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Why it's Almost a Necessity to Soundproof Your Windows in a City

 Why it's Almost a Necessity to Soundproof Your Windows in a City

Soundproofing your windows is an important step to take in order to protect yourself from the noise pollution in a city.

Noise pollution is a serious issue for many people living in cities. It can cause fatigue, stress, and even mental health issues. It also affects our sleep patterns and quality of life.

Soundproofing your windows can help you sleep better at night and enjoy a quieter environment during the day.

How Soundproof Window Materials Work 

The main purpose of soundproofing glass is to reduce unwanted sound levels. The noise levels can be reduced for either the exiting of sound from a room or for keeping the outside racket from entering a room.

 Some treatments use rubber, glass, or plastic as the material that is used for noise-proofing apertures. In some cases, these materials are installed by the homeowner with their own tools. Window insulation materials use different ways of absorbing sound vibration and converting it into heat in order to prevent vibrations from traveling through the glass. Insulation materials are typically made up of acoustically absorbing material, such as cork, cellulose, cotton, foam rubber, or wool. Some insulation materials are used in conjunction with a sound-absorbing foam or an acoustical panel. 

Soundproofing glass panes and other types of openings may also be accomplished by using a solid core, double pane, and noise-reducing glass. Acoustical insulation is typically made up of materials such as wool, cork, cellulose, cotton, and foam rubber. 

  • Cork has a natural ability to absorb sound and act as an insulator. It is used in places like wine cellars, where it absorbs the sound of a cork popping from bottles. It is typically installed on vents, doors, and other surfaces by drilling a small hole through it and placing it over the surface being treated. 

  • Cellulose insulation works by absorbing sound waves through its use of water, which allows the sound waves to be dispersed into the atmosphere.

The ideal placement of sound treatment material

For maximum reduction, acoustical insulation should be installed on a wall or ceiling that is perpendicular to the noise source. The lowest point of a wall or ceiling is typically located at the centerline of the room. When placing insulation on a wall, it should be placed so that the lowest point of the material is approximately 1/2 inch below the surface being treated. If installing insulation on a ceiling, place it so that the lowest point of the material is approximately 1-inch below the surface.

Soundproofing and its various tangents with a city

City dwellers have more clatter to deal with than ever before. Loud clamor can be a nuisance and can disturb the peace of others. It is important to consider the effects of your clatter on your neighbors and try to avoid disturbing them. 

Noiseproofing is not just about protecting yourself from outside sounds, it also helps protect your neighbor from your loud music or TV which is a common phenomenon in a city like New York. The walls of condos and apartments are usually not very thick and mostly need noise proofing if you choose to be a little noisy in life. To get the sound treatment done quickly, you can search for soundproof windows nyc on google and you will get some good options to go for. This can be particularly helpful during the summer or winter when outside commotion is more noticeable. Try to keep disturbances to a minimum by installing sound insulation and mini-blinds on apertures that face away from neighbors. 

Your neighbor's babies and toddlers can be especially susceptible to noise, so it is important to consider its effect on them. On top of that, continuous commotion can cause headaches and hearing loss even in adults. Loud music is a common source of stress for babies, so avoid playing the radio or TV at high volume levels when they are nearby. 

Sound-Proofing vs. Acoustical Treatment Methods That You Should Avoid

Sound-proofing is a process that involves sealing the gaps in a room to prevent sound from escaping. 

Acoustic treatment is not the same as it deals more with the quality of the sound in an area. Acoustical treatment methods are more affordable and provide a better acoustic solution. There are several different methods to enhance the sound quality of space including various sound-absorbing materials, reflective materials, and diffusers. These options work together to provide a better acoustic solution.

Most people know about soundproofing as it is the most common type of acoustical treatment. Acoustic treatments are used in different ways and can be found in many types of buildings, such as homes and offices.

Sound-proofing methods are pricey and may not provide the best acoustic results for your space. Acoustic treatments reduce the levels by eliminating unwanted background sounds. This can save a lot of time and effort and give you more to focus on important aspects of your business. They are also gentler on the budget than other solutions, as they don't need to be replaced very often.

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Window SoundProofing?

The main advantage of hiring professionals for such treatment is that they are experienced in the field. They have a chance to save you a lot of time and money. They will be able to identify the problem and do a solution that is effective in eliminating or reducing the issue. They could also provide you with information about how to maintain the acoustic proofing without re-doing it. 

