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Play Doh Snakes

Looking for a simple way to engage the kids with supplies you probably already have on hand? This easy play doh snakes idea is the way to go. Kids of all ages will love this sensory play idea that combines fine motor work and creativity for an all around fun time!

Now that my kids are enrolled in virtual school for the semester, I have been finding ways to keep them engaged. They finish their work early in the day and have a few hours to fill in the afternoon. I bought a bunch of blank books, small canvases, coloring books, wooden plaques and so onto keep them creating. But, to keep things entertaining, I give them a daily challenge.

Some days, I challenge them to build something specific with legos. another day, I might challenge them to find pine cones, leaves, or sticks of a certain size. My favorite challenges involve play doh. On this particular day I gave them a pile of buttons and a can of play doh and asked them to make an animal. They put their heads together asked for a touch of red doh and 2 little eyes. This is what they came up with. It is so cute, I knew I wanted to share this idea with you.

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Play Doh, offer 2 colors
Googly Eyes

Encourage your child to roll a play doh snake and  decorate it with buttons.
Give the snake eyes and carefully give him a tongue.

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Easy Angry Bird's Pig Paper Craft

My little boy is in school all day now. This has been an odd adjustment, let me tell you. Considering we spent basically every moment together until school started this year has been nothing short of horrible for me. I sobbed like someone told me we would never see each other again, he belongs to school now....

On the first full day of school, I was feeling pretty terrible. I missed Rolf. I felt like I let his childhood slip past me and I wasted so much time being irritated or upset, or distracted by irrelevant things and those days were gone. Melodramatic? Yes. But, that is how I felt!

So, as I was consumed with missing Rolf that day, Harper and I decided to make something for Rolf to make him smile and pass the time while she waited on her playmate and I waited on my cutie pie.

Rolf is really into Angry Birds, so I knew that this was going to make him smile and Harper had fun playing with her Piggy too!

To make a Paper Pig from Angry Birds you will need:

Green Construction Paper
White Construction Paper
Back Construction Paper

Cut one large circle, One smaller oval, 2 Triangles, One tail from the green construction paper.

Cut 2 small circles, 3 larger circles from the black construction paper.

Cut 2 circles from the white construction paper.

Glue the 2 white circles onto the largest green circle in the place of eyes.

Glue the green oval to the middle of the green circle for the snout.

Glue the 2 larger circles of black onto the snout for nostrils.

Glue the last black circle on for a mouth.

Glue the 2 smallest black circles onto the eyes for pupils.

Add the 2 green triangles for ears.

Add the squiggly tail at the bottom!

And there you have an easy peasy Angry Bird's Pig Paper Craft!

Hand Print Fish Puppets

One of my favorite things about being a mom is to watch the pleasure my kids get from simple items. Last spring my husband cut out a photo of Colonel Sanders and glued it to a craft stick. He casually laid the Colonel on the table for the kids to discover at breakfast. They went wild over this! 

Last night after the kids were tucked into bed, inspiration hit me and I got busy crafting up something fun for them.  I hoped that the idea would inspire them to want to get crafty with me after seeing how fun these little puppets could be!

These are so easy to make. This is maybe a 3 minute project that will bring hours of entertainment. While entertainment is important, there are subtle and vital things happening when your kids engage in imaginative play. 

Benefits of Pretend Play
Pretend play allows the expression of both positive and negative feelings, and the modulation of affect, the ability to integrate emotion with cognition (Jent, Niec, & Baker, 2011; Seja, & Russ, 1999; Slade and Wolf, 1999).  Pretend play, fosters language development, thinking skills, and helps to develop emotional and social skills in children ages 2 thru 7. The creativity unleashed thru dramatic play has long-term benefits too. From problem-solving thru imaginary situations to the ability to express feelings.

Isn't it incredible to think that so many things can come from playing with a handmade puppet!?  Well, let's get to it and make one so the play time can begin!

Supplies needed

handprint cut out on colorful paper
small paper triangle
small paper heart
white school glue
a googly eye
craft stick


To begin, trace a hand and cut it out on colorful paper. 

I applied a little glue to affix the eye.

I also cut out a small triangle from another colorful paper and an oddly shaped heart for lips.

I applied a small amount of glue in the middle of the handprint for the small triangle.

I applied a small dot of glue for the heart paper for lips.

Next, add a little glue on the top of the craft stick and affixed it to the back of the handprint, in the middle of the handprint.

Allow the glue to dry and you have a fun fish puppet.

What Did the Kids Think?

The craft was well received with Harper, who took both of the fish puppets that I made and dashed off to play with them before her brother could see them. I chalked that up as a success.

Once Roo got a peek at the fish puppets he said, "Mom can you trace my hand?" That was all it took and the construction paper came out for handprint tracing.  After lunch today we are going to make a few of these together for an afternoon of crafting and puppet play!

Puppet play is a lot of fun for kids, but there is something almost magical about creating a puppet of your own design and bringing it to life via imaginative play. This project required the most simple of supplies and it can be completed in a matter of moments. There is no reason not to give it a shot with your kids! The benefits of simple projects like this that create an invitation to play are abundant, the mess from such a project is minimal and you likely already have these items on hand, or you could improvise with any paper or cardboard, tape and a straw if not!