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What are Futures in Crypto?

 With the cryptocurrency market's rapid development, many new trading and investment platforms are emerging. The largest and most trusted of them are Binance, FTX, Huobi, WhiteBIT, Coinbase and others. Besides elementary options such as buy crypto, sell it, swap, they offer a wide range of functions, for example:

  • staking;

  • futures trading;

  • margin;

  • leverage;

  • etc.

Crypto futures trading is one of the most complex financial instruments, and it refers to both traditional markets and markets of digital assets. In a traditional economy, futures contracts are used for gas, oil, gold, grains, and other commodities. In a digital economy, futures are used for trading crypto.

Understanding Crypto Futures

To put it shortly, futures are contracts where two parties “bet” on the future asset’s rate. There can be a “long” and “short” position, where “long” means a trader believes the asset’s value will increase over time and aims to sell his holdings, making a profit from the price changes. A “short” stands for a supposedly dropping market, where a trader sells his holdings beforehand and opens a futures contract on buying coins in the future at a low price. 

Obviously, this trading technique demands deep theoretical knowledge of how the market works and the ability to analyze the future asset’s value based on technical, fundamental and quantitative research. In addition to theoretical knowledge, successful futures trading requires a lot of practice.

Where To Practice crypto futures trading?

A crypto exchange WhiteBIT is a young platform that has already earned the trust of millions of users worldwide. The exchange is easy to handle, so even a novice user will cope with it. On WhiteBIT, you can register a demo account and try yourself in crypto futures trading. It implies using different leverage (borrowed funds to multiply your initial investments), so by practicing demo trading, you can see all the benefits and pitfalls of leverages of different sizes available on WhiteBIT.

How To Freeze Mini Sweet Peppers

 If you have time to visit your local farmers market this week; this is the time to stock up on all the tasty little peppers that are available right now. I am a farmers market enthusiast for sure. There is nothing quite like a basket of freshly picked, locally grown veggies for $1. 

Sliced Mini Peppers, ready for the freezer

I have been buying everything in season from sweet onions, to asparagus and corn on the cob and sticking it in my freezer for the winter. I wish I could can, but I have a cook top stove and have been told those don't heat evenly for safe canning.

Last week, my favorite farmer at the market had small baskets of mini sweet peppers, jalapeno pepper and wax peppers for $1. I was told they were picked that morning. They were perfect, beautiful and vibrant, they smelled like summer should. I bought 3 baskets of each. We kept a basket that we mixed from the variety aside for fresh eating, and then I prepared the rest for the freezer.

Wash and cut the tops off of the mini sweet peppers.

Clear out the seeds and slice them at desired thickness.

Lay the peppers on a paper towel to dry the juices.

Place the peppers in a single layer on a plate.

Pop the peppers in the freezer for 45 minutes.

Remove from the freezer and transfer to a freezer bag or a food saver bag. Try to remove as much air as possible.

Place in the freezer for up to 1 year.

I usually add 3 or 4 peppers per food storage bag, because that is the amount that my family uses, but, you can adjust the amount of sliced peppers you add to each pack.

You might be wondering how to use the pepper slices after they have been frozen?
I like to add them to crock pot meals, casseroles, scrambled eggs, etc. 
They are perfect for sheet pan fajitas. 
I like to mix the peppers and onion together to freeze for easy chili veggies.
In general, they are perfect for use, just like any other frozen peppers you might buy at the store, but so much cheaper! I can make several packs to use later for about 25 cents each.

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Can You Get Rid of Payday Loans with Bankruptcy or Debt Relief?

 If you are behind on debts, the bills are piling up, and you’ve begun getting letters from PO box 25759 Greenville SC, waiting until your next paycheck may not seem realistic. Payday loans offer a fast, easy and reliable way to get money when you need it. However, it comes with its downsides and could cause financial hardships over time as it traps you in an unending cycle of debt. When going through a financial crisis, you might opt to file bankruptcy to eliminate debt. But are payday loans dischargeable in bankruptcy cases? Here is everything you need to know about payday loans and bankruptcy.

1. Are you Eligible to File for Bankruptcy?

Pay day loans can be discharged in a bankruptcy if they are unsecured.

Before considering filing for bankruptcy to discharge your payday loans, the first step should be identifying if you are eligible to file for bankruptcy. Use a Chapter 7 means calculator to test your eligibility.

If you are eligible, there are other factors to consider, like the cost of filing for bankruptcy. The costs of filing bankruptcy depend on where you live. So when doing your research, you should specifically look at the costs in your state rather than checking general costs for an accurate prediction. Here is a guide on how much it costs to file bankruptcy in Georgia and how much it costs to file bankruptcy in Colorado. You should also compare other debt-relief options and their pros and cons before filing for bankruptcy.

