Easy Family Room Projects: 8 Things You Can Do This Weekend

 Spending time together as a family has never been more important, but even the most imaginative of households are running out of ways to keep everyone occupied. As the winter months draw in, getting outside isn’t always an option- this is where DIY steps in.

Not only are easy home projects perfect for bringing the family together, but they are a welcome way to get creative juices flowing for even the youngest of family members. Who knows? You might even get some stylish home improvements made along the way, which you will cherish in the years to come.

Read on to find out which simple, but fun ideas you can try this weekend.


#1 Create your own artwork


There is nothing more satisfying than hanging up a new piece of artwork in your home. It’s an even better feeling when you and the family can create something you are proud of. The best part about making your own artwork is that it will mean something to everyone involved; hanging it in your living space will add a splash of warmth and a heartfelt touch to any home.

From finger painting with your youngest to asking your teenager to put their photography skills to the test, there are plenty of options for the whole family to muck in with.


#2 Turn your living space into a den


Everyone remembers making a den when they were kids. It’s something every child can experience and is the perfect place to relax and watch some movies as a family. Now we are all spending more time indoors, you can create a magical setting perfect for a prince or princess.

Start with a comfortable sofa that is big enough for the whole family, and look at different sofa reviews to make sure you find the right one. Then all you need are some blankets, lots of cushions, and some homemade popcorn to snack on.


#3 Get cozy with homemade cushions


The modern-day family looks for ways to re-purpose what they have to limit their impact on the planet. We all know that sewing old fabric together can transform scraps into blankets, but what about cushions?

           The best part about this project is that it is versatile; almost everyone can try it. You can cut up old clothes and blankets to sew them together, or you can try knitting your cushion covers from scratch. By using plush fabric- like an old sweater- to stuff the cushion cover, you can also save on buying filling. In just a few, short hours, you’ll have your den decked out for the weekend.


#4 Paint a feature wall together


Art doesn’t always have to take the form of pottery or paintings. Why not think big by designing a feature wall for the kids’ bedrooms? This is a great way to let the kids unleash their creativity and explore their passions, whilst also giving a refresh to outdated d├ęcor.

           If you’re worried about ruining the walls, you can always let the kids transfer their designs onto plain wallpaper before you commit. In any case, make sure you put plenty of old newspaper on the floor to avoid any mess.


#5 Make some stylish storage solutions


When we think of storage, it doesn’t sound like the most fun way to spend a weekend, but getting the kids involved in making their own nifty storage solutions can encourage creativity and teach your kids to keep their spaces tidy. It’s a win-win DIY idea and can stretch across a few weekends if the kids enjoy it.

           For kids who love experimenting with makeup, there are some easy vanity chest tutorials that you can add your own twist to. Those who spend much of their time on video games can design a comfortable stool that stores all their wires and controllers away when they’re not in use.


#6 Design bunk beds


Not every family is blessed with lots of space- something every parent wants to give their children. For families who have multiple children in a room, free up some space by designing bunk beds, and give your kids some privacy by adding little curtains above their sleep station. For such a huge room change, this doesn’t have to cost the earth. Some tools, wood, and nails will be all you need to get going.

           Although this may not be a project the kids can get involved with; even if they can’t join in, the outcome will be something they can appreciate for a long time.


#7 Craft your own soaps and candles


Every parent knows keeping the kids clean is a daily challenge in and of itself. One way to occupy them and make them want to stay squeaky clean is by making your own bathroom soaps. Older kids may also want to try their hand at making scented candles. Soap bars, bubble bath or scented candles, they can refresh any bathroom space and also make the perfect gifts for friends and family.

           One thing to bear in mind is that adding the right essential oils to your soaps and candles will help bring about feelings of relaxation in all who use them. Not only is this ideal for keeping you level during difficult times, but this may also be beneficial for the children who may be going through a difficult time mentally.


#8 Plant an indoor vegetable patch


In the run-up to winter, it’s always a challenge to keep everyone fit and healthy. Stir up some creativity and fill your plates with nutritious vegetables by planting your own indoor vegetable patch. Using some old plant pots, you can grow everything from squashes to carrots; peas to potatoes. If you have ample outdoor space, make use of this. You could even make your own greenhouse.

           Those without much space can still turn this into a project by using small plant pots to grow herbs and spices in. These usually grow well when placed on windowsills so the sun can reach them.


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