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 Thinking Cap

Dustin fans need this cap to do all of their best thinking!

Stranger Things Eggo Pop It

Make viewing night an event with this fun Stranger Things Eggo card game!


Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club

This is such a cool shirt for Stranger Things fans! Wear it with pride any and everywhere!


PEZ Stranger Things Gift Set Dispensers Plus 6 Candy Refills - Lucas and Dustin Pez Dispensers

Stranger Things fans are going to love this Pez dispenser set. It is perfect for displaying after the candy has been gobbled up.


Monopoly Stranger Things Edition

The classic board game, Monopoly, gets a dose of weird fun with the Stranger Things edition.


Stranger Things Lite Brite

This lite brite is made just for fans with some iconic scenes from the first 4 seasons. See what you can create with this nostalgic toy.


Loungefly Stranger Things Mini Backpack

Tote all your cash and goodies around in style with this zip around wallet!


Stranger Things Calendar 

This wall calendar features all of the cast and scenes you love from the show. This would be such a fun and functional gift idea.


Things Stranger Bracelet

This charm bracelet is the perfect accessory for any fan girl!


Stranger Things Upside Down Capsule Toys

These upside down capsule 2 packs are perfect for a surprise gift for a serious fan!

Stranger Things Plush Blanket

This super cuddly blanket is perfect for keeping cozy during all of the new episodes.


Funko Action Figure: Stranger Things 3  Pack 

Add these 3 action figures to your growing collection of Stranger Things goodies. They have so much detail that it is impressive!


Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook

These yearbooks are so much fun to look at after a good Stranger Things binge watch!


Funko Ornament: Stranger Things

 Stranger Things fans are going to love adding Eleven to their tree with this Funko ornament!


Funko Pop! Television: Stranger Things - Steve with Hat and Ice Cream

Steve looks awesome with his hat and an ice cream in this Funko Pop figure for collectors! It would be strange if you didn't