2. Should I Include Payday Loans When Filling Out Debts in My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case?

When filing for bankruptcy, the court will ask you to disclose your income, debt, and expenses. If you have an outstanding Payday loan, you should include it in your bankruptcy schedule alongside other debts, irrespective of whether the debt is dischargeable. Although most unsecured debts are dischargeable, payday loans aren't always dischargeable. If you don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it may be worth your time to take a Chapter 13 payment calculator to see what your other options are.

Debts Incurred Less than Three Months Before Filing Bankruptcy

If you incur debts between 60 and 90 days before filing bankruptcy, these debts may not be eligible for discharge. The assumption is that you took out these loans in anticipation of filing bankruptcy, and you knew you had no means to repay. Therefore, it is fraudulent, and these debts cannot be discharged.

A major challenge payday loans pose is that most renew every 30 to 60 days. So, your lender may argue the debt should be non-dischargeable since they were incurred shortly before filing bankruptcy.

Agreements That May Prohibit You From Listing Payday Loans in Bankruptcy

Unique cases could prohibit you from listing payday loans under debts in your bankruptcy loans. Always go through the paperwork, terms, and conditions of the payday loan before signing. Some lenders add a clause stating the payday loan cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. However, the clause is not legally recognized and, thus, will not impact a discharge. So, if the court finds your payday loan eligible for discharge following federal bankruptcy laws, the clause added in the loan agreement will not prevent the court from issuing discharge.

How the Law Treats Bad Checks

Other than adding a clause to term the payday loan non-dischargeable, some lenders might also state you will go to jail if you attempt to close your bank account to avoid withdrawing funds or deposit a post-dated check under ACH authorization.

Usually, this is an invalid threat since the lender knew you weren't in a financial position to pay the electronic withdrawal or post-dated check when you signed the agreement. So, it is hard to prove your actions were fraudulent because the lender accepted a "bad check" and was aware of your financial position.

Can I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy After Taking a Payday Loan?

It is not wrong to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy after recently taking a payday loan. However, if your payday loan is recent, it may not be dischargeable. So, if the lender objects to the payday loan discharge, you might be legally responsible for paying the loan despite filing for bankruptcy relief

Different States have Varying Laws on  PayDay Loans

The laws on payday loans vary according to state. Most states have laws governing payday loans since most are abusive to consumers. Payday loan companies are prohibited from automatically renewing the loan in other states, which is helpful since you might wait for months before filing bankruptcy to get debt relief.

3. Understanding How Payday Loans Work

While there isn't a standard definition for what qualifies as a payday loan, there are some characteristics all payday loans share in common. All payday loans are short-term loans that are repaid on the next payday (between two and four weeks or even 3 months) either from salary, social security, or pension and in a single payment. Payday loans are commonly referred to as payday, cash, or paycheck advance

Most lending companies ask their borrowers to submit a post-dated check for the full amount, including fees and interest. Some lenders may need their borrowers to sign an ACH authorization to enable electronic withdrawals from their bank account on specified dates.

Some of these payday loans can be renewed or rolled over, requiring the borrower to pay the interest and fees but allowing an extension of the principal amount for another period. Payday loans and fees are often high, and some lenders can charge high fees with an annual percentage rate of 400 or more. Thus, creating the need for regulation.

Although Payday loans come in handy and are easy to access, they often worsen financial problems. Most people who apply for payday loans soon get trapped in a cycle of rollover payday loans due to the inability to pay the original loan balance. Others borrow money from a different source to pay their Payday loans, increasing their debt further.

4. Should I Consult a Bankruptcy Attorney About Payday Loans?

If you want to file for bankruptcy, it is prudent to schedule a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney if you have a payday loan. Consider hiring a local attorney since payday loan laws vary according to state, and a local attorney understands these laws better.

A bankruptcy lawyer gives you reliable, professional advice on if your payday loan is eligible for discharge and offers alternatives to settle your payday loans. Depending on your case, an attorney can advise you to close your bank account and wait for at least three months before filing bankruptcy.

Each case is unique, and there is no sure way to know if your payday loan is eligible for a discharge. Hence, you need to consult a bankruptcy attorney to review your loan agreement, assess your financial situation and predict the outcome.

5. Are There Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy to Get Out of Debt

You can consider debt relief as an alternative to bankruptcy, but you may want to consider the fees.

National Debt Relief and Freedom Debt Relief are two of the biggest players in the space. That said, you should consider the National Debt Relief pros and cons of this options as the fees can be quite expensive.

If you have fallen behind on your debt payments and still have outstanding payday loans to repay, you can try other debt-relief options. However, given the rise in malpractices as alleged in the Freedom Debt Relief Lawsuit, you should do extensive research on companies you plan to work with.

