5 Tips for Having a Stress Free Moving Experience

 This is a guest post by Alex Berger from The Berger Bungalow.

I haven’t exactly moved a *ton* in my life. However, I’ve done it enough to know the basic dos and dont’s when it comes to moving, and I’m going to have to tune-up my skills very soon, because we are moving next month! I know that a ton of others are moving right now, as well, so I thought that it would be very handy and timely to share all of my best tips for having a sress-free moving experience, because I know that a lot of the time, it is FAR from stress-free. I think that with a little intention, a positive mindset, and of course, lots of handy tips, it can be a relatively stress-free (and dare I say, fun?) experience! Here are some of the tips that I am using for this moving experience of mine, that you can hopefully copy and use for your move, too! – 

Be prepared to spend more than you expect

If you can be prepared about this aspect of the move, that would save you so much trouble! To be honest, it’s been seven years since I last moved and when I purchased our home last time, I really didn’t have many out-of-pocket expenses because 1) we moved ourselves, 2) we were still in college when we purchased this house, so we rolled all closing cost expenses into our loan, and 3) we didn’t spend much up-front on any renovations, additions, etc. With this upcoming move, we are spending much more. I mean, our down payment alone is a huge cost, and although I sort of expected it, I didn’t remember how much all the things added up to be (like a $600+ appraisal, a $1,000+ home inspection, repairs, moving costs, etc. etc. etc.). And as a seller, the agent commissions will also be factored into your budget. Since this is our first time selling, that was news to me! Needless to say, just go into the process knowing what to expect and always prepare to spend more than you are estimating so that you aren’t shocked during the process.

Start prepping as early as possible

So, the timing of our move is a bit crazy. We are headed to Ireland in two weeks, and the day after we get back, we close on our current home. Then, the next day, we close on our new home. Seriously crazy timing! Hopefully, if you are moving, you won’t have as crazy as a timeline as we do, but either way, you will want to start prepping as early as possible. Create a packing plan - don’t wait until the last minute, or else you will be majorly stressed. Trust me on that one! How are we doing it? Well, we are trying to pack up at least one box a day, until we can’t anymore. There will be some things that you just won’t be able to pack up until the week-of, or day-of. But, everything else (like things in your attic, clothes that are off-season, guest rooms, etc.) can definitely be packed away until your move. In addition to the one box a day plan, we are also setting aside each weekend to tackle one major room at a time. Last weekend, we tackled the guest room. Everything in there is packed up now! This upcoming weekend, we asked my sister to come help us with our daughter, and we are packing up the entire attic and garage. Needless to say, prep and pack as early as possible, to reduce your stress in the long-run!

Give yourself flex time

If it is at all possible, give yourself flex time. We have an extra week between the time we get our new home and the time that we have to move out of our old home. This means that we will be able to clean before we move in our things, do any renovations, and slowly move in, instead of having to rush to do everything on 1-2 days. Spreading things out, taking it slowly, and not having to rush or worry DEFINITELY reduces your stress during this process.

Consider pets and kids

If you are moving with pets and kids, you know how stressful things can get, even without a move on your plate. To make sure that you are having a stress-free moving experience, make sure you consider your pets and kids and make a plan. Hire a babysitter, have family help, or board your dogs (or cats!) for a few days. Just think through every scenario and make a good plan based on your life situation, wants, and needs. Thinking this through ahead of time will help you greatly, especially when it comes to your stress. Plus, having someone help with animals and kids will help you get things done faster, too.

Spend the extra money on movers

Last but not least, spend the extra money on movers. I know, I know - it can be challenging to spend that extra money during an already expensive move, but it’s worth it! This time around, we have HEAVY things to move. A washer, dryer, gym equipment, a fridge, beds, couches, etc. etc. I don’t think it will be possible to move it all ourself, with our daughter and 2 dogs. Even if we had a babysitter! I am 30-years-old and I am strong, but I’m not up for moving my entire house anymore (am I getting old?!). You will want to find movers with a great reputation, such as Movin’ which is a moving company that has great reviews. They do commercial moving near Salt Lake City, safe moving, residential moving, apartment moving, packing services, and more. They say, “We are a Moving Company based out of Salt Lake City, UT. We offer white glove moving services which mean we will accomplish any job with the utmost quality. We take pride in our effort to be the best and it shows in our quality of work. Give us a call or stop by our website for a quote today! Combining years of experience in the moving and service industry, Movin’ has established a reputation for quality work and the highest customer satisfaction. Our VISION is to cater to all of your moving day needs personally and professionally. Our GOAL is to provide you with a great moving day experience that will alleviate all the financial, emotional, and physical stress caused by the many challenges of moving. Our CALLING is to serve our community.”


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