Most Scenic Campsites in New Zealand

Most Scenic Campsites in New Zealand
What is something that you’ll need if you’re traveling around in a campervan hire New Zealand? Other than petrol and personal belongings, you’ll want to make sure that you have safe and legal places to park for the night.

While there are locations where you can freedom camp, it can be challenging to find them on your route and can bring up many other challenges, as well. Freedom camping is a tricky thing to do, as you have to be absolutely sure that you are parking in the right areas. If you end up in a place where it’s illegal, you can say goodbye to spending any extras on your trip.

Save that fine money for staying at nice campsites, where you can be comfortable with all the hookups that you may need. If you don’t mind spending a bit of extra cash and want to have a leisurely trip, consider staying at the most beautiful campsites in the country:

Matauri Bay Holiday Park
Bay of Islands is a gorgeous area of New Zealand, so while there, it may be a good idea to stay at a place where you get beauty and views as well. A good place where you can expect good amenities and gorgeous landscapes is Matauri Bay Holiday Park. With water views and a reasonably priced site, it’s hard to go wrong with this campsite if you’re a water lover who wants to see gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the bay every single day.
Matai Bay, Karikari Peninsula
If you’re in town to enjoy the beach, then what you want to do is stay right near the beach. Fortunately, when you’re visiting the Karikari Peninsula, you will have the opportunity to do so at the Matai Bay camp site. You can enjoy the beach nearby which is within walking distance, observe the local wildlife (mainly birds), and appreciate the amenities found in this paradisiacal destination.
Te Araroa Holiday Park
It may not be as pretty as some of the other campsites per se, but it’s a great location for arriving to beautiful remote beaches. If being as close to the beach as possible while in this area of New Zealand is your priority, this location is the best spot for you—especially because it’s the only campsite for miles. Just make sure that you go prepared for a basic experience and you’ll be just fine.
Poukaraka Flats Campground
If you’re road tripping with your kids, this is the ideal campground for you. Located near a beautiful child-friendly bay, where you can all enjoy the sun and sand, it’s ideal for a beach vacation while being able to enjoy the comfort of motorhome living. While it doesn’t have as many amenities as some fancier locations, it’s waterfront location makes it ideal for those who want to spend some time in the sun with gorgeous views to enjoy whenever you feel like it. Who needs a bunch of luxuries when you have beautiful nature in front of you to enjoy every single day?
Opoutere Coastal Camping
If you’re visiting Coromandel, this is the site for you. Located on the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy an easy beach vacation. While there is some bush that divides your parking space to the ocean views, being able to walk right down to the seashore every morning is something that you won’t be able to find just anywhere. You’ll have plenty of space on the beach for you and yours to relax and sunbathe, as this location isn’t as busy as other destinations in New Zealand.
Urupukapuka Island
You’ll have to reach this campsite by boat or ferry, so make sure to pack your tent. It’s worth it. This island campsite has beautiful views of the ocean, with plenty of activities to  

do while staying in this gorgeous Urupukapuka Bay area. You’ll need to make sure that you book in advance, but if you get lucky enough to be able to spend the night, know that it will be worth sleeping under the stars and enjoying the Oceanside views at any time of the day.

While many luxury travellers sleep in five-star hotels, what they don’t know, is how much they are missing out on. For travelers who are road tripping around the country in a motorhome, you have some of the best options for beachfront views and beauty and at a much lower price than any hotel would ever be.

Traveling around in a campervan hire New Zealand is the best way to see the island and you’re lucky if you’ve made the decision to travel this way. There are great options for you to spend nights in some of the best locations in the country. From beachfront views to beautiful campsites with great amenities, you won’t be disappointed with campsite options.


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