Another advantage is that professionals are able to give you the best advice on what type of window treatment would be suitable for your needs. With this, they can help identify where a noise problem may occur and recommend solutions that will reduce or eliminate it. When looking for professionals, you should always ask them to show you their credentials. They should also be willing to provide you with additional materials such as certificates and references.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Cheap Window Sound Proofers Online

You should not buy cheap sound proofers online because you are likely to get a product that is not worth the money. Cheap insulators can be found online but they might not be worth the money. Often, they do not have good insulation properties and will also let in more noise than you want. The best way to find out whether a product is good or not is to test it out yourself. Only after testing it out will you understand the true quality and grade of the treatment but the extra work is always a hassle plus there is also a waste of money involved. 

Thus it is always better to start dealing with professionals and quality companies from the very start.

Virtues of Insulating Windows with Foam or Carpet

Insulating windows with either foam or carpeting can help to reduce the utility bills. Foam insulation is more effective than carpeting in insulation. Foam insulation is used in a wide range of applications, such as soundproofing, acoustic treatment, and sound absorption. Carpeting can also be used to insulate noise and heat.

Insulation has been proven to reduce utility bills by as much as 40%. It also helps to keep the temperature inside your home comfortable during the winter months.

Even if you are super caring and courteous towards your neighbors when noise pollution is involved, there will always be times when you will not be able to help it. In such instances, you would wish you got at least some grade of sound treatment done at your place. So all in all, soundproofing is slowly becoming a must in most cities.

How to Convert Your Garage into a Cool Livable Space

People often do all sorts of things to create more space in their homes, e.g building more storage rooms or creating multipurpose rooms. However, many people often ignore one important part of the house with a lot of space, and that is the unused garage. If you have a garage in your home that's unused, consider converting it into a more useful part of the home.

A garage can be converted into a home gym, a home office, a mudroom, spare bedroom, or kid playroom among others. However, there are several considerations to make before you begin the project and they include the following.

Safety Considerations

Safety is always a top priority on every job site, especially ones close to your home. Create a safety zone around the garage so that children, pets, neighbors, and guests know to stay away. Get a well-stocked safety kit that would include safety glasses, gloves, ear muffs, dusk masks, respirators, and proper workwear made from durable materials. Don’t forget hard hats and steel toe work boots. There are work boots made especially for women and ones made for men, so ensure you get the right specifications for everyone working on the site.

Lastly, even when you’re remodeling your garage using the DIY method, there are certain permit jobs that need to be left to professionals. This includes electrical jobs, structural alterations, HVAC, and plumbing. So make sure your budget covers the cost of hiring a few professionals who can do the job safely.

Cost of Converting a Garage

The cost of converting a garage depends on several factors, the chief of which is whether you're going to be hiring an architect to oversee the project or if you’re going the DIY route. 

Choosing to convert your garage yourself as a DIY project would involve working side-by-side with a tradesperson or contractor to build your dream. This option does not cost as much as the alternative which requires hiring a professional architect to design the entire conversion and hiring construction experts to do the entire work.

Garage conversions are never cheap; however, they’re much cheaper than building a whole new addition to the home. According to Forbes Advisor, it could cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 to convert a garage using the non-DIY method.

Check Zoning Regulations

Converting a garage is more than just hiring a contractor or architect. It’s very important to research the local regulations for garage conversions in your city. Some regions may prohibit residents from transforming car spaces into living spaces. Others might permit, provided you have sufficient off-street parking to replace the lost garage space. Also, if you share your home with tenants or ever plan on sharing or renting out your home then it may be difficult to get a garage conversion permit. So before you invest any money into this project, make sure you look into all the legalities.

Features that Make Your Garage Livable

To make your garage livable, there are fun and stylish elements you must install to make the space more like home. Some of these elements are extremely important. They include:

Windows: Garages typically do not come with windows so to make your space more livable, you would need to create space for a window or two.

Waterproofing: Most garages are not as thoroughly waterproofed as living spaces. This is because garages are designed to store vehicles and equipment; this means they do not fully resist water penetration. So waterproofing is very essential when converting a garage to a living space. Waterproofing your garage for conversion must be done carefully, thoroughly, and with the best waterproofing materials because any mistake could compromise the entire project. You don't want water leaking into your space after it’s been fully set up.

Lighting: The already existing lighting in your garage might not be sufficient for living, so you’ll need to add one or two more lights and switches to make the space brighter.

