Family Safety Online - Tips Every Parent Should Know

 Keeping kids safe online does not have to be too time-consuming. The devices, apps, and programs can help you a lot, and you can keep track of any online profiles they have if you know their passwords. Here are some top tips and strategies for keeping your children safe when they use the family PC or any other online device. They can help keep your information safe too.

Make A Kids Profile On Your PC

This is a top tip for both of you. Create a user profile just for your kids and lock out certain elements or remove programs you do not want them to have access to. This lets you keep your profile too, and it can remain untouched. You can check on your kid's profile and web browsing history and also install monitoring programs if you wish.

Protecting them in this way also protects your PC activity and your private documents and email access. You may enjoy playing some classic casino games online at Jackpot Casino or play their live casino games. Having a personal profile means they do not have access to your gaming, personal documents, or programs, protecting everyone.

Keep The Screen Where You Can See It

Parenting requires a lot of different delicate balances. You want your children to grow up to be confident and independent, but you also need to keep a careful eye over them to protect them from danger and threats. This is true online as well as in the physical world. 

Make sure you can get a parent’s eye view of the screen from a distance. Give your kids a little leeway and let them do what they want to do on the computer but keep checking what they are up to. When things get loud or go quiet, that is usually a sign they are up to something they should not be. 

Communicate With Them

Talk to your children about online safety and let them know they have to take care when using the internet and the computer. This should include both communicating and interacting with strangers online, avoiding some common pitfalls. They need to be careful what they click on.

Kids are as vulnerable to spam and malware as the rest of us, and a little education goes a long way. Teach them some basic safety rules, and lay down some ground rules for online behavior and how to act around the PC.

No Social Media Until They Are Teenagers

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media services have age restrictions on accounts. A good rule of thumb is to not let your kids join a social network until they are a teenager. Even kids' versions of apps and websites can make them vulnerable to online threats.

When they do get old enough, you will have to decide how to introduce your kids to social media. Facebook is a good first step as you can monitor their profile more easily and keep an eye on their friend group.

Follow these steps, and you should have plenty of control over your young children’s online activity without having to stay over their shoulders. Their self-confidence will benefit, and so will your time management.


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