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Easy Rudolph Ornaments

These easy Rudolph ornaments are fun to make and share this holiday season. These come together with the most basic supplies and are perfect for making with the kids.

Easy Rudolph DIY Christmas Ornaments

I got everything for this project at Dollar Tree. So, you know it is going to be a cheap and easy project that is perfect for the kids!


Gold Pipe Cleaner
Clear Bauble
Red Button
Craft Eyes
Brown Paper Bag


Attach the gold pipe cleaner o the top of the ornament and form Rudolph's antlers.

Have the kids cut or tear the brown bag into bits.

Fill the ornament with bits of the brown bag

Glue the eyes and button nose on the ornament.  Allow it to dry overnight then hang on your tree or share with someone special.

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Green Button Tree Kid Made Ornaments

Making a handmade ornament with the kids can be a lot of fun for the holiday season! These button trees are so easy to make and adorable for gifting something handmade from the heart this Christmas. Everyone loves a kid made ornament to display on their tree! 

Last weekend I found a great deal on dyed craft sticks! 80 for $1. What a bargain! This inspired us to make a ton of fun craft stick ornaments to share this holiday season. I am going to be bringing them to you, so that you can make something cute with your kids to share with friends and family.

These kid made Christmas ornaments came together in just a few moments. We used hot glue for instant gratification, but you can use white or PVA glue if you have patience!

You will need:
4 craft sticks, I used green.
4" of  thin ribbon
3" of thin ribbon
One small bell

 Make a triangle shape and glue it together.
With your remaining stick, cut it in half. This will be your tree base. Glue it on the bottom.

Glue buttons on to the tree in any pattern you prefer. We used blue and green for this ornament and loved the way it turned out!

Flip the tree over. Thread a small bell on the 4" section of thin ribbon. With the bell in the center, glue it on the tree so that it dangles to the middle section of the tree.

With the other 3" of thin ribbon make the loop for hanging from the tree!

Now your button tree ornament is finished. Hang it from your tree, attach it to a wrapped gift, or share with someone special!

This was a cute and fun project to make with Rolf. We love kid made ornaments and have several other variations of this to show you over the coming weeks. From my family to yours; Happy Holidays!

Ribbon Tree Ornament Craft

I am so excited to decorate my trees this year! I have already been playing around with some cute handmade ornament ideas!

Today I have a really economical and adorable DIY ornament that I know you are going to want to make! It costs just about $2 to make a dozen of these! They come together so easily that making a dozen is no problem at all!

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These are cute for decorating a tree, or adding a little something to a wrapped gift!

To make these ribbon tree ornaments I used:

  • A spool of ribbon I bought at Walmart for 97 cents
  • Chunky Craft Sticks
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Begin by laying 4 craft sticks together, draw the outline of a tree on them.
  • Cut the sticks to shape the tree.
  • Cut the tiny top triangle from the scraps to avoid wasting a whole craft stick!
  • Cut small bits of ribbon to cover the tree shapes. Glue them on and trim.

  •  Now glue the ribbon covered craft sticks onto one more craft stick.

  • After gluing all the sections on to the base craft stick, flip it over and add a small loop of ribbon so that you can hang it!

This is a fun project to do with the older kids, and these are really pretty lovely in their simplicity! I have a short video of the process to share with you. I would love it if you gave it a thumbs up!

I can't wait to hear what you have planned for holiday crafting!

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Easy Ribbon and Craft Stick Ornaments

This easy ribbon tree craft is a fun way to decorate your tree this holiday season. These are easy to make, economical and perfect for sharing with your friends and family!

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You can mix and match ribbon colors, or stick with one color, whatever you prefer. I used a thin strip of ribbon that fit perfectly with my chunky crafty sticks.

Supply List:

A Pencil


  • Line up 4 craft sticks
  • Lightly draw the outline of a tree on the craft sticks, as you can see we simply made slanted lines.
  • Cut the craft sticks per the lines you made.

  • I made a tiny pointy triangle from the scraps of craft sticks for the top of the tree.
  • Cut and glue ribbon to fit the cut craft sticks.

