5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

 Drains clog pretty easily and it’s always a hassle to clean them. Drain cleaners come in handy when you have to remove dirt, mud or dust that collects in the drains. These are readily available in the market and cost rather less.

In spite of all the positives, there are some cons in using drain cleaners. Drain cleaners are harmful if used excessively. Why? There are a lot of reasons but we have listed the 5 main reasons why you might need to look out in case you are looking to use them.

1. Toxic Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners contain strong toxic chemicals. These chemicals provide the cleaning property to them. It contains alkali chemicals like sodium hydroxide and acidic chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. These chemicals are very strong and can cause burns or rashes if they fall on your skin. Also, if one swallows these chemicals, it can lead to blindness or other serious problems.

Another drawback is the chemical fumes from these cleaners. If one inhales it for too long, it can prove to be hazardous for his health. It can also cause irritation in the eye or swelling. So, it’s wise to read the labels on the bottles before using them in huge amounts.

2. Environmentally Hazardous

Now all of us know the chemicals in drain cleaners and it’s obvious that they can harm humans as well as other animals and nature. It’s toxic and poisonous for everything and everybody.

These chemicals can move and mix with lakes, rivers or even groundwater. It contaminates the water with dangerous chemicals. It has a lot of negative environmental impacts. If it ends up in a river then, small insects, birds or animals that consume the river water can get harmed. It can kill the small plants and trees near the lakes and rivers. All in all, it is really bad for the environment.

3. Corrosive to Pipes

Pipes and drains are channels to send water away. Cleaning drains is essential but every single time we use a drain cleaner, we expose the pipe to harmful toxins.

Given the strong nature of acids and alkalis; these can weaken the pipe and regular use of drain cleaners can corrode pipes over time. It can give rise to cracks and damage fixtures.

Dealing with a broken pipe can be a big problem and can lead to a lot of plumbing emergencies. You don't want that to happen.

4. Not a Permanent Solution

Drain cleaners are quite effective for small amounts of dirt, hair, grease or oil wastes but they can’t do it all. Sure, it is a quick fix but not for long.

If we use it continuously for a longtime, then it becomes less effective. Why? It’s because it doesn’t work on large amounts of food wastes.

Your drain fills up continuously with new wastes, but your drain cleaner can only clean off mild waste. The rest remains clogged in the drains and pipes. Ultimately, you will need to call for professional help.

So, it's better to let a professional check the drains once in a while than jamming tons of drain cleaner in.

5. It Smells Real Bad

Yes, it smells bad. When you work in your kitchen, you wouldn’t want that pungent, metallic smell of the drain cleaner.

No one wants the smell of delicious roast chicken to mix with the gut-wrenching smell of drain cleaners. Also, the fumes are dangerous for your health.

Drain cleaners are a necessity. We can replace the chemical drain cleaners with less toxic and environment friendly substances such as hot water, soap, baking soda etc.

If not, keep drain cleaners away from your children and pets and call for professional help at times to reduce overuse of drain cleaners.

Lastly, use drain cleaners judiciously.


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