Drywall and Insulation: You might need to add basic drywall to your garage for insulation purposes because garages are typically built with no drywall and no insulation. Sometimes garages have drywalls that are just hung up with no sort of sanding, painting, or finishing. If your garage already has drywall, you may need to have it uninstalled, insulated, and then reinstalled and finished. Conventional forms of insulation for your new walls include rock wool, sprayed foam conventional fiberglass roll insulation.

Ceiling: The ceiling height must at least be 7.5 feet if you want to make your garage a living space. So take note of this especially if you have plans to raise your garage floor. The ceiling would also have to be insulated. Fiberglass batts are great materials for ceiling insulation.

Other features you may want to install to create the perfect living space in your garage include heating, power outlets, Ethernet cables, Wi-Fi, and storage space.

What to Do With Your Converted Garage

Once you have converted your garage into a cozy space, there are several things you could do with this space. They include:

Kids Playroom

If you have more than two kids in your home, you’ll find that there’s ever hardly enough space for them to play indoors, yet you may not want them playing outdoors at certain times of the day. Having a kid-friendly playroom in your garage guarantees a safe space for children to spend time while closely supervised by adults.

Home Office

You can use your garage as a home office where you can work away from distractions from other family members.

Home Gym

If you love working out, you could set up your renovated garage with a couple of gym equipment and spend some minutes there working out daily.

Guest Room

If your renovated garage is now well-insulated and pest-free, you may put a bed in there and have your overnight guests spend the night in the cozy space.


4 Benefits of Buying a Fixer-Upper

Searching for a new home can be stressful. You want a place that's close to work, schools, and easy for your parents to visit when they want. But, it’s often tricky to tick all of these boxes, especially with newer homes or properties in up-and-coming areas. Still, you shouldn’t panic just yet, because there is another option. A fixer-upper could be a great way to get the home of your dreams, so consider why so many people are testing their skills by transforming an old house. 

A Cheaper Price 

No matter where you are in the world, buying a house seems unachievable for a generation of people wanting to settle down, get on the property ladder, and start a family. A fixer-upper could be the answer to this. With less competition, you won't need to pay as much as you would for a new property. 

Of course, there;’s a reason it’s so cheap. There could be extensive repair work inside, and you may need to pay more in the long run. However, if you have the skills and the patience (and are not in a hurry to move in right now) this may not matter. 

A Clean Slate 

With many homes opting for replicas of the one beside them, you may feel stuck into a specific home style, and while this can be convenient, it also may not work for you. You might have specific needs or ideas about how to transform your home to make it perfect, and a fixer-upper provides a clean slate to achieve this. 

This clean slate includes doors, floors, and even getting the windows in top condition and cleaned with guaranteed satisfaction to bring in plenty of light. With a fixer-upper, you can do whatever you want and design a house that is perfect for you

A Controlled Quality 

The clean slate also allows you to control the quality of everything, from materials to appliances to furniture and accessories that will make your new home cozy once you’re settled in. 

As you expect to do some work on the house yourself, you can look for the best deals and find specific fabrics, metals, and styles that suit you. You’re also not restricted by contracts with the builders, so you can find a company that works best for you and your budget. 

A Feeling of Accomplishment

Do not be under any illusion that fixing up your home will be a walk in the park. It will take plenty of hard work and stress. But, when you’re finished with your DIY adventure, you will feel something that people who buy their homes will never understand. 

A feeling of accomplishment will make all the sweat and long days so much more worth it, and that first night in your fully finished (and furnished) property could be the best night of your life so far. 

Fixed Up 

Buying a fixer-upper can be a significant risk, but it can also be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. If you have the time, patience, and skills, your project could be the start of something special. So, while it may not look good right now, imagine how this will change once your journey is complete.

Solar Panels: The What, Where And Why

Solar Panels: The What, Where And Why

Home solar panels are fast becoming a hugely popular choice for energy generation across the country, and

in addition to its green benefits, it also comes with great money-saving capabilities! If you’ve been in any

doubt as to whether or not you should join this movement, here are a few reasons why you should.  

The beauty of sunlight is that it cannot be worn out, and is your first frontline ally in achieving a lifestyle

of environmental conscientiousness and financial savings. Taken over an average of several years, the

benefits of solar are undeniable. Still need that final push to get things going? Here’s why you should go

for it. 

Do solar panels cost a lot?

Prices can range a lot, from individual components to a full installation. But an even more pressing

consideration is - what are the consequences of not opting for solar? The sun is renewable and free - at

least for the next few million years - so through consistent use and constant creation of renewable energy,

you might even find yourself returning usable power to the grid, in exchange for kickbacks and benefits!

