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Design Your Own Holiday Elf Printable

 I have a free printable for you today! This FREE Design Your Own Holiday Elf is so fun for kids and adults! You can color and decorate it however you like, and don't forget to give your elf a face!

I made this for my kids to welcome our Elf on the Shelf, Johnny. It turned out so cute that I wanted to share it with you. Print as many as you like. Share them with a friend, or a teacher for a FREE holiday themed activity that kids of all ages, including my 45 year old husband, are sure to enjoy!

I am already planning ahead that next year, if the kids are back in school normally, we will print these and gift them to the class with a box of crayons.

Make sure you pin this for later, so you can pull it out again next year too!

          You can print this free printable Design Your Own Elf Printable Here.

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You can check out all of my gift guides for to simplify your shopping.

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!

FREE Unicorn Coloring Page for Adults

I made a pretty to share with you! This patterned unicorn coloring page is perfect for teens and adults!

Print one or a hundred, but please, only use them for personal use. Don't sell them please!

My daughter Harp loves to color. She often grabs our dual coloring book and asks me to work on a page with her. She had a unicorn themed birthday party so we made these to share with the grown ups who patiently waited during all of the fun. 

I decided to share a little whimsical fun with you too. Harp and I have a stack of these leftover, and we like to pull them out here and there. We have quite a few coloring pages on site here. Make sure you check them out and print some for preschoolers or elementary aged kids. 

                                                Print this FREE Unicorn Coloring Page for Adults 

I don't have many printables for adults yet, but I have tons of abc themed worksheets and coloring pages to print. Find some of them here

Check out these unicorn fine motor bins!

FREE Saint Patrick's Day Coloring Page

Get a free coloring page for St. Patrick's Day below. Print one for your kids or enough to share with the whole class!

We love St. Patrick's Day! It is such a fun way to break up the end of winter and get excited about all things green! We get excited about making easy shamrock crafts, reading all of the books, and of course, seeing what antics the leprechaun has been up to when he stops by our house.

If you are looking for some ideas for easy fun for the kids this St. Patrick's Day you are in the right place. I have loads of ideas for you. From free worksheets and coloring pages and even a green sensory bin.

Keep the fun going with these easy shamrock puppets.

If you have an idea for some easy activities or crafts for the kids to make this St. Patrick's Day, leave a comment to share your ideas!

Letter B Worksheet for Preschoolers

Print this free letter B worksheet for preschoolers or pin it or later.

My daughter is starting kindergarten this fall, so we are working hard on our letters and numbers!
I have been making letter recognition worksheets for Harper to practice her letter finding skills.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will earn a small advertising fee at no additional expense to you.

You can have your child circle the letters with a crayon or marker, or if you have a bingo marker, that is fun too! You can print as many of these as you need. Share them with a friend, or keep a few on hand for future reference.

Below you will find more preschool resources. Keep checking back as I will be sharing worksheets for the entire alphabet over the coming weeks.

Print the Letter B Worksheet

Find more preschool resources here

Saint Patrick's Day Coloring Pages

On March 17th everyone is Irish! Don't leave the kids out of the fun of the festivities. Grab these free coloring pages for a chance to bring the luck of the Irish to their day!

Last week my kids pointed out that we barely have any St. Patrick's day decorations at our house. I didn't see much in the way of offerings at the local shops asides from cute novelty hats. I decided we should decorate a few coloring pages to hang, and add a handmade flair to what we have.

You can print both of these pages for free! Print as many as you like, these are ideal for kids of all ages. You might also want to pin these for later or share them with a friend.

Print St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages

We also made these easy shamrock puppets. These are so simple yet fun for dramatic play!

You can find all of my coloring pages here

Apple Dot a Dot Printable

I have been busy making so many fun things to keep Harper busy with her letters and hopefully avoid the dreaded summer slump. To go with our letter recognition sheet and coloring page for the letter A, I made a super simple and cute dot a dot.

This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase I will earn a commission.

These are perfect for little hands! You will need bingo markers for this easy activity. If this is your first time with do a dot worksheets, the idea is simple. Have your child place a "dot" with the bingo marker in the circles.  Allow to dry, and display!

While this is such a simple activity, kids LOVE it. When I help at preschool and we work on a do a dots, all of the kids are totally enthralled the entire time.

More Preschool Resources for the Letter A

Letter A Preschool Worksheet

Print this easy letter A worksheet for your preschooler. It is simple, free and a good resource to add to your printable files.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will earn a small commission.

There are so many ways to work on letter recognition with your preschooler. From easy worksheets like these ones, to handing over an old word search or newspaper and asking your preschooler to find certain letters.Harper also love to practice tracing the letters with a highlighter. 

