Best Board Games to Gift

Board games make awesome gifts! They encourage family time, and any gift that pull kids away from a screen is going to be welcome by parents! I have rounded up some excellent options for gifting board games this year to help you find some new and exciting options for family game time.

Samples were provided for inclusion and photography.

Exit the Game Theft on the Mississippi is a really fun option for older kids. It involves solving riddles to discover who done it. Families will love this engaging game that is challenging and fun. Exit the Game is available in several themes, for about $15 a game.

Jabber Jaw is perfect for snow days, or anytime you need a good laugh with game play. This descriptive game is challenging and fun for kids of all ages. Order it for about $25.

Trailz is a really fun strategy game from Play Monster. This game is perfect for kids 7 and older. The players will out manuever one another to safely move their shrooms to the other side of the board with the help of some slugs. The game is unique and fun. Order it for $15.

Chicken War is a strategic guessing game that will have players 8 and older clucking for more. This fun game is engaging and entertaining. It guarantees one thing, if chickens went to war, hilarity would ensue. Order it for about $20 for a fun family game night!

Any fan of the classic film Back to the Future needs this Dice Through Time game! This is a great gift for tweens and teens. Chances are their parents are going to want to play too for  the nostalgia factor alone. In this game you will help Doc and Marty while time traveling. Order this game for about $40 for a fun winter gaming session.

PENSILLY is the super, silly drawing and guessing game! It takes creativity, teamwork and imagination to play! Grab your friends, select your cards and sketch out the clues.

Kids will find the What's Wrong With Grown Ups Game to be hilarious because, well, it is a hilarious game for the family! This game encourages creativity and curiosity in kids for a fun way to play together with cards. Order for about $25.

This is a really fun game for families because it is a race to make sense of nonsense. Laughter is sure to ensue. This would be a good game to have ready for New Years Eve! Order Incoherent Family Edition for about $25.

Grounded for Life is such a fun game! But, be warned, the answers you give just might get you grounded for life! This is great for kids of a variety of ages and is perfect for family game night! Order it for about $20.

I hope these board game ideas help you find one that you don't have already and will definitely bring a ton of fun to family game night!

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