If I use a solar power company near me, can they do the full installation?

Remember that a solar system is about much more than just the panels. The best call is to run what you

have in mind past a few installation companies, to see what their solutions might be, and how they can

help you. When you finally decide and say I found the best solar companies near me to run , make sure

that they are able to deliver all the services you need in their installation. A company worth their salt

should be able to advise you on whether your roof will be able to handle the installation in its current

state, or whether you will need to do any roof alterations before attempting to add any additional weight

to the structure. 

Another vital component is an inverter, as without that, your system is unlikely to work, as it is necessary

to generate an alternating current suitable for home use from the direct current that a solar system generates. 

Batteries to store the additional energy will also be useful to help you store backup energy in the event of

heavy weather when the solar system might not work as well as intended. 

The flip side of the deal

Everything has its pros and cons, and solar energy is no exception. While it is easy to get excited about the

plusses, you will also need to consider the other side, which most often comes down to the huge cost of

installation. While this cost will eventually be offset through savings over time, the initial outlay can be


Another factor to consider is that you need to find an installer near you who can deliver the goods in a

legal and industry-compliant way. Taking short cuts can lead to greater repair costs being incurred further

down the line. 

How To Refresh Your Home For Spring-Ready Vibes

 Winters are drawing towards the end, and spring will be around in a few months. Spring is the season of vivid colors, happy vibes, and bright sunny days. The best way to feel the joy of the season is by making your home spring-ready. Now is the best time to begin the upgrades, as most American homeowners do it later. So you can get material and contractors at a lower price. Let the air and light come in so that you can see the areas of your home to work on. Ditch those neutral colors and switch to brighter hues. Here are some more tips to get your place set for spring vibes.

Clean and declutter

The easiest way to refresh your house this spring is to declutter. Clean up every corner and make space for new stuff. Begin by decluttering drawers and cabins. You can even donate clothes, furniture, and other items in good condition to the needy. Believe it or not, the activity will bring more positivity and light to your living space. Moreover, decluttering eliminates stress and depression and lifts your mood.

Move things around

If you want a spring makeover for your place on a budget, consider moving items around for a new look and feel. Looking at things from a different perspective can make them appear refreshing and new. You can start by moving the side table to another corner or shifting a small vase from the center table near your TV. Change is always good, even in shuffling small things around. 

Refresh the exteriors

Besides giving a makeover to the interior, pay attention to the outdoors. Updating and refreshing the exteriors can be a lot of fun for homeowners. Start with a fresh coat of exterior paint. If you live in Mesa, connect with experts for house painting mesa az right now. Get the project done before the spring arrives and contractors are loaded with work. You can plant new flowers, decorate the fences with fairy lights, and power wash the driveway for a spring-ready outdoor space.

Invest in accessories

Swap the winter accessories as it is the time to embrace perky ones. Go for bright-colored floral cushions and fresh scented candles to make your home look good and smell fresh. You can even go for rounded sofas and curvy armchairs as they are in trend. Most importantly, such changes can make your rooms comfortable and more inviting. So, go for it and give your home a vibrant look.

Make way for plants

While planning a makeover for spring, bringing in lively greens should be a part of your checklist. Invest in low-maintenance indoor plants to fill the empty spaces and add a new charm to your house. Another way to infuse life in the living room is to bring fresh blossoms from your garden and put them in a beautiful vase. Remember, a pop of color is always a good choice..

Hopefully, you find these ideas helpful and exciting. Try them and get ready to give your sweet home an all-new makeover to flaunt this season. Enjoy and experiment to give your home a touch of elegance and freshness.

Buying Ping Pong Tables for Your Home

Do you still remember the last time where you had a blast playing your favourite game or sport together with your family and friends? Are you the type of person that enjoys quality time with their loved ones while doing family traditions and recreational activities? Maybe playing a sport such as a table tennis is perfect for your family and kids!

Sports is a recreational activity that will help a lot of people in keeping their fitness journey in check. It aims to promote muscle build-up, calorie-burning, and skill training, other benefits can be found here. Some athletes aim to try various sports that will promote a healthy mindset and keep their focus. 

Some individuals are also interested in playing sports as their profession. They engage in training almost 8-10 hours a day or more to learn the skills that they need in order to win. Some professionals and trainers offer their services and experience to hone the abilities of beginners and kids who are dreaming to become the next Olympian or professional athlete.