6. Where Can I Find a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer for Hire?

Would you like to file for bankruptcy but have a payday loan? Seek the services of a bankruptcy lawyer to help you see if bankruptcy is the best option and if your payday loan will be discharged. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer a free consultation. So, get a local bankruptcy lawyer, and schedule your consultation. You can also ask your attorney to advise you on different debt relief options available to you and advice on alternative options to get rid of debt. Call us today to book your consultation.




Amazing Side Gigs Your Kids Can Help With

Amazing Side Gigs Your Kids Can Help With

Are you looking for a fun way to bring in just a little extra money, without sacrificing time with the kids? Then why not let them help! Kids are great at creativity, so let them bring their imaginations along for the ride, and maybe teach them a thing or two about running a small business along the way. Take a peek at some of these little side gigs you can do now and again with the kids to help pad your rainy day fund. 

Design Shirts for People of All Ages

This is a great craft idea for you and the kids to start whenever the mood strikes you. You can go online or even to a local store and look through the many colors of men’s crew neck shirts, or you can look for ones for women, kids, or even babies. Once you find the shirts you want as your base, decide how you want to make them unique. Want iron-on transfers? Then you need some vinyl and an iron. Looking for tie-dye creations? Then pick up a tie-dye kit. You can use permanent markers, paint, or whatever ideas your kids and you come up with! Then, bring the shirts home, design them, and the ones you don’t decide to keep can get sold off to cover the costs of your day. 

Bake and Sell Cookies

This is a great idea for kids to help with, as they can either help with the baking and decorating, or they can sell them on the front porch at a table you set up. Be sure to get some chalkboard paint to make signs for the cookies, so customers know what they are getting. Then, when summer rolls around, you can turn this into a summertime cookie stand! Just be sure to keep the cookies in an airtight container in the fridge until it’s time to sell them or transport them.

Buy Items from the Store for People Who Want Delivery

This isn’t a super-fun job, but it’s easy to do, kids can run and grab what you need, plus, it can bring in some extra cash depending on how much you decide to charge. Choose items that are easy to transport, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking while they are in your car. Then, advertise your services and get ready for orders! You can even use this as a starting point for making your own delivery service if you want to go the extra mile.

Create Art and Sell It

Want something fun and creative that kids can enjoy, too? Then think about making some art! You can make jewelry, clay projects, artwork you hang on the wall, or even digital art. Then, sell your creations online or at a local craft fair. There are so many different ways you can go with this, and kids can help with the ideas and the creation process.


Make Your Own Candles

If you enjoy candles, then why not make your own? This is a fun craft for anyone to try out, as it only requires some time and not too much in the way of supplies. Just make sure you help the kids with this one, as it does involve some heat.All you need to do is melt down wax and add essential oils or scents of your choice. Then when it’s cooled off enough to handle, pour it into molds that have been made ahead of time. Let them cool off and then let the kids carefully pop them out and let them sit until they are completely hard! Then sell them online or at a local fair if you want extra cash!

Wash Cars

This is another easy job that families can do during their free time if they want extra cash. Just be sure to always wear your rubber gloves while doing this job so that you don’t get any chemicals or dirt on your hands. Then wash and dry the cars according to how customers want theirs done—some may want just a wash while others may want waxed—all while charging what you want per car! This is especially good if there aren’t other car washes anywhere around you and someone wants their car cleaned up right away!

The next time you go on vacation or even just have some extra time off work, why not try your hand at one of these side gigs? It’s a great way for you and your kids to spend extra time together without sacrificing too much of your hard-earned money.

9 Terrific Ways to Celebrate their Retirement

9 Terrific Ways to Celebrate their Retirement

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Retirement is such a big life change, it should be celebrated properly. Help the retiree in your life commemorate this

great achievement with a new tradition, a getaway or even something that pushes their comfort zone. Now that their

punching-the-time-clock days are over, guide them into a greater, even more fulfilling mindset with these nine terrific

ways to celebrate. 

Create a Career Memento Collection.
Now that the retiree has the time, why not map out a strategic road map to all of the places they’ve worked? Take along a camera and scope out every place they’ve punched a clock to make the all mighty dollar. If they lived out of state, make it a road trip with the idea of collecting thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals for the future. And of course, memories in the form of written text and photos to compile in an album that will mark their new beginning.

Focus on Health.
Now that time is theirs for the taking, the greatest currency they have is their health. Help the retiree with changes they can make in their life to put health at the top of their priority list. Entering a 5K (even if they walk), joining the spin class at the YMCA, and even looking up recipes for eating healthier can be motivation enough to change for the better. Being consistent in these changes is key, so be sure you are there for support and encouragement.

Build a Gift Basket.
Receiving a gift basket is always fun and goes a long way in expressing admiration and appreciation. Building one yourself for the retiree in your life gives you agency over what will go inside. So ask yourself, what are their favorite things? Their favorite places? Their goals for the future? Fill the basket with items like health products, motivational books, travel ideas, gourmet snacks, and egift cards that can be purchased from any one of thousands of retailers nationwide. They will delight in the thought and care that went into making it.

