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Saturday #328- Saturday #332

On Saturday #328 we spent the day preparing for a visit from Grandma. She wanted to come up to visit and go to lunch. This means I spent a great deal of the day cleaning up toys galore.

We did manage to fit some outside playtime in with the kids up the street. Rolf and Harper were thrilled to have a bunch of kids to make noise with.

On Saturday #329 my mother came to visit. The kids were happy that she brought pumpkins and donuts. The managed to break away from the visit to play with the neighborhood kids.

On Saturday #330 we went to Cedar Point for a break from the normal. The family enjoyed the park while I attended bloggy con and gave a session after the conference on the subject of facebook live.

On Saturday #331 we went for a hike at Heckert Nature Preserve. The kids did pretty well on the hike, alrhough we did leave the binky behind and half way through the walk Harper had a melt down and needed to be carried out of the woods.

On Saturday #332 we woke up early and went to a fall craft show. After that we took the kids to an Oktober fest. We in the evening headed out to buy pumpkins and gourds.

I regret that I have not prioritized these entries in the 940 Saturday series and have resorted to lumping them together to the best of my memory, but I am still glad to have some kind of record of how we spent our Saturdays together as a family.

Saturday #319

On Saturday #319 we indulged ourselves with a sunrise walk and chocolate donuts. We felt awesome after getting some exercise first thing in the morning and then having some chocolate!

My son was excited about an event happening in our town, there were bounce houses involved, so I understood. They both bounced their hearts out and felt that the day was a major success!

We really, literally did nothing other than a walk, eat donuts and go to the bounce houses. We were okay with that as a family because we had taken a trip to the Hocking Hills and didn't make it home until late the day before.

I hope that your family had a great weekend and you made memories!

Saturday #318

Guys, it has been like a year since I attempted to document how we spent our Saturdays as a family. I have had major guilt over my flakiness too. I started this series 3 years ago to keep a record for my son. Today I realized I needed to do the math, figure out what week this would be in the life of Roo and start writing again.  I will figure out the week number for Harp another time.

This morning, on Saturday #318, Roo and I bot woke up early. At 5:30 we headed downstairs for breakfast and play time. Harp woke up and was ready to go too. The morning was fairly quiet. I worked until around 7:15. The kids agreed I could nap on the sofa as I was feeling tired. Roo played K'Nex while Harp and I got cozy on the sofa. She watched a cartoon while I enjoyed 30 minutes of extra sleep.

It was nearly 90 degrees, so we decided there was only one way to beat the heat. To dive into the pool!

The kids saw our snorkeling masks in the shed and were intrigued, we haven't used them in ages, as we call Ohio home these days, so we handed them over to the delight of the kids.

Let me tell you, it might have been a horrible humid 93 degree day, but that water was icy cold as it had been filled and treated the night before. After swimming, we retreated to the cool comfort of the master bedroom and watched a family movie.

Saturdays are a challenge to keep track of in the summer. We are literally on a 3 month summer break as a family and the days all kind of run together.  We love the relaxed pace of the season!

Thanks for catching up with this day in our lives. Since it has been a long time since I added to this series; let me give you the logic behind sharing Saturdays with you.

From the day your child is born until they go to college, you get about 940 Saturdays together.

I wanted to document how we spent our Saturdays. To offer a glimpse into our lives to readers, to document memories for my son {and now my daughter too!}, and I wanted to keep these days for myself at a later time in my life, when my family is grown.

I would love to hear how you spent your weekend, if you felt like sharing via comment!

Saturday #227

So, here I am technically about a month behind is summer. Hubs is home and the family is restless. 2 months of daily outings, but really not doing anything have taken their toll on us. If my google calendar didn't keep me on my toes I would be lost.

Going on memory here....

On Saturday #227 I had the honor of sleeping in a little. We went to breakfast in near by Mt. Gilead Ohio and Harper was really into that. She prefers whatever we are eating to baby food these days, so she had eggs, biscuits, pancakes, bananas. She was a happy girl. Mr. Picky Roo had sausage, so he was happy.