This worksheet is so easy! We prefer to use bingo markers on these, but if you don't have one, circling with crayons is fine too!

More Letter A Resources for Preschoolers

Print as many of these as you need for your classroom, or add them to your homeschool files. I would LOVE it if you pin this worksheet to your preschool board or share it with a friend.

Print the I is for Igloo Coloring Page

School is out but we are still working on our letters! When the temps reached 92 last week, all Harper and Rolf could think of was popsicles, ice cream and playing with the hose. It seemed fitting to make an igloo for the letter I!

This printable combines handwriting practice and coloring for the win.
This post contains affiliate or compensated links.

To keep the fun of igloos going, we got some fun Toob toys from Safari LTD. We went with the Arctic Toob series because it had so many fun options including a seal, a fox, a whale, an igloo and more! Harper loved adding these fun toys to a bin of ice for a fun sensory experience.

We followed it up with a great book, Curious George Builds an Igloo. An afternoon playing in ice, learning about the letter Ii, and reading a great story in the cool comforts of our house made for an experience that even Rolfie, who is too cool on his own, couldn't resist getting involved in!

Pin this page for later, or share it with a preschool parent!

You can find more FREE preschool printables here


H is for Hot Air Balloon

This free printable is perfect for your letter of the week studies! It incorporates tracing, coloring and letter recognition, and best of all, it is FREE to print!

Harper and I have been working on one letter each week to help her build on what she is learning at preschool. I am a firm believer that education continues at home, and I LOVE to tackle fun projects with my mini. We make coloring time at least 3 times a week, so I knew that creating letter themed coloring pages would be a lot of fun for the two of us!

H is naturally her favorite letter. It is H like for Harper! I have a love of hot air balloons so I added that in, in hopes that she will find them interesting too. I want to do a hot air balloon ride with the kids when she gets a little older.

I would love it if you pin this coloring page for later, share it with a friend or print as many as you could need! If you work on these printable pages with your early learners I would love it if you share a pic on my facebook page.

You can find our other letter printables here:

G is for Girl Coloring Page

Grab this free G is for girl coloring page for your preschoolers and kindergartners!

We have been working hard on our ABC's! This week we have a completely free g is for girl page to share with you! You can print as many of these as you would like, pin it for later or share it with a friend as a free resource for early learning!

These are great for little ones as they combine tracing, coloring and letter recognition in one fun and free package!

F is for Fan

This free letter f printable coloring page is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It combines coloring and tracing to create a fun way to work on letters!

We have been having so much fun with these printable coloring sheets! We are doing one letter a week to supplement what Harp is learning at school.

These are completely free! I hope you will print as many as you need, pin it for later and or share it with a friend for a free early learning resource! 

Letter E Printable

This FREE Letter E printable coloring sheet is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Harper and I have been putting a lot of effort into our abc activities! She loves these printable coloring and tracing sheets that I have been making. I love that these give her a chance to color, trace and work on letter recognition all in one sheet!

I would love it if you would pin this, print it, or share it with a friend! You can print as many as you would ever need! If you use them with your little ones, I would love to have you snap a pic and share it with me on facebook!

                                                       Print the  E is for Easel Coloring Page

You can grab the other letters here :
Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E

C is for Cat Coloring Page

This week Harper and I are studying the letter C. Harper attends preschool, but I am a firm believer that education continues when you get home, and any extra help she can get will benefit her as she enters the fast paced world of kindergarten.

I have been designing a coloring page, creating a craft and selecting a fun book to focus on each week. I hope you will pin these totally free coloring page printables so you can use them and share them with other little learners in your life.

This post contains affiliate links.

Harp loves this simple design, it gives her a chance to trace her letter of the week. She can color a picture associated with the letter and of course, the story to wrap it all up is always a hit. This week we are recommending Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. This is one of Harps all time favorites!

C is for Cat Coloring Page Printable

We are revisiting a favorite  craft this week too! Both of my kids have loved making paper cookies for years now. Harp knew we were going to make them as soon as she saw me add sprinkles to the shopping cart this week!

You can check out our easy paper cookie craft here.

Who will you print this coloring page for?

B is for Butterfly Coloring Page

This week Harper and I are working on the letter B. It is cold enough that I debated making the theme for this letter BRRRR... but, we are hopeful for spring and the return of our winged friends, the butterflies!

I made this cute coloring page to help Harp flutter through this letter. As soon as she saw it she said, "You made that for me to color!?!" It was too cute!

This post contains sponsored content or affiliate links.

We are going to revisit a favorite butterfly craft to accompany our coloring page. We made these easy butterflies last year, they were adorable and fun so we won't mind making them again at all!