If you are interested in becoming an athlete, this site will help you understand and consider trying different games and sports to boost their morale and at the same time enjoy the sports that interest them. Once a person realizes the amazing benefits and advantages of playing a sport, they will be curious and keen on constantly finding the perfect one for them.

Moreover, you can also enrol your kids and various sports centres that will offer training sessions and other sports recreational activities even at an early age. This is a great way of minimizing their time in front of their gadgets such as phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and other online games. 

There is nothing wrong with playing computer games, however, it is still advisable that people will eventually learn how to manage it and determine whether their playing time is considered unhealthy or too much. 

Some individuals are also keen on playing friendly sports that will promote teamwork, camaraderie, friendship, and unity. There must also be a chance to try different sports because a person will only know if there is hidden talent in playing particular sports if he or she tries it. 

All About Table Tennis

One of the most families sports for kids and kids at heart is ping pong or table tennis. It is normally played using a paddle and a table. There must also be a ping pong ball and a net in playing this recreational activity with your colleagues, family, and friends. It is also a sport that is being played in international games and the Olympics.

Moreover, this sport can be played by 2 persons in a singles match and 4 persons in a doubles match. Normally, the game will run until someone will reach 11 points per round. There are also mixed doubles where a male and a female can play together with the opposing teams. 

You may also check this URL:  to know more about the history and other relevant details regarding ping pong. Understanding the history of the game allows people to be more invested and expand their knowledge in playing this particular sport. You can also start checking some ping pong paddles, balls, nets, shoes, and outfits if you are determined to become a professional ping pong player.

There are also various skills in service or serving the ball to trick and win your opponents. The ball will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise based on how you made your service. There is also a type of service that is called a “chop” that the ball will land downwards which is considered as one of the hardest services that a person must return.

In line with this, there are also some professionals who are more interested in looking for the best pingpong table. The price may also depend on how the table is made, the parts, quality, materials, colour, and size. Some people who are fond of doing do-it-your own activities also made ping pong tables for kids and beginners before buying a professional type one.

A normal ping pong table will range from $300-$2,000 depending on the brand, quality, size, and materials of the table. The recommendation is to start with the most basic one before upgrading to a professional type. You can also check some online sports sites that offer cool ping pong tables for your family’s needs. 

However, some parents are keen on buying a high-quality table for their kids in order for them to be more comfortable and get used to this type of quality which is the same as in professional table tennis games and Olympics. For them, it is better to train them with the required equipment and items to reach their optimum skill and ability in playing ping pong.

Home Improvement 101: Tips on How to Increase Property Value

Purchasing a home is undoubtedly a significant achievement. However, it's also a significant financial investment for your future. While making regular payments to your mortgage will allow you to build home equity over time, certain changes and upgrades can make the property more desirable in the real estate market and lead to greater returns if or when the time comes to sell. With that said, here are some tips on increasing the value of your property.

1. Give your home kerb appeal

There’s a reason why many real estate professionals stress the importance of kerb appeal. After all, first impressions can have a considerable impact on the sale of a home. They say that you should never judge a book by its cover, but many prospective buyers will base their decision on how the house looks. By investing in some affordable landscaping as well as other modest enhancements on your exterior, you’ll be able to elevate its value to both aspiring homeowners and appraisers alike.

2. Update your bathroom and kitchen areas

Few spaces can influence buyers' decision to purchase a home more than the bathrooms and kitchen. Unfortunately, they're also the areas that can quickly become dated, like old appliances, faded finishes, or antiquated decor. For this reason, you must make these areas the first places to upgrade. For example, you can add an air of luxury to your home with the addition of a whirlpool bath in one of your bathrooms. A modern wall oven or microwave can also give you a good talking point to stick as close as possible to your asking price

3. Don’t forget about energy-efficiency 

Most homebuyers tend to emphasise eco-friendly features, not only to kerb their carbon footprint on the environment, but also to save themselves money in their utilities. So, if you're looking to upgrade any existing equipment in your house, it's usually a good idea to invest in equipment that is more energy-efficient. Doing so will make the property desirable and reel in more buyers than you otherwise would have.

4. Create the illusion of space 

No one can deny that spacious homes are generally more expensive than smaller ones. However, just because it isn’t always possible to increase the square footage of your house, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make it look bigger than it is. By letting more natural light into your home, adding mirrors in key areas, and taking down a wall or two in specific locations, you can create the illusion of space and make your home look and feel more inviting to potential buyers.