After breakfast we took a walk down one of the few hills in our area. Walking up reminded me I haven't seen many hills, nor walked them since moving to our tiny, very flat, town. We found a baby toad on the uphill walk.

After that, a dash into Kroger.

We returned home to play outside until Roo could take no more, he wanted to play cars inside where it was cool.

Not a thrilling Saturday, but we had an awesome breakfast, experienced nature, took a walk and enjoyed the summer day. I hope you had the chance to enjoy your children over the weekend.

Saturday #226

On Saturday #226 (46 for Harper) we didn't have big plans, it is still summer here and we have been staying busy. The weekends haven't needed to be packed with activity. It has been kind of nice to rest a little on the weekends honestly.

So, instead of completely boring you with details of cleaning, backyard play sessions and books read, or worse yet, me droning on and on about what I worked on when I wasn't playing with the kids or cleaning, I will tell you about a random day from the week.

We are fortunate to live fairly close to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. We love this place. We visit the birds, they have an impressive collection of hawks, owls, crows and even a Bald Eagle. We also enjoy walking the trails on the property. {I am nearly a month behind on this series time wise again...} At the time of our visit my foot was still pretty bad. It was swollen, bruised, painful and I was resorting to kinda dragging it, limping to get around without crutches. I tried my best to handle a short trail, but there is no going downhill when you are doing this weird shuffle of a walk. Instead Harper and I enjoyed the little enclosed building that houses small birds. Armed with a few cups of worms we wanted to feed the birds, but a noisy crowd had decided to sit and talk to each other- the birds were scared and did come up as they normally would.

Never one to let a change in plans ruin my day, Harper and I instead sat on a bench and took a ton of selfies.

We observed a bee on a flower in the garden area.

We had a nice time, Harper enjoyed herself, Roo was exhausted from his little hike and despite the whole foot thing I was glad to get out into the sun for a while in a place that I love.

Saturday #225

On Saturday #225 (45 for Miss Harper) we had plans to go to a festival, despite my inner groaning I went with as bright of a smile as I could muster. After numerous fairs and festivals I am growing tired of that scene, but I go with a smile for my kids. Roo can't get enough rides and excitement...

After watching a long parade and taking in the sights of a town we don't know much about we were off again, this time to an event that included all the fun stuff kids love, bounce houses, animals, cookies, funnel cakes... not quite a festival, but like a mini one.

The kids were again exhausted after another weekend in the sun, playing, riding rides and eating garbage. Harper had her first nibbles of a cookie and she was pleased with the experience, and considered it a win to get to munch a sweet treat.

We all got a little sun, everyone fell asleep easily that night, including me. Summer continues here for about another month, so every day seems like a weekend. I hope you have had a chance to enjoy your family this summer! Remember we only get 940 Saturdays from birth to departure for college. Thanks for stopping by the hear how we spent one of ours.

Saturday #224

Saturday #224 (44 for Harp) was the weekend of the 4th of July. On Saturday we woke up fairly early and headed north to a little town called Willard. A little festival was underway and we intended to enjoy the day. While I am not much for festivals and fairs, my family loves going to them. Roo likes the rides, Harper likes the smells and lights.

Roo was pleased as could be to get a wristband and unlimited rides. For being such a small festival they had a nice assortment of rides suitable for a 4 year old. We agreed on an hour of rides  due to the heat and let Roo lead the way. His face was priceless, he had a blast. I felt kind of bad that he had to ride solo on most rides, Roo didn't care. I was thankful that when Harper is old enough she will have her brother to keep her company, and thankful that Roo didn't care. He was just happy to be riding whatever rides he wanted.

