Gifts for Guys with Beards

 Do you need a great gift idea for a guy who happens to rock an awesome beard? I have some suggestions that will keep his beard healthy and hip! From a starter kit that has everything he needs to maintain his beard, to a great shaving brush and razor for his beard maintenance. This list has some pretty great products on it that any guy would love to get as a gift!

This Beard Guyz Starter Kit has daily wash, conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm for regular beard care. They have a ton of great products on their site for beards, so browse around and find something perfect for the holidays. 

I love a good deep conditioner for my hair, so giving a guy with a beard some beard balm that is a leave in conditioner makes a lot of sense. This one from Forrester is fabulous. It leaves my husbands beard so soft and it smells really manly too. Order it from Auntee B Naturals for about $20. 

Reuzel makes an amazing line of beard care and other manly goods to keep a beard looking its best. From beard serum to beard wash and so much more. Check out their site and browse the line, you will find a lot of stuff you want to buy for all of your favorite beards! Prices start at about $10.

Guys who have beards still need great shaving products because they need to maintain their beard shape, length and so on. Fulton & Roark makes some convenient as can be aftershave wipes and shave cream that helps keep a bead in great shape! Prices start at $22.

For guys with beards that love Whiskey, check out the Classic Manhattan Collection. They make some really great smelling products for beards! From beard oils, to beard softeners, and shampoos and conditioners just for beards! Check out the collection online to order.

The Clear Confidence Company makes classic shaving brushes and razors to keep his beard well maintained and well shaped. Guys will appreciate that this is a nod to classic shaving equipment. Get the Men's Grooming Bundle for about $40.

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I hope this guide helps you find a great gift for a guy with a beard in your life.


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