Winter Boredom Busters for Kids

Winter is here, and it seems like my kids want to do nothing but play fortnite. It is not that I am opposed to video games, but there has to be a limit to screen time! If you are looking for ways to break up the long nights and cold days while pulling your kids attention away from Fortnite you are in luck! I have rounded up some of my favorite toys, products and activities for kids to share with you.

Samples were provided to inspire this list.

Board games are always a fun thing to do with the family. Here are some of the games we recommended as gifts last year. 

Mad Matter is so much fun to play with. It combines sensory delight with imaginative creation, and best of all, this stuff never dries out! It is a lot like play doh, but is different in its own wonderful ways. My kids love to press this stuff into the included molds and serve up a helping of fun. Find it at Walmart, Kohl's and on Amazon starting at about $8 a pack.

A good story is always a good idea, especially on a cold, winter day! This adorable book by Alex Willan is perfect for snuggling up and getting lost in a story. Unicorns are the Worst! Will have your kids laughing and developing a love of reading. Order for about $18 from Simon and Schuster.

It has been almost a year since my girl has been to a birthday party, so I decided to bring the party to her with this really cool jewelry designer kit. This clay charm kit is perfect for making with a friend and wearing with pride. Order a Clay Chic You Unique kit starting at $18. They have a big selection so you can find the perfect kit!

The Bolean Box is awesome for kids of all ages because who wouldn't like to build their own computer with the raspberry system? This isn't just a computer though, it teaches kids to code, and lets them do lots of rad things like modify minecraft! The kits start at $150 and are a lot of fun to assemble. This makes a perfect snow day activity that will entertain the kids long after the snow melts. Order on the site or from Amazon. I know this list is for screen free ideas, but this is such an engaging option I had to include it on this list.

As for my house, we will love any and everything to do with cats. My 7 year old is crazy for our kitties so the 44 Cats Clubhouse Pilou's Place was a natural choice for her. This fun little set will have kids meowing for days with delight. It has all of the little accessories that any cat fantatic would want to play with! Find these at Target, from Amazon and from Walmart.

Bandai brings back a taste of my childhood with these awesome Tamagotchi Pets! The Hello Kitty Tamagotchi is perfect for portable fun and gives kids something to tinker with at anytime or any place. I love the small size of these and how they fit on a key chain or backpack. Find this Hello Kitty Pet for $20 at Walmart, Target, Game Stop and Amazon.

A classic toy gets a make over with these Charaction CUBE's from Bandai. These are fun little puzzles that challenge kids while engaging them with favorite characters like Gudetama and favorites from Dragon Ball Z. These are about $15 and can be found at Target or from Amazon.

We live in Ohio and we have already had several days with snow on the ground. My kids will happily head out to play in it, anytime, anywhere. These Gosili cups are awesome for warming them up with cocoa after some snow lay. They are durable, portable, and best of all unbreakable! These cups are about $15 and will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

I hope these ideas help you keep your kids entertained without relying on the screen this winter!


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