After his hour of fun he was hungry. He was trying to talk us into french fries at the festival, but I am not one to eat fair food so I made a compromise, if he would leave the festival without a fight, without crying we could have lunch at McDonald's... that was an easy deal for Roo. He was happy to find there was a play place attached to this McDonald's, Harper was happy that they had yogurt. She is easy to please.

After Roo had his lunch and got a fun play session he was pretty tired. We made the drive home and planned to go to the fireworks in our town, but the kids could not stay up that late. The display started at 10, they were both snoozing at 8. The day had exhausted them. The sun and heat had zapped everyone energy.

The day was fun for my kids which means I was a happy mom. When I was tucking Roo in I asked him if he had a good day. He gave me a big hug and said "Uh huh...." He was too tired to say much else. A day well spent brings happy sleep, true story.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy your family over the weekend.

Saturday #223

On Saturday #223 (#43 for Harp) I was indulged with another morning to sleep in. How lovely it feels to wake up on my own, to find the kids are dressed, fed and happy.

We were preparing for a visit from Grandma, so we didn't make many plans. We did minimal cleaning and made a quick trip to the grocery store. I hoped to spend time outdoors mowing and weeding, but the weather did not permit that. As soon as I mentioned mowing the rain began.

With a dreary afternoon and no real plans we turned to the video store for relief.

We rented Frozen and popped popcorn. I made Roo squeal with delight when I produced a tiny bag of Frozen Jelly Belly's. That boy loves jelly beans! When the snacks ended my son lost interest in Frozen. Ha!
Harper was happy to stay up late, eat puffies and bounce. The movie night was a fine idea in her opinion. My little girl is a lot of fun and she liked all of the singing in Frozen.

A quiet day with the family was nice. Summer continues so everyday feels like the weekend. We have been going to festivals, yard sales, watching movies, going to story time, taking walks, playing with friends and hitting the parks.

I hope you had a chance to spend time with the people you love over the weekend.

Saturday #222

On Saturday #222 (# 42 for Harper) my family let me sleep in! How lovely a chance to rest is. The kids and I had been battling colds all week and I was feeling very ran down. Sleeping til almost 8 a.m. was exactly what I needed.

We hadn't made plans to get into very much but we decided to go to a neighborhood yard sale event that happens every year. We saw friends, we walked around for about 2 hours. We didn't buy much of anything other than some odd wall paper for a project I have been dreaming up and I found a hot rock therapy system, new in box for $2. I can't wait to try it out!

After our walk and yard sale experience the kids were hot, we stopped for lemonade for Roo and headed home to relax. The kids were tired. I was tired, instead of cooking we grabbed a pizza and called it a day. No one complained about that and I was fine with taking the easy way out.

We spent the evening cuddling kids and giggling. Harper is hilarious. Her personality is developing before my eyes. She adores her brother. She chases him around the house at a record speed and has earned herself the nickname of the blond puppy. Not only does she follow Roo around like a puppy, but it is not uncommon to see her crawling after her brother with a toy in her mouth, much like a puppy. (She is smart, she sticks whatever she is playing with in her mouth then chases him down and resumes playing!) She loves to play with toys! Dolls,cars, blocks, you name it, Harp wants to play with it.

 At bed time, the kids were too tired to fight it, they drifted off with ease and it wasn't long after that before hubby and I were both asleep on the sofa. We must be getting old to doze off at 10 on a Saturday.

I hope you had the chance to spend time with your nearest and dearest over the weekend.

Saturday #214

On Saturday #214 (34 for Harper) the kids and I were up early as is the norm. Roo wanted to take a walk, and I thought that was a good idea. I had hopes of walking some of the rotten out of him before his baseball game.

We walked for about a mile and a half. The morning was lovely. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. My kids were sweet. I couldn't ask for much more.

Baseball was cute. Roo tried. He went home happy. I took advantage of the sunny day and tackled my lawn care duties while Miss Harper had a nap.

