3D Paper Tulip Craft

This easy craft is perfect for spring! Requiring simple supplies, this 3 d tulip craft comes together in a matter of moments to create a sweet craft for the kids!

This craft comes together super fast to create a cute 3 d project that is perfect for spring! These tulips are pretty in any color! So, feel free to use a different color than yellow if that is what you like!

We made these on a rainy day to get crafty and pass the time indoors. We shared these with special friends to brighten their day too! How fun right?!
You will need:
3 sheets of yellow paper
school glue
green pipe cleaner

To begin, fold 3 sheets of paper in half. 
Draw your tulip shape on half of the paper, then cut that
Glue on half on to a second half, then glue the third sheet.
Stick your pipe cleaner in the center of the flower and secure with extra glue.

I think a bouquet of these would be a fun way to add a touch of spring to your decor! Stick them in a jar or vase for flowers that won't wilt!

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