Play Doh Pumpkin Faces

Play Doh Pumpkin Faces are perfect for hands on play on a fall day.

My kids want to carve a pumpkin or two every day. It becomes a whole thing. From the face, to the roasting of the seeds and then displaying. They really take things seriously at Halloween.
While I love to do pumpkins with them, I don't always have time to carve a pumpkin a day. This year I found a way to give them what they want anytime they want it with these play doh pumpkin faces!

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This is such an easy activity! All you need are 2 cans of play doh and a sheet of black paper and you are in business.

First, invite your child to cut out various shapes for the pumpkin face. Ovals, triangles, squares and creepy teeth are perfect.

Then invite your child to smash the orange play doh into the shape of a pumpkin.
Use green play doh if you desire a stem.

Now, let your child make as many faces as they want.
This is a fun way to keep them busy and happily making pumpkin faces for hours.

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