Harper is getting so big! She is gorgeous, has the craziest cutest hair ever. She loves her brother and wants to be wherever he is. Sometimes I grab her and we get in bed with Roo in the morning, she sees him and she squeals with happiness. She crawls over to him and puts her face up against his with a huge smile.

Later that day we took a walk at Lowe Volk, which was semi nice until we got deep enough in the woods to be attacked by mosquitoes despite using repellant.

We kept the last weekend of the school year quiet. I felt that I spent it with my kids and we were outside for most of the day, so it was a success.

Saturday #213

On Saturday #213 (33 for Harper) everyone was healthy. The day was spent much like all of the others as of the last few months, at baseball.

Now, to be honest. I am behind on this series. Like several weeks behind, so I am trying to play catch up. Details are fuzzy at best. Now that it is summer and {Mr.} Adam is home, the days all run together. So... the next few posts in this series may or may not be accurate...

After baseball I believe I came home to pack a lunch. We are trying a new family hobby of geocaching. To be honest, I do not love the new hobby. I like walking with the kids, but I am not going to go digging around to find these things. I go strictly for moral support.

The kids grew tired of geocaching, so we took a walk around the lake and made a stop at the swing sets. Roo was happy to get in a little playing time. He sweetly asked of we could get ice cream. Being on a diet, ice cream was the last thing I needed, but Roo is little! He earned it and he very wisely told his dad that Harper wanted ice cream too, no one says no to Harper. Since everyone else was eating junk food I caved and had a sundae which promptly made me feel sick... lesson learned.

After geocaching, lunch, ice cream and tons of walking the kids were tired. We headed home to tuck little ones into bed.

The day was well spent. I am sure I forgot a few details, but you get the idea of Saturday #213 out of 940.

Saturday #212

On Saturday #212 (#32 for Harper) Roo was feeling much better! Harper was still a work in progress, but she kept her good attitude and a big smile.

Roo turned on the charm and asked to take a walk. He didn't beat around the bush, he wanted to walk to see the train, then go get juice and a cookie. I love to take walks with Roo so I agreed. Harper stayed home with her Daddy and Roo and I set out into the sun drenched morning.

The train did not go by, which was disappointing to my little boy. He loves the train and everything stops if he can hear it (we live kinda close to the tracks). But we kept walking, soon the train was forgotten as he was noticing birds, dogs, signs and best of all:  Motorcycles!!

Roo got his juice (A $3 Spongebob juice. WTH! I let this kid talk me into these things all the time because he is cute and I love him. Evil marketing people...) He decided he didn't want a cookie, but he wanted M&M's. I agreed, with the understanding that they would be for later. Like after dinner later. Like in a long time. He was okay with that. {Whew!}

We walked home, holding hands and talking. Roo has made huge improvements in his speech. It is so nice to have a conversation with him.

When we got home Harper was asleep, so we ventured out into the backyard. We enjoyed the morning sun and the chance to get the dogs outside. When she woke up everyone was ready to see her. She is sweet and cuddly. A lovely baby.

The day continued on as normal, we did all of the normal things. I mowed, we had dinner, I worked. It was a nice day, and I considered the mission of spending Saturday together accomplished.

Saturday #211

On Saturday #211 (#31 for Harp) most of my family was ill. The kids both had a viral infection that was definitely not fun for anyone. Looking back a few weeks as I play catch up here, I recall it being a very sad weekend. I can handle most anything, but my kids being sick and unhappy is a deal breaker. That causes me pain too!

With everyone feeling sick we took it easy. There were lots of naps and snuggles for the kids and lots of cleaning for Mom. {Mr.} Adam wasn't feeling well either, so I was kind of on my own.

After I had cleaned until I could clean no more,I worked for a few hours then I lounged on the sofa with a good book (About a Boy) and a few episodes of the Wonder Years on Netflix.

