How are you feeling today, and what style do you think expresses your innermost feelings? Fashion is among the fundamental needs of people when it comes to expressing the inner needs and desires, portraying the boldness and confidence statements of a person. Fashion brands have excelled in the business industry like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and

Gianvito Rossi and have the expertise in making luxurious bags, clothes, perfumes, and shoes for all genders. Fashion is continually changing because of discoveries and creations from designers. A designer focuses on building their brand by producing unique products that compete against new and existing similar products in the market. Fashion implemented in homes is in terms of the interior design based on the textiles and furniture in any room. Fashion showcasing is done in various catwalks, magazines, and television programmers when fashion lovers get to experience the designers' creativity and are allowed to buy products before they circulate in the market. All products produced, including the luxurious style, are marketed to increase customer sensitivity and increase profits.


Being fashionable is very different from having a good sense and state of style. Style requires keen details and a deep desire to bring together pieces, which creates a unique product. Designers hired in highly exclusive events, for example, weddings and inauguration parties, to help their clients pick on the appropriate selections. The style includes the type of vehicle drives, the accommodation bookings, and how an individual interacts with the rest of the community members: the educated and wealthy showcase an intellectual sense of style and expensive. Different occasions call for different looks; for example, athletes wear very comfortable sports shoes and light clothing to help when on the track and when playing in the field. When traveling, depending on the budget amount, it determines what type of accommodation or hotel one will rent. The highly ranked hotels give the best of services, and all customers attended to with professionalism.


Designers have excelled in the fashion industry by creating unique and trending styles. Perfume designers have the expertise of understanding the human body hence creating fragrances that suit different bodies and temperature conditions. Perfumes are classified into different categories, including body mists, body wash, colognes, and body oils, leaving beautiful, unique scents on one's body to prevent odors. The shoes are manufactured for different fit occasions, and comfort is derived from the various types of shoes, including flats, boots, heels, wedges, and sports shoes. Advertisements for any products are on their actual websites, print media, emails, television adverts, and radio. Marketing increases the clientele base hence increasing the number of profits from any sale. Fashion houses hold fashion shows where they showcase their various new products using models paid to wear and walk on down the runways.


Different geographical areas have different temperatures and unique terrains that require certain clothes. The shoes preferred are open shoes; clothing is preferably light because of the high temperatures and strong body perfumes to prevent body odors from sweating. The cold mountainous terrains usually require boots, heavy clothing, and scarves because the temperatures are very low. Designers create various types of clothing that favor different weather conditions and are showcased before the season starts. People select the kind of clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, and fragrances that will be ideal for the various activities they wish to perform. Fashion shows a person's inner beliefs, personality, and emotions, and all designers have the power to create lasting memories. Men and women have different fashion trends which suit their taste and preferences and vice versa and all come at different prices.

In conclusion, fashion creates a unified and harmonized world as individuals easily express themselves. Different accessories, footwear, and clothes are acceptable in different occasions or spaces determined by religion, work, and travel. Designers own fashion houses, and they create unique pieces to suit various events. They market their products on multiple platforms, including; websites, blogs, fashion magazines, and television shows. Models are used to showcase the designer's creations and help the fashion house get new clients and market them. Different weather conditions require specific dress codes; for example, hot regions require people to wear light clothes and open shoes. Perfumes are made to enhance body scents and prevent body odors as people run their daily activities. Fashion statements express a person's inner thoughts, moods, and dress appropriately to the occasion attended.


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