Bottom line

There are many things that homeowners cannot control regarding the value of their properties, from the demographics to government policies. But that's not to say that it's impossible to improve its worth in the market. And with these tips, you'll be able to enhance its value and give yourself better returns than you would have gotten as a result.

Easy Family Room Projects: 8 Things You Can Do This Weekend

 Spending time together as a family has never been more important, but even the most imaginative of households are running out of ways to keep everyone occupied. As the winter months draw in, getting outside isn’t always an option- this is where DIY steps in.

Not only are easy home projects perfect for bringing the family together, but they are a welcome way to get creative juices flowing for even the youngest of family members. Who knows? You might even get some stylish home improvements made along the way, which you will cherish in the years to come.

Read on to find out which simple, but fun ideas you can try this weekend.


#1 Create your own artwork


There is nothing more satisfying than hanging up a new piece of artwork in your home. It’s an even better feeling when you and the family can create something you are proud of. The best part about making your own artwork is that it will mean something to everyone involved; hanging it in your living space will add a splash of warmth and a heartfelt touch to any home.

From finger painting with your youngest to asking your teenager to put their photography skills to the test, there are plenty of options for the whole family to muck in with.


#2 Turn your living space into a den


Everyone remembers making a den when they were kids. It’s something every child can experience and is the perfect place to relax and watch some movies as a family. Now we are all spending more time indoors, you can create a magical setting perfect for a prince or princess.

Start with a comfortable sofa that is big enough for the whole family, and look at different sofa reviews to make sure you find the right one. Then all you need are some blankets, lots of cushions, and some homemade popcorn to snack on.


#3 Get cozy with homemade cushions


The modern-day family looks for ways to re-purpose what they have to limit their impact on the planet. We all know that sewing old fabric together can transform scraps into blankets, but what about cushions?

           The best part about this project is that it is versatile; almost everyone can try it. You can cut up old clothes and blankets to sew them together, or you can try knitting your cushion covers from scratch. By using plush fabric- like an old sweater- to stuff the cushion cover, you can also save on buying filling. In just a few, short hours, you’ll have your den decked out for the weekend.


#4 Paint a feature wall together


Art doesn’t always have to take the form of pottery or paintings. Why not think big by designing a feature wall for the kids’ bedrooms? This is a great way to let the kids unleash their creativity and explore their passions, whilst also giving a refresh to outdated d├ęcor.

           If you’re worried about ruining the walls, you can always let the kids transfer their designs onto plain wallpaper before you commit. In any case, make sure you put plenty of old newspaper on the floor to avoid any mess.


#5 Make some stylish storage solutions


When we think of storage, it doesn’t sound like the most fun way to spend a weekend, but getting the kids involved in making their own nifty storage solutions can encourage creativity and teach your kids to keep their spaces tidy. It’s a win-win DIY idea and can stretch across a few weekends if the kids enjoy it.

           For kids who love experimenting with makeup, there are some easy vanity chest tutorials that you can add your own twist to. Those who spend much of their time on video games can design a comfortable stool that stores all their wires and controllers away when they’re not in use.


#6 Design bunk beds


Not every family is blessed with lots of space- something every parent wants to give their children. For families who have multiple children in a room, free up some space by designing bunk beds, and give your kids some privacy by adding little curtains above their sleep station. For such a huge room change, this doesn’t have to cost the earth. Some tools, wood, and nails will be all you need to get going.

           Although this may not be a project the kids can get involved with; even if they can’t join in, the outcome will be something they can appreciate for a long time.


#7 Craft your own soaps and candles


Every parent knows keeping the kids clean is a daily challenge in and of itself. One way to occupy them and make them want to stay squeaky clean is by making your own bathroom soaps. Older kids may also want to try their hand at making scented candles. Soap bars, bubble bath or scented candles, they can refresh any bathroom space and also make the perfect gifts for friends and family.

           One thing to bear in mind is that adding the right essential oils to your soaps and candles will help bring about feelings of relaxation in all who use them. Not only is this ideal for keeping you level during difficult times, but this may also be beneficial for the children who may be going through a difficult time mentally.


#8 Plant an indoor vegetable patch


In the run-up to winter, it’s always a challenge to keep everyone fit and healthy. Stir up some creativity and fill your plates with nutritious vegetables by planting your own indoor vegetable patch. Using some old plant pots, you can grow everything from squashes to carrots; peas to potatoes. If you have ample outdoor space, make use of this. You could even make your own greenhouse.

           Those without much space can still turn this into a project by using small plant pots to grow herbs and spices in. These usually grow well when placed on windowsills so the sun can reach them.