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Death Star Valentine Box

This up-cycled Death Star Valentine's Box was made with simple materials to create a fun way to collect cards and then play after the holiday has ended for Jedi's in training. This is a perfect nerdy date idea!

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When we got the letter about making a Valentine Box with Rolf, my husband giggled maniacally. He had been crossing his fingers that this would be the year Rolf could take a Valentine's  box to the party! He had an idea he had been kicking around for quite sometime, and that was to create a Death Star for our little Star Wars Expert that he could continue to use long after Valentine's Day had passed.

To recreate the Death Star, you will need:
an old soccer ball
something round to create the Super Laser Focus Lens  black paint
white paint
blue paint
gray paint
a utility knife
mod podge

Cut around one hexagon on the soccer ball, making 5 slices to accommodate your hand reaching into the ball.
Paint the ball black, using at least 2 coats.
Add the gray details, based upon your interpretation of the Death Star.
Add the white and blue details also based on your interpretation of the Death Star. 
Cover the Death Star with 2 coats of mod podge. 
Paint your circular part black, adding whatever details you see fit. Our Super laser Focus Lens is compromised of 3 large washer type parts. Attach this with a screw with a cap on the back if possible.
We used a Noxzema jar lid painted to look like space as a base for this.

Rolf had an out of this world cool Valentine Box, and as a bonus, he can now fit many of his Star Wars action figures in his Death Star for easy storage and enhanced play in a galaxy far far away.
If you liked this easy craft idea, you will dig this cute little yoda puppet too!
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Easy Yoda Puppet

May the 4th is right around the corner and Star Wars fans will love this super easy and cute craft to add a little force fun to the special day!

                                        My son Rolf, is the biggest Star Wars fan ever.

He loves to play with Star Wars action figures after school! I wanted to add something fun to his daily Star Wars play and I made something cute and easy to delight him!

This is so easy, all you need are 2 ovals of green paper, a circle of green paper, a popsicle stick, 2 googly eyes and some glue.

Begin by gluing the oval ear shapes to the large circle of paper.

Next glue those onto the craft stick.

Add the eyes and draw on a smile.
There you have an easy Yoda craft puppet!

#MyStarWars Weekend Fun for the Force

It seems as if Star Wars is a daily topic of conversation in my house. My self proclaimed geek of a husband and my son find a way to bring Start Wars up regardless of the time, place or season.

My guys are thrilled to find out that now there is even a hashtag for their weekend Star Wars gab fests and tv marathon sessions! #MyStarWars is a fun way to follow along with all of your Weekend War-riors!

With Star Wars: Episodes I-VI now available at your fingertips, you can explore the galaxy in a whole new way! Learn the secrets behind the saga with Star Wars: Discoveries from Inside and insightful Conversations, as key filmmakers behind the series reveal fascinating new facts and insights behind the creation of the most celebrated franchise of all time.

I have some fun activity sheets to share with you courtesy of my pals

Do you have a Star Wars fan in your house? How excited are you for the December 18th release of Star Wars VII?