  • Trim the ribbon to fit.
  • Now assemble your tree and glue it on to the remaining craft stick.

  • Cut 6 inches of ribbon and form a loop, glue this to the back to act as an ornament hanger.
  • Allow to dry, then hang from your tree, or share with someone special this holiday season!

These were so easy to make! Last year I added them to my wrapped gifts to add something extra to the presentation.

We have so many other fun Christmas ornament crafts you will want to check out. A few of our favorites include:

Mickey Mouse Jingle Bell Ornaments

Ribbon Tree Ornaments

Mini Mickey Mouse Jingle Bell Ornaments

As soon as a hint of winter is in the air the kids and I start to clamor for Christmas. We want to decorate, bake and shop! And we want to do it now! This year we started asking Adam about getting our tree ready in October. He knows us too well and he reminded me that we did this with Halloween and by the time it rolled around we were so over that holiday already.

This year we got our early Christmas fix by making a lot of fun ornaments! There is nothing like giving or receiving a kid made ornament, and these are especially fantastic because they are Mickey Mouse themed!

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 These are so easy and economical that you can make a dozen of these for $3. To make mini Mickey Mouse Jingle Bell Ornaments you will need:

2 sizes of jingle bells; You will need 2 smaller and one larger bell per ornament
Super Glue
Thin ribbon

Begin by threading a 6" section of thin ribbon thru the loop on the larger of your bells.
Tie a double knot in the end to keep it secure.
Next, glue one of the smaller jingle bells onto the side of the larger bell.

 Now glue the other bell onto the other side.
Allow to dry.

I loved these mini sized Mickey Mouse Jingle Bell Ornaments! They were really fun to make and display and we will absolutely be sharing these with friends this Christmas!

We used hot glue to begin this project because the kids can handle the glue gun, I added a bead of superglue to hold these securely. You can use school glue or hot glue, but I recommend the drop of superglue as a precaution. These are so cute that little hands are going to want to grab and shake them!

 Thinking Cap

Dustin fans need this cap to do all of their best thinking!

Stranger Things Eggo Pop It

Make viewing night an event with this fun Stranger Things Eggo card game!


Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club

This is such a cool shirt for Stranger Things fans! Wear it with pride any and everywhere!


PEZ Stranger Things Gift Set Dispensers Plus 6 Candy Refills - Lucas and Dustin Pez Dispensers

Stranger Things fans are going to love this Pez dispenser set. It is perfect for displaying after the candy has been gobbled up.


Monopoly Stranger Things Edition

The classic board game, Monopoly, gets a dose of weird fun with the Stranger Things edition.


Stranger Things Lite Brite

This lite brite is made just for fans with some iconic scenes from the first 4 seasons. See what you can create with this nostalgic toy.


Loungefly Stranger Things Mini Backpack

Tote all your cash and goodies around in style with this zip around wallet!


Stranger Things Calendar 

This wall calendar features all of the cast and scenes you love from the show. This would be such a fun and functional gift idea.


Things Stranger Bracelet

This charm bracelet is the perfect accessory for any fan girl!


Stranger Things Upside Down Capsule Toys

These upside down capsule 2 packs are perfect for a surprise gift for a serious fan!

Stranger Things Plush Blanket

This super cuddly blanket is perfect for keeping cozy during all of the new episodes.


Funko Action Figure: Stranger Things 3  Pack 

Add these 3 action figures to your growing collection of Stranger Things goodies. They have so much detail that it is impressive!


Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook

These yearbooks are so much fun to look at after a good Stranger Things binge watch!


Funko Ornament: Stranger Things

 Stranger Things fans are going to love adding Eleven to their tree with this Funko ornament!


Funko Pop! Television: Stranger Things - Steve with Hat and Ice Cream

Steve looks awesome with his hat and an ice cream in this Funko Pop figure for collectors! It would be strange if you didn't get one!

Nail Polish Ornaments

Nail Polish Painted Ornaments are a great way for tweens and teens to craft up something pretty for the Christmas tree! These are easy and economical with supplies from the dollar tree for a fun decoration to share this holiday season.