I didn't have the heart to cook dinner for one, so I made a sandwich and went back to work. Lucky for me, my furry entourage was willing to keep me company and they secretly liked the quiet of the house and the chance to have me all to themselves. I spent the evening with a dog to me left, a dog at my feet and a cat behind me on the back of the sofa. All in all it was not a bad way to spend an evening, I just wish my kids had felt better.

I hope your Saturday was spent in better health, and that you had the chance to spend time with the people you love.

Saturday #210

On Saturday #210 the kids and I were up enjoying a peaceful morning. My son so sweetly comes up to me and says "Hold Mommy's hand." I said "You want to hold my hand?" Roo says "Take a walk and hold Mommy's hand?" His blue eyes sparkled with hope.

I hadn't planned for a walk that morning, but sometimes you must live in the moment.

I told him "Yes, we can hold hands on a walk. Let's get dressed!" It took about 20 minutes, I tiptoed into the master bedroom and let Adam know we were leaving.

The sun was shining and it was a lovely day! We walked towards the train tracks. Along the way a group of puppies ran out to greet us. Roo laughed and was so happy! Harper likes seeing Roo smile, so she was offering happy baby noises too.

Roo was delighted that the train went by, and to make it even better the engineer waved to him. His smile was fantastic.

We walked downtown, got a juice at Roo's request. Then headed home. We went to t ball and ran errands.

The day flew by, but it was nice. My kids were happy, I spent the day with them. Mission Accomplished!

Saturday #209

On Saturday #209 (#29 for Harper) my family allowed me to sleep until almost 8 am. Unaccustomed to a few extra hours I woke up with an achy back and a feeling I describe as sleep intoxication, you know that feeling of getting enough sleep that leads to good feelings? Giddy with rest? 

I took the day at a relaxed pace. There was no baseball game to rush to, nowhere that I had to be. I mowed grass, played with the kids and eventually went for groceries.

Roo was more than happy to be my sidekick while I mowed. He is growing so fast. He  is a great helper. Truth be told, Roo just wants to be where I am. No matter what I am doing, as long as he is at my side he is pretty happy. It is a source of frustration in my marriage that Roo is so attached to me, my husband tells me I have made him a Mama's Boy. Well, so be it. He loves his Mommy, I love him. He will be too big to want to hang out with me before too long, so I happily soak in every minute of him being a Mama's Boy. 

Harper is hilarious. A happier baby has never existed. You scoop Harp up in your arms and she delights you with laughter, smiles and lots of sloppy kisses. She is mobile, crawling at record breaking speeds. Getting into EVERYTHING. Trying to walk, giving me mini heart attacks all day long. My 7 month old can not be ready to walk! I am not ready.

It is funny how dull our weekends have been, but how I have never been more satisfied at the end of the weekend. I have found pleasure in the small things. Taking a walk with my kids in the morning. Laying on the floor coloring with markers with Roo. Holding Harper until she drifts off to dream nestled against me. 

I hope that you had a great weekend with the people that you love. You get 940 Saturdays from birth to the time your kids are ready to go to college. Make the most of each one!

940 Saturday's: Saturday #208

On Saturday #208 (#28 for Harper) nothing exciting happened. The morning was spent trying to keep my son clean for baseball pictures... I failed and tossed him in the bathtub at the last minute.

After that was finished I mowed grass and folded laundry. Harper crawled around, exploring the house. Roo played outside. The day passed. We ordered Chinese for dinner. The day was over before I knew it.

Not an exciting weekend. I keep thinking... we did something... what am I forgetting? But I am drawing a blank, there was no exciting activity. But, that is okay. I spent the weekend with the kids.Mission Accomplished. I hope you had a great weekend. If you did anything tell me about it! As you can see my life needs a little inspiration. Laundry and lawn care are not the most exciting weekend activities.

Thanks for dropping by this installment in the 940 Saturdays series.

Saturday #207

On Saturday #207 (27 for Harper) a truck was rented and a big 4th birthday gift was picked up. Short on time, a quick shower was had and the kids and I went to baseball. The game was cute, my son was not interested in playing baseball, but he was interested in slipping over to the playground... he is cute and he is rotten! How I love that boy.

