How To Set Up Your Home Office For Productivity


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During the pandemic, many people who usually work in a traditional office space, found themselves working from home for extended periods. From setting up in the spare room to taking over the kitchen table, it was a case of making do with what you had. 

As a result of this, many companies introduced remote or hybrid working permanently and others decided to pursue careers that let them do this. Long-term remote working needs something a little better than a kitchen table, so setting up your own home office space is something that you’re going to need to do. 

Here are some tips on creating the perfect home office for you. 

Be creative with space

Having the space to work is important but not everyone has a spare room at home that they can convert. Try and be clever with your use of space, section off a small part of the room with a room divider, and buy compact desks or desks that fold into the wall when you’re done so it’s not permanently taking up space you need for living. 

The point is that you have somewhere that is dedicated to productivity when you’re working and that you can leave behind when you’re not. A lot of remote workers have trouble completely switching off from work, as it bleeds over into their free time. Being able to shut the door or close the screen on your work when you’re done is a powerful thing and will benefit your productivity and mental health in the long run. 

Design it with you in mind

You know best the optimum working conditions for you. Don’t set up your office in a space you know is going to be very distracting. James Bond author Ian Flemming used to write his books from his beautiful home in Jamaica, but because the scenery was so beautiful and distracting, he had his desk facing the wall so that he could do his work. If you can, set up where you aren't going to be distracted by people walking by, kids, or the TV. 

Make sure it is well ventilated

Fresh air and natural light make a huge difference to your energy levels and productivity. Try and set up your remote working space to take advantage of both. If you can’t then take regular breaks to get outside for some. 

Learn how to set up your desk

A great remote working setup isn’t only about looking great but needs to support your health too. Poor lighting, unsupportive chairs, and incorrect screen placement can cause you all sorts of issues with your health, which in turn will affect your productivity. 

Key points 

A great home office is something that works for you. Whether you’re in a bespoke build area or making do with what space you have, the principles are the same. As you get used to remote working, you’ll find out more about the best working patterns and environment for you and can change things up to take advantage of them. 


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