I have a tendency to hoard nail polish. I can't buy just one color. I am compelled to buy them all. As I was browsing my collection, I realized I could be doing so many things with my nail polish, and I wanted to try using it for decorations!

I picked 2 pretty shades, specifically one with confetti, and grabbed a 2 pack of ornaments from the dollar store.

First, I carefully removed the top.
Then I poured in a touch of each nail polish.

Nail Polish Ornaments

The first attempt at this craft, taught me an important lesson.
You must allow this to dry before replacing the cap, or the nail polish will remain liquid.
To dry the polish, I recommend blow drying on the cool setting for about 2 minutes, but be careful to not place the dryer right up against the ornament!

This is such a great and easy craft. The ornaments turned out lovely and were so much fun to share! We made red and blue ones!

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Rainbow Sorting Sensory Bin

 This rainbow sorting bin is so much fun for little ones. It has a variety of textures, shapes and colors for sorting on a rainy day, or anytime! This is perfect for kids who are learning colors, or just need some busy work!

My daughter loves rainbows, and she loves busy work, so this rainbow sorting bin was the perfect rainy day activity for her. We had dyed oats in our craft supplies, and with that, an idea was born to make this activity. Dying oats is so easy, and they are awesome to play with. 

I grabbed a 3 pack of mini pots at the dollar store  and painted them with Kwik Stix but you could use any type of small container, like a baby food jar, a food storage container or whatever for this bin. you just need something that your toddler or preschooler can place the beads in.

Small containers
A plastic storage bin with a lid
Small spoons
Foam beads
Buttons or larger beads

After dying your oatmeal start layering it into the storage bin.

Place the pots or containers for sorting into the bin.
Add beads to the bin, or buttons. I like to offer a variety of textures in the beads. This bin has foam, wooden and standard crafting beads in it.

Add a few small spoons, clothespins and other items for sorting, pinching and measuring. Tongs and slotted spoons are great additions!

I added a clear plastic ornament to the bin too because I wanted to challenge Harper to place the items in a smaller opening.

Offer your child the bin. Ask your child to identify colors as they are picking them up. Encourage your child to sort the colors. This bin is fun to play in, and it is visually appealing too. The variety of textures is engaging. The use of clothespins and or tongs uses the small muscles of the hand. 
This bin has so many developmental benefits and it is a lot of fun too!

Harper loved this bin. She is a big fan of rainbows and busy work, so this rainbow sorting bin engaged her for a while on a rainy afternoon. When she was finished we snapped the lid on the storage bin and stashed it away for another day.

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Play Dough Ghost Ornaments

This easy Halloween craft is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little boo to the holiday without having to spend any cash! You already have the ingredients to make the Play Dough Ghost Ornaments in your pantry! 

With the kids being at home this year, it feels like old times, we have time to craft in the afternoons again, and I LOVE it! With Halloween coming up, we decided to add a little boo to our decor with this easy homemade play doh ghost ornament craft. This is such an easy craft to make! It is perfect for all ages, from kids to adults.  You can make about a dozen of these (or more depending on your cookie cutter size) from a batch of dough.

1 cup water
1 cup salt
2 cup flour

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.

Slowly add water, a few spoons at a time, until dough is smooth.
You will know you haven't added to much water if your dough is easy to handle and isn't sticking to your hands messily.

Knead by hand for 5 minutes and let rest for 10 minutes.

Roll out the dough until it is about 1/2 an inch thck.
I used a cookie cutter to cut the shape of ghosts.
Next, poke a hole thru the top of the ghost so you can hang it up.
I used a BBQ skewer.

After cutting my shapes, I used a black crayola marker to make the face of the ghost, on the raw dough.

Place  the dough on a cookie sheet and place it in a cold oven, turning up the temp to 200 degrees. Allow your ornaments to bake for about 90 minutes. Check them frequently to make sure they are not browning (if they are pull them out.)

Allow the ornaments to cool then feed a section of bakers twine or a string into the hole and hang.

Add a variety of faces to your ornaments for a boo-tiful variety of economical and adorable DIY Halloween decorations.

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