Easy Ribbon and Craft Stick Ornaments

This easy ribbon tree craft is a fun way to decorate your tree this holiday season. These are easy to make, economical and perfect for sharing with your friends and family!

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You can mix and match ribbon colors, or stick with one color, whatever you prefer. I used a thin strip of ribbon that fit perfectly with my chunky crafty sticks.

Supply List:

A Pencil


  • Line up 4 craft sticks
  • Lightly draw the outline of a tree on the craft sticks, as you can see we simply made slanted lines.
  • Cut the craft sticks per the lines you made.

  • I made a tiny pointy triangle from the scraps of craft sticks for the top of the tree.
  • Cut and glue ribbon to fit the cut craft sticks.

  • Trim the ribbon to fit.
  • Now assemble your tree and glue it on to the remaining craft stick.

  • Cut 6 inches of ribbon and form a loop, glue this to the back to act as an ornament hanger.
  • Allow to dry, then hang from your tree, or share with someone special this holiday season!

These were so easy to make! Last year I added them to my wrapped gifts to add something extra to the presentation.

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