. There are adjustable levels for varying skill levels. I love this feature because as my son learns to maneuver the scooter and grows, he can still get a lot of use of this active toy.  The extra wide rear wheel provides control and stability for added safety. The Y Glider XL Deluxe also features an adjustable steering and arc-folding handlebars make this a scooter you can take with you anytime, anywhere.

Retailing for under $90 this is an awesome gift to encourage active outdoor play. It is portable, too fun to ride and is sure to bring countless hours of entertainment to a special boy on your Christmas list this year!

10) Discovery Lunar Crystal Terrarium
I love gifts that encourage a love of learning so this Discovery kit was a natural fit for my top picks for boys. This is a fun way to create a three dimensional moonscape terrarium! Explore simple chemical reactions and the science behind crystal growing, while honing in on observation skills. This is a gift that will be admired long after the experimentation has been completed! Retailing at under $20 this makes a perfect gift idea for kids older than 12. You can find the kit at Michaels.

11) Discovery 3D Motion Sandscape
This is another fun and educational gift option for kids. You add sand and water to create a visually stunning display. This is a great gift that will be enjoyed long after the season has passed because it looks so cool you will want to turn the structure time and time again to get the soothing motion of the sand! This is available at Michaels and retails for under $20. It is a great gift idea for a teen or tween, or maybe a child that needs a way to center themselves.

12) Kidizoom® Action Cam 180
My son is an aspiring youtuber and a regular on facebook live, so when I heard about the Kidizoom Action Cam 180 I knew this was the perfect gift for him. Retailing for under $50 this is a great first camera for kids. They can take selfies, photos and record video to capture all of their adventures!

I love that this action cam is simple to operate and features 3 included games. The waterproof case helps parents to know that whatever their kids may be capturing on camera, the camera is safe! This is really durable option for young videographers. The included usb cable allows you to transfer your footage and recharge the camera.

13) BB8 Smartwatch
This smartwatch is so much fun! It gives kids a chance to express their creativity! Made by Vtech, this durable smartwatch can capture both photo and video with Star Wars themed effects. Kids can choose the watch face they like best from 30 options and it has mini activities to keep kids entertained on the go. I love that it helps to teach time in such a fun way! Packed with so many fun features this watch is a perfect way to introduce kids to wearing a smart watch. The BB8 Smartwatch by Vtech includes an alarm, timer and stopwatch, a calendar feature and a calculator so your young Jedi can work out simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. On top of all of that, it has a really fun voice changing feature so that your special little guy can sounds like a robot among other things. Retailing for under $70 this is a great gift idea for a special young droid on your shopping list.


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