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FREE Unicorn Coloring Page for Adults

I made a pretty to share with you! This patterned unicorn coloring page is perfect for teens and adults!

Print one or a hundred, but please, only use them for personal use. Don't sell them please!

My daughter Harp loves to color. She often grabs our dual coloring book and asks me to work on a page with her. She had a unicorn themed birthday party so we made these to share with the grown ups who patiently waited during all of the fun. 

I decided to share a little whimsical fun with you too. Harp and I have a stack of these leftover, and we like to pull them out here and there. We have quite a few coloring pages on site here. Make sure you check them out and print some for preschoolers or elementary aged kids. 

                                                Print this FREE Unicorn Coloring Page for Adults 

I don't have many printables for adults yet, but I have tons of abc themed worksheets and coloring pages to print. Find some of them here

Check out these unicorn fine motor bins!

Unicorn Fine Motor Bin

Little hands will love this fun threading bin! It is a great fine motor exercise that kids will be magically enchanted with!

unicorn sensory bin

Harper and I love to make and play with bins. They are perfect for an afterschool activity for her, and she is always curious about what she might find in one of our bins. This was a really easy bin that I put together literally from our junk drawer. 

We had a bunch of Ikea straws from a recent binge visit and a few sections of ribbon. I ran across these leftover party favor unicorns and knew immediately what we would do with these goodies. In case you don't have all these things at home, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will earn a small commission from the advertiser.

Straws; I used soda and milkshake straws in assorted colors to offer variety.
I used 4 straws of each color
Ribbon; 12” length; add several strands.
A plastic bin with a clip on lid

Cut your straws by color in assorted lengths
As you cut the straws add it to the plastic bin to layer the colors

Tie a knot one on end of the ribbons. Depending upon the width of your ribbon you may want to add
several knots so that the straws will not slip off

unicorn sensory bin

Add a few unicorn figurines for fun

With supervision, allow your child to explore the texture and colors of the straws in the bin and thread
them onto the ribbon.

unicorn fine motor activity

This was a fun fine motor activity for Harp with an added touch of unicorn fun. She happily threaded straws most of the afternoon!

Find  unicorn gift ideas here.

15+ Unicorn Gifts for Girls

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a special girl in your life this holiday season, you are in the right place. I have found 15+ Unicorn Gifts for Girls that are sure to bring a smile to any little girl's face on Christmas morning. From cute hats with scarves to twinkly toys, this list has something for every girl.

I am a participant in the amazon affiliate program, if you make a purchase from this list by clicking the links, I will earn a small commission, which helps keep the fun rolling on Sweet Silly Sara.

unicorn gifts

Unicorn Hat with Scarf and Pockets
Unicorn Dress for Girls
Unicorn Pajamas
Unicorn Bike Helmet
Unicorn Jacket
Unicorn Night Light
Giant Stuffed Unicorn
I Love Unicorns Craft Kit
Camelbak Unicorn Water Bottle
Unicorn Backpack
Unicorn Earbuds
Unicorn Umbrella
Fingerlings Unicorn
Ty Unicorn Beanie
Unicorn Space Hopper Inflatable Toy
Furreal StarLily Magical Plush Pet
VTech Twinkle the Magic Unicorn

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Readers also love this unicorn fine motor activity.