Keeping Home Smelling Fresh

 If you have a garbage disposal at home, you know that while they are convenient to have, they can also be STINKY! There is nothing quite like walking past and smelling that odor. It can stop you in your tracks and send you scrambling to find a solution. If you are anything like me, you have tried it all. A sprinkle of baking soda, a lemon peel, and more. But, that smell seems to come back like a bad penny. What can you do about it? Take out the disposal and deal with food scraps? 

Thankfully we are not there yet! Arm & Hammer has solutions for smelly garbage disposals! This post has been sponosored, but all opinions are my own. My go to is the Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner.  These little pods are so easy to use and they make such a difference in the way my home smells! I no longer stress over if y guests are going to get a whiff of the sink and know things will smell as fresh as they would without the disposal.

Garbage disposal cleaning sounds treacherous doesn't it? Well, trust me, these little pods do all the work! All you need to do is open the package and pop one in. Like magic your disposal will be as fresh as can be with the cleaning power of citrus and baking soda. 

These are perfect for busy people who want a fresh and inviting home, free of lingering odors. Get a pack from retailers  like Amazon or Lowe's for about $9 a pack.


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