If that isn't enough butterfly crafty fun, I would love to have you check out my butterfly pasta art project on Crafting Reality.

We love to incorporate a story into our studies. This is an affiliate link and I may earn a commission. Harper and I had a ton of fun with Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See by Eric Carle.

                                                  Print this free coloring page here 

If you have a fun idea for the letter B I would love to hear about it!

A is for Alligator Coloring Page

I shared an easy and cute letter a craft for preschoolers with you a few days ago and wanted to continue our letter a adventure with a fun coloring page you can print for your little ones.

In case you missed our craft you can click through to check it out. Letter A; A is for Alligator Preschool Craft.

This free printable gives kids a chance to practice writing their a's while coloring a fun companion to the craft, which was so much fun and so simple! I will go through the entire alphabet with Harp, so keep checking back for the rest of the letters of the alphabet!

This post includes affiliate links.

You can also grab a really cute book for under $1 on amazon to add to your letter A lessons. Harper and Irecommend A is for Alligator naturally!

                                                        Print the A is for alligator coloring page here

If you have a fun idea for the letter A please leave a comment to inspire Harper and I!

Preschool Coloring Printable

Valentine's Day is only a month away. To help get your preschooler excited about the holiday of love I created a simple printable I would love to share with you. 

My 5 year old loves to color and he has developed an interest in shapes. Hearts are one of his favorites right now.  My 2 year old can't resist coloring! It is her favorite thing to do right now!

I didn't want to overwhelm them with a busy coloring page, so I used a simple heart shape and a phrase they are  used to hearing (over and over again).

The result? A happy boy that was busy coloring away and telling his Mommy "Hearts. Love you! You're Sweet!" A happy girl singing "Coloring! Coloring! Mommy! Look at me coloring!"

I hope your preschooler enjoys this simple printable as much as my kids do. We have colored this one at least 5 times in the past 24 hours. 

To print this coloring page click here.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope to see you again soon.

Birthday List Printable

I would normally make a note on my calendar of the birthdays of my friends and family for easy reference. Yeah, I am an old fashioned kind of girl like that, but, are there ever normal circumstances in my life?

My super cute 5 year old has discovered the calendar. I tried moving it to the guest bedroom where he isn't supposed to be, but he found his way in that room, found the calendar and ran off with it. I tried moving it to the kitchen. He managed to get it off the refrigerator and claimed it as his own again.

We played this game over and over again until I gave up. If I have an appointment, I make a sticky note and put it on a mirror. For keeping track of birthdays I use this printable, and I would love to share it with you.  I love that I can check the box to keep track of who I sent gifts or cards to.


                                                           Print this birthday check list

I love that I can print this and carry it in my wallet for easy reference on the go and I also keep a copy at home so that my family can be involved in our birthday gift giving occasions with friends and family.

Baseball Printable

We had a tee ball game tonight, Roo was pretty excited about it. He doesn't really get it, but he likes being on a team and playing with other boys. It was our turn for snack time, so I made a fun little printable to accompany our less than stellar offering to the team.

I really tried to have an awesome snack for the kids! I had fabulous apples! I had a method to use to keep the apples from turning brown. I got busy slicing the apples... then I hear my son laughing like a little tiny goblin in the bathroom.... yeah. The apples were brown by the time that was dealt with. So pretzels in small baggies and fruit snacks it was. Hey, it might lack nutritional value, but it was better than the candy someone suggested HA!

Well anyhow, me being me, to make up for the crappy snack I came up with this coloring page. If you have little ones on a baseball team, print this for when it is your turn to offer a snack after the game.  What kid doesn't like a fun coloring page?

Stars Printable

My son Roo is 3. He loves to count. When I created this worksheet I knew he couldn't read it or write his answer down, but I hoped that it would help him with size recognition, that it might help him improve his coloring skills and that he would have fun counting.

This worksheet is great because it is simple enough for the smallest kids to use (with help) and your early readers can use it too.

With Roo I have him color the stars as directed. Then we count all of the stars and write down how many there are. If he is feeling patient we count the red stars and the blue ones too.

                                                   Print the Stars Sizes and Counting Worksheet

So far this has been a worksheet my son likes to do. We have printed this one off several times. His coloring skills haven't improved yet, but he likes to color with me regardless and he never gets tired of counting the stars.

Blank Grocery Shopping List Printable

Now that I am successfully shopping with a list, I felt that I was ready for a blank list so that I could write in all of the items I need to purchase. I guess I am graduating to the world of shopping with a purpose.

Well, at any rate... I have a cute free grocery shopping printable to share with you.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you have enjoyed this printable.