Fine Motor Pattern Activity

Fine motor and pattern making come together with this easy to set u activity for preschoolers and kindergartners. This activity is engaging and educational, and it is so much fun too!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love both fine motor and sensory play for kids.  I love to create easy hands on play ideas too. This one is perfect for kids, and it is so cheap to create too, which is more important than ever. You might have most of the supplies needed on hand, and if not, no sweat, your local dollar store will have everything you need.

As this activity does have small parts, be sure to carefully observe your kids while they complete this activity.

Supplies needed:
A pipe cleaner
small clothespins 
pearler beads

Using the small clothespins, create a pattern. 
As you can see I went with green, yellow, purple.
Offer your child the beads and encourage them to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner in the same pattern.

This is an awesome and engaging activity for small hands. They will benefit from the fine motor busy work later in their handwriting efforts, and the pattern making skills are also pretty important as it helps them make predictions about what comes next while putting their logic and reasoning skills to use.

Harper is now in the first grade, but she still enjoys pulling this activity out of our busy bags and making some eye catching deigns.

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