Expecting a Little One? To Move Before or After Your Bundle of Joy's Arrival


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Pregnancy is an extraordinary experience; sometimes, it is hard to believe that women can grow human beings, but while doing so, it is easy to get caught up in the world around you. If you are approaching an upcoming move amidst your pregnancy, you may rush to get as much done as possible before the baby arrives. Still, just as airline companies will cut you off at a certain point in your journey, you must consider what will be best for you and your growing family and what is most suitable for your health and safety.

When you seek out moving and storage in Houston, TX, you must have a company that will support your relocation process while observing the possible delicacies and intricacies of moving while expecting. The decision as to whether you choose to go through with it before the baby comes or after it arrives is entirely up to you, but evaluating the pros and cons with your doctor, partner, and family members should always remain a priority before pulling the trigger and scheduling your move date.

Relocating During Pregnancy

Depending on the company you book with, you can always book your move date and have the crew pick your belongings up and transport them to their storage facilities, where they can remain until you have a safe delivery. Suppose you move forward with your relocation process before the baby's debut. In that case, you may be wondering about the logistics, some of which may be entirely out of your control. When juggling all of these changes accompanied by the birth of a newborn, lay down how either option will serve you. 

  • Selling and purchasing homes don't depend on your baby's birth date. With the cutthroat tendencies of the real estate industry, you will have to figure out how to navigate both tasks and/or rental opportunities.

  • You will want to nest, which means you may want to push the move date up sooner, depending on your due date. If you move while pregnant, you can nest in your new place before the baby is born.

  • Moving after the baby is born and the changing environment could affect the baby's mood, sleep habits, etc.

  • Post-partum recovery differs for everyone, depending on any exceptional circumstances associated with your pregnancy and birth environment/complications. If you end up moving with your newborn and are also trying to recover, the unpacking and moving-in could be more challenging.

  • Generally, moving doesn't pair well with pregnancy, nor does packing and carrying things, but if you choose to book with a local moving crew, you still have the option either way!

Moving After Giving Birth

Some new Moms prefer to wait until after giving birth to set their move date and begin the relocation process. This may be for personal reasons, and regardless of why, it comes down to what is best for you and the newest member of the household. So many various puzzle pieces need to seamlessly connect when preparing for a move, traveling for the move, and arriving at your destination. When you are already in the middle of growing a human being, you likely have enough responsibility on your plate and dragging anything else into the mix.

  • Choosing to make your move after the baby ensures you are not ever putting yourself or your unborn child in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation by taking on too much physical, emotional, or mental stress.

  • Suppose you wait and take the time necessary to transition into motherhood and parenthood. In that case, you will better understand your family's wants, needs, and schedules.

  • Moving after the baby is born means that you don't have to worry about the safety of your pregnancy, and you can likely get things done faster, so long as you have the necessary childcare and assistance for your new little one.

  • You will get to enter your new home, neighborhood, and this brand-new place while having the chance to start fresh, making new friends and even other Moms and parents in the area as you navigate this transition.

Contact Movers for a Happy, Healthy & Safe Relocation Process

No matter which route you choose, having moving experts to help guide you through moving can make the transition while pregnant or with a newborn baby much simpler and more straightforward. Delta Moving Systems in Houston, TX, is a family-owned business, and they have made it their mission to help families navigate these changes in their lives. Delta movers are dedicated to providing an accessible and secure moving environment for local and long-distance relocation. It is entirely up to you which route you choose, which likely depends on the details of your pregnancy, due date, and other factors - having local movers there, either way, will cater to a seamless transition and relocation!


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