Plant a Tree.
Chances are good that if the retiree had planted a tree on their first day of work, today it would be standing tall and proud. Now that they’ve entered into this new phase of life, accompany them to the garden center, choose a tree that will do well in your area, and help them plant it in their yard or other location. It will require nurturing, which in turn will give them a new sense of purpose and responsibility.

Redecorate the Home Office.
Just because they won’t be ‘working’ anymore, doesn’t mean that their home office can’t go to good use. It all depends on their focus, of course! Are they planning on consulting part time? Maybe they would like room for crafting, indoor gardening or meditating. Ask them how they envision the room and then work together to refashion it into a place that best represents where they are in life now.

Do Something Unconventional.
At the end of a person’s life, what they most regret are the things they haven’t done. This bucket list might include adrenaline-rush opportunities like skydiving, ziplining or learning to ride a motorcycle. Or, it might be a bit more mellow like learning to cook French cuisine or reading the top 100 books of all time. Ask them to write down a few things they’ve always wanted to do but never have, and support them in their mission to accomplish them.

Go Permanent.
Many people never see retirement. They may see retirement age, but are unable to truly retire due to various reasons. Celebrate your loved one’s retirement by purchasing a piece of jewelry or even getting a tattoo that commemorates and affirms their mantra for success. This might be Chinese letters, their spirit animal or a phrase they uttered to themselves when times got tough.

Give Back.
Chances are good that after a long, successful career, the retiree has much wisdom that can be given back to the community. Encourage them to teach a class, start a YouTube channel, create an informational TicTok account, whatever fits their personality and gets them inspired.
Start a Tradition.

People celebrate all kinds of days – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, so why not turn retirement day into a brand new day to celebrate annually? Specifically take that day to cross something off the bucket list, go out to dinner or commemorate it quietly. Either way, it will be a yearly reminder for the retiree that life is short but also sweet.The retiree in your life deserves special treatment after a long, fruitful career. While gifts are always nice, think about how you can help them

6 Things Not To Bargain Shop For

6 Things Not To Bargain Shop For

We all love a good bargain. Saving money is awesome and unless you are one of the nearly 500 billionaires in the United States, it is often a necessity.  As the financial adviser in my family, I try my best to get the most bang for my buck on every purchase. I check ebates to see if I can earn cashback.  I use my paypal debit card to purchase nearly everything I buy because I earn 1% cashback each month, which adds up! I look for sales, coupons and discounts. I even shop the closeout stores like Big Lots and Ollie's Bargain Outlet. Who doesn't like buying stuff at a lower cost?

In all of my attempts to save money, I have discovered things you should not scrimp on. Things that are just worth the cost in the long run. I want to share these suggestions with you to help you in your attempts to save as much as you can.

I say buy something good for several good reasons. One your clothes are meant to last. Washing them in something like the brand from Dollar Tree is going to take a toll on your clothes. You can take my word for this. I bought a new pair of jeans, washed them in the cheap cheap LA Awesome (or something like that) brand exclusively. Ya know what? In 6 months time the denim was so worn and threadbare all over that I was afraid to go outdoors in them for fear they might just fall apart! I bought a new pair of jeans to replace the holy than thou pair and went back to Tide... same brand of jeans, same style. That was 5 years ago... I still have the 2nd new pair today. Secondly, your clothes should look and smell good after washing them. A cheap detergent is mostly water, it just can't do the job as well as Tide.

2. Deodorant
This should be a no brainer. Buy something good, don't try to save money here... cause no one wants to smell your attempts to save money on a hot summer day....

3. Pet Food
If you can't afford to feed a pet quality food, you shouldn't have a pet. Feeding off brands of food, such as EverPet, will lead to health issues. Pets deserve to be cared for in many ways, but their diet is vital to the overall health and well being of any pet. 

I have bought cheap trash bags before and ended up picking my trash up off the lawn as the bag rips, tears or whatever on the way to the curb. No fun, not worth saving $2 in my opinion.

5. Shoes
I think buying quality footwear is important. Not only do your feet feel better in great shoes, but they are safer. When my son was about 18 months old and on the go, go, go we found a great deal on a pair of well known kids shoes. I jumped on them. Days later I realized why they were so affordable... the hard way. The sole of the shoe detached, causing my toddler to fall and he got a black eye out of it. Since that moment, no more bargain buys on shoes. Find the new air force 1 here.

6. Pillows
I am not saying you need to spend a few hundred on a great pillow, but invest in one that is going to give you a good quality of sleep. I use a Technogel pillow. I love it. I can't sleep without it, without waking up in pain or exhausted. A good pillow is an investment in your quality of life. 

Do you have any items to add to this list? What do you think you should buy without bargain hunting?