Why It's Important to Try New Foods

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Eating is good for the soul. But you can get stuck in a food rut. So it's essential to try new foods and grow as a result. Here are some of the main reasons this is important.

Could be Your Next Favourite Thing

How do you know you like something if you don't try it? Even the aroma of something is often vastly different to how it tastes. Unfortunately, many people get stuck in a food cycle of eating the same things all the time. And often, these don't do any good. They could be junk food or just reusing the same ingredients. For example, chilli con Carne, spaghetti bolognese and cottage pie are essentially the same things with one or two things added. So pop into a German deli, try a local Japanese restaurant or explore the foods of the Russian shop around the corner.

A Healthier Way to Eat

The food you often eat may be causing you harm. Some countries, like the UK and USA, constantly consume vast amounts of junk food from takeaways or processed and pre-packaged meals. But cooking fresh food has many health benefits. For example, you will have more energy, increased focus and healthier toilet habits. European countries like France, Italy and Spain place emphasis on the importance of cooking fresh. And often, it involves generational participation. This teaches kids how to look after themselves and makes beautiful memories.

Try New Foods for Cultural Experience

Every culture worldwide has different foods to eat, methods of preparation and even how they enjoy their foods. For example, Indian families will eat together in one sitting. Often with multiple generations enjoying their fresh meals with each other. But this is more than eating. It's a cultural experience because each generation before, and the ones before them, have spent hundreds of years improving and refining family recipes. Which is why they taste amazing. Of course, this is also true of Chinese, Japanese and most mainland European cultures.

Be an Example for the Children

If you have kids, then you know it can be a nightmare to get them to eat. Yet often, they grow up on the same diet as their parents. Which may or may not be the best thing for them. By trying new foods, you can encourage your children to do the same. And for the same reasons with the same results. And although you may not like a particular cuisine, your children should have the freedom of choice over what they eat. Otherwise, it could mean a lifetime of takeout food and microwave meals. Which isn't just bad for them. It means no cooking skills and costs more.

Improve Your Own Cooking

Any professional chef worth the salt in their kitchen will tell you that you can't improve your cooking without trying other cuisines. Even if you stick to one cuisine, you will learn to use ingredients in different ways. For instance, Brits love making meatballs and spaghetti with minced beef. Yet Mexicans love to shallow fry small amounts at a time for crispy beef tacos. There are always more ways to use something. But if you don't try dishes from other countries, you will never know. Plus, you get to enjoy the journey, and it's an excuse to eat a bit more.


There are many benefits when you try new foods from all over the world. These include discovering your next favourite thing, experiencing culture and improving your cooking.


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