Popular Summer Drinks With Coffee

 What? Have you ever heard of summer drinks containing coffee? Well, it’s nothing bad if you haven't. You are not the only person who wasn’t aware of them. Actually, even coffee enthusiasts may not know about the variety of cold, refreshing, and saturating summer drinks based on classic espresso or Turkish coffee brewed in a cezve.

That’s why this article should be useful for every enthusiast looking for some new ideas and recipes. Here, we’ll describe four coffee drinks that will be perfect for adding taste and freshness to your regular hot day in spring or summer. You might want to use the best costa rican coffee beans to ensure the perfect quality of your new drink.

Freddo Espresso

The first recipe on the list will suit those who prefer coffee without milk. A bit of sourness will be your bonus. Freddo espresso is simple enough to make.

First, take a shaker if you have one. If you don’t – no problem, come up with something suitable to replace it. Then, add 4 to 5 ice cubes, a slice of lemon, an espresso portion, and up to 7 ml of caramel syrup there. You got it, right?

Yes, shake it well for 20 seconds. After that, pour the contents into a 100 ml shot with three new cubes of ice. Make sure the ice and lemon slice from the shaker don’t make it to the shot.

Freddo Espresso is easily customizable and adjustable. You can pick a syrup with another taste, or use another fruit, or experiment with the balance of drink components. The simplicity of a receipt allows making a favorite drink almost anywhere, even if the menu does not include Freddo Espresso.

All in all, it’s a perfect digestive drink able to cheer you up, along with adding some fresh tones to your hot day.


The next drink became a part of the menu for the majority of coffee shops throughout the world. Cold-brew is a cold black coffee. The feature of this coffee is actually described in the name of its recipe.

Cold-brew is really brewed at low temperatures for up to 24 hours. Of course, no coffee shop will make clients wait for their order all day long. Usually, they brew it in advance on the evening before to have some stored product and offer it to guests.

On the one hand, cold brew is an easy recipe to keep up with. Get freshly ground high-quality beans, pour the powder with cold water, and put the mix in a fridge. There, it takes eight, fifteen, or twenty-four hours to become perfect.

On the other hand, it is critical to pick a nice grind to guarantee good taste extraction and to balance the portions of coffee and water. You might also want to check the cafe don pablo coffee review to see coffee suitable for cold brewing well enough.  

The killer feature of cold brew coffee is that the low-temperature brewing process allows it to avoid being excessively sour. Additionally, it is a pretty universal coffee basis. If you like pure black coffee, just drink it as is. Otherwise, cold brew feels well when you customize it with syrups, spices, or different kinds of milk.


A perfect refresher and tonic, this drink made it into the minds and hearts of multiple coffee enthusiasts all over the world quickly enough. Bumble means a combo between espresso, fresh orange juice, and, once again, caramel syrup. If you are a coffee gourmet yourself, you don’t have to be a pro barista to make a cup of bumble at home.

So, you’ll need a glass. Then, place five ice cubes, 10 ml of caramel syrup, 100 ml of fresh juice, and a standard espresso portion. After doing so, you’ll understand why the drink is called bumble. See those colors? Though the image may be amazing and always unique, professionals recommend mixing the drink before taking it.

Iced Latte

No other drink could close up this list of summer coffee recipes better. Meet pure classics of cold coffee drinks, iced latte!

The simplicity of the original latte makes it also stand among the easiest recipes of summer coffee drinks. The balance between milk and coffee is nearly the same in both iced latte and the traditional hot variation.

Additionally, the same simplicity became the reason for the iced latte to become one of the most customizable drinks really open to any experiments. Every coffee shop and the barista can have their featured, unique version of iced latte to offer. And, of course, any coffee enthusiast can try making a portion of an iced latte at home. You’ll only need an espresso portion, cold milk, and some ice.

Place five cubes of ice into a glass, add fresh espresso, and shake it up a bit to let the coffee cool down. Then, fill the glass with milk to make it full. That’s it. Your iced latte is ready. 


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