We installed a new car seat after the game for little Miss Harper, I felt better about that as the way her head slumped forward in the Graco seat we were using.

I really didn't want to do anything that day. I have been in a personal funk lately. So when the game ended I came home to mow grass. We ordered out for dinner and I was happy to let my inner geek shine by working on a Saturday night after my kids were sleeping soundly. I bored {Mr.} Adam and he was quietly snoozing in a chair while I made the most of the quiet time.

Not an exciting weekend, but it was what I needed. I hope you has time to enjoy your children. Thanks for reading about one of our 940 Saturdays.

Saturday #206

On Saturday #206 (#26 for Harper) we went to baseball practice in the morning. Roo loves being on a team, but he really doesn't get it. He is 3, and the experience is good for our family. He tries, he will catch on soon!

After baseball we had lunch and ran into the city. You know what that means. We shopped. I was thrilled to find cheesecloth on clearance and a few fun Easter trinkets I want to incorporate into a sensory bin

We came home early. I threw together dinner and gave the house a quick cleaning. Roo and his Daddy practiced baseball and Harper had a mini nap. 

After dinner {asparagus, crab cakes and yummy little boiled potatoes} we gave the kids bubble baths and read a few stories. Then it was time for bed. I am always shocked at how fast our weekends pass by. It seems like we play, eat, shop, sleep.

Saturday # 206 was not overly exciting. The kids were adorable as always. We did typical things, but we did them together. Mission accomplished.

I hope that you had a chance to enjoy your children over the weekend. If you enjoyed this installment of 940 Saturdays... maybe you need a hobby...{just kidding!}. 

Saturday #205 {Better Late Than Never}

On Saturday #205 (#25 for Harper) my family started the day off at Baseball practice. Roo was great this time around, he tried really hard! They ran the boys for almost an hour, so Roo was tired at the end of practice {Yay!!}

Then we were off to an Easter Egg hunt. It was cute for the kids, Roo enjoyed himself. He found his allotment of 10 eggs and was ready for a snack, Harper had fun at the Easter Egg Hunt as well. Her Daddy carried her around and helped her find her 10 eggs.

After a day of baseball and Easter fun I managed to get a sunburn. My husband and I had a good laugh over that. It was about 52 degrees that day. Since having Miss Harper my poor white skin has only seen the sun a handful of times in 6 months. Apparently 52 degrees and sunny was more than I could handle.

When we made our way home we had Easter Eggs to color and I had to clean for a visit from my mother in law. When the kids were in bed I was feeling quite exhausted myself, but I went to bed satisfied. The house was clean, the kids had a lot of fun that day and life was good.

I hope you had the chance to spend time with the people you love over the weekend. Every weekend that passes makes me a little sad as I think about how fast time has gone. I am so glad I started writing this series last year and I will have a record of how we spent our weekends to share with my children when they are older.

How did you spend your Saturday? Have you calculated where you are in the 940 Saturdays from birth until college?

Saturday #204

On Saturday #204 (24 for Harper) my son was excited! He had his first ever baseball practice. The morning was beautiful so we walked over to the park together. Roo was thrilled to be at baseball playing with other boys. After practice we played at the park until Roo was hungry.

After lunch we decided to venture out again. Roo needed a batting helmet. We found a tee thing for him to practice with and a wooden bat as well. He is all set for tee ball.

We decided to buy his birthday present early, a big swing set is sitting in a shop with my name on it. I just have to pick it up. He is going to love it! Our plan is to assemble it while he is sleeping, then let him venture outside to play on his birthday and find it.

After shopping for Roo's big 4th birthday and his new adventure in tee ball we went home. I had shopped my heart out. Maybe I should rename this series 940 Saturdays the Shopping Edition? It seems like that is how we spend our weekends....