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Top Tips For Being More Organised In 2022

 Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

There is never any harm with being more organised - it will mean you fare better with anything you do in your daily life, know where things are and aren't late for appointments that you need to be at. Being more organised is a very common new year's resolution for many and if you have decided that this year it’s something you want to do then there’s no better time to start than the present. Here we have put together some top tips for being more organised in 2022.

Sort out your finances

Money can often be one thing that people find difficult to get in order and often find the process of sorting them out stressful. If this is you, then it’s important to take some time to tackle them head on. Try to work out what debts you have (if you have any) and make a resolution that in the future you will try to only pay for things that you can afford and avoid putting anything on finance. If you are purchasing a car for example, check out a dealer such as Edmunds for a bargain where you can buy both new and used cars depending on your budget. You should also try to overpay each month so your debt is paid off quicker. See if there are any areas of your life where you can cut back and pay your debts off.

Have a place for everything

If you find you are constantly losing things and don’t have enough space in your home for items, try to re-sort and have a de-clutter. Get rid of items that don’t add value to your life or are getting in the way. It can be a good idea to invest in a label maker to easily organise your items into drawers and boxes and keep them out of sight when not in use, but still easy to find. Ensure that everyone in your house knows where things are meant to go and that you have a simple system to sort this out. 

Keep to-do lists

To-do lists are a fail-safe method of keeping your life organised and sorted. Try to write things in order of priority, with your most urgent tasks at the top and the ones that aren’t so time-dependent at the bottom. If there are things that will take a long time, try and get those out of the way as soon as possible. It could be tempting to get your easy, quick tasks done first but if you do the opposite it means your day will get easier as it goes on and is a lot easier to manage your time effectively. 

These are just a few top tips to help you to be more organised in 2022. What are some top things you like to do to ensure you are kept as sorted as possible? Let us know in the comments below we would love to hear from you. 

A Clean Home: Problem Area Assessment

We have a small 3 bedroom home. We have a small bedroom which was intended to be Roo's room, but he didn't sleep well in that room... fast forward 3 years. He is still sleeping with his Mommy while Harper's crib is in that room. As much as I hate it, it is also the play room. It is a good thing Harper sleeps like a log and Roo prefers to play in the living room. Mostly toys are stored in Harper's room. We have a bedroom that is larger than the baby's room, but it has an extra bed, our desk, printer, turtle habitat, carpet cleaner, vacuum, dvd collection, spare sheets and blankets... yeah everything stored in there. This is supposed to be a guest bedroom. No guests could sleep in there due to my mess. The last bedroom is the actual bedroom. It is also crammed full of everything. 2 bookcases, a baby swing, a queen size bed. All of the clean laundry I haven't put away yet... and the list goes on.

When I made an assessment of what the most annoying problem areas in our home were I came up with big and small issues to correct.

I tackled the drawer mess if you recall. That was easy enough. The mess that is my children's clothing and toys is another issue altogether.

These photos are mortifying. I am still in shock that the mess had got so far out of hand in a matter of days.

This mess is kids clothes. Sadly, this is not all of the mess. You can't see the clothes that won't even fit on the rack and are hung on the braces for the shelf. You can't see the baby clothes in baskets  or the pile of shoes they have and rarely seem to wear.

I have had 2 declutter sprees in the last month. Yesterday we took a box large (enough to hold an elliptical), a trash bag and a brown shopping bag full of clothes, towels, blankets and etc to Goodwill. We dropped off Beloved Kota the Dinosaur to the elementary school, where he will be in a play. My son loved this toy, but it took up a ton of precious space.

Break a leg Kota in your acting debut this spring..

With Kota and a huge pile of old stuff out of the way, I felt like I could finally get a good feel for what the true problem areas were.... The whole house is a problem area. No way around it.

Toys have taken over the living room again.

And the dining area too.

It only gets worse. I can't bring myself to keep posting these pics...

Another problem area in my house is my laundry room. Not only is the room just ugly, it is always full of stuff. Recycling to drop off, at least 20 pairs of shoes reside in this room, my husband has his plants in the laundry room. There are extra household supplies like toilet paper, laundry detergent, soap and shampoo. The gear for the dogs is in this area... it gets messy really quickly. The worst part is, the laundry room is actually an enclosed porch, therefor you must enter the laundry room which is in a constant state of disarray to enter my home.

My kitchen always needs attention. The breakfast nook is the catch all for everything in the free world. The area under the breakfast counter has been catching a great deal of junk too. There are always dishes ready to spill out of cabinets, the pantry is always messy.

Oh my, this clean home challenge is getting bigger and bigger. What a mess my home is! I hope you will come back tomorrow to find out where I begin and what the result is.