9 Terrific Ways to Celebrate their Retirement

9 Terrific Ways to Celebrate their Retirement

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Retirement is such a big life change, it should be celebrated properly. Help the retiree in your life commemorate this

great achievement with a new tradition, a getaway or even something that pushes their comfort zone. Now that their

punching-the-time-clock days are over, guide them into a greater, even more fulfilling mindset with these nine terrific

ways to celebrate. 

Create a Career Memento Collection.
Now that the retiree has the time, why not map out a strategic road map to all of the places they’ve worked? Take along a camera and scope out every place they’ve punched a clock to make the all mighty dollar. If they lived out of state, make it a road trip with the idea of collecting thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals for the future. And of course, memories in the form of written text and photos to compile in an album that will mark their new beginning.

Focus on Health.
Now that time is theirs for the taking, the greatest currency they have is their health. Help the retiree with changes they can make in their life to put health at the top of their priority list. Entering a 5K (even if they walk), joining the spin class at the YMCA, and even looking up recipes for eating healthier can be motivation enough to change for the better. Being consistent in these changes is key, so be sure you are there for support and encouragement.

Build a Gift Basket.
Receiving a gift basket is always fun and goes a long way in expressing admiration and appreciation. Building one yourself for the retiree in your life gives you agency over what will go inside. So ask yourself, what are their favorite things? Their favorite places? Their goals for the future? Fill the basket with items like health products, motivational books, travel ideas, gourmet snacks, and egift cards that can be purchased from any one of thousands of retailers nationwide. They will delight in the thought and care that went into making it.

Plant a Tree.
Chances are good that if the retiree had planted a tree on their first day of work, today it would be standing tall and proud. Now that they’ve entered into this new phase of life, accompany them to the garden center, choose a tree that will do well in your area, and help them plant it in their yard or other location. It will require nurturing, which in turn will give them a new sense of purpose and responsibility.

Redecorate the Home Office.
Just because they won’t be ‘working’ anymore, doesn’t mean that their home office can’t go to good use. It all depends on their focus, of course! Are they planning on consulting part time? Maybe they would like room for crafting, indoor gardening or meditating. Ask them how they envision the room and then work together to refashion it into a place that best represents where they are in life now.

Do Something Unconventional.
At the end of a person’s life, what they most regret are the things they haven’t done. This bucket list might include adrenaline-rush opportunities like skydiving, ziplining or learning to ride a motorcycle. Or, it might be a bit more mellow like learning to cook French cuisine or reading the top 100 books of all time. Ask them to write down a few things they’ve always wanted to do but never have, and support them in their mission to accomplish them.

Go Permanent.
Many people never see retirement. They may see retirement age, but are unable to truly retire due to various reasons. Celebrate your loved one’s retirement by purchasing a piece of jewelry or even getting a tattoo that commemorates and affirms their mantra for success. This might be Chinese letters, their spirit animal or a phrase they uttered to themselves when times got tough.

Give Back.
Chances are good that after a long, successful career, the retiree has much wisdom that can be given back to the community. Encourage them to teach a class, start a YouTube channel, create an informational TicTok account, whatever fits their personality and gets them inspired.
Start a Tradition.

People celebrate all kinds of days – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, so why not turn retirement day into a brand new day to celebrate annually? Specifically take that day to cross something off the bucket list, go out to dinner or commemorate it quietly. Either way, it will be a yearly reminder for the retiree that life is short but also sweet.The retiree in your life deserves special treatment after a long, fruitful career. While gifts are always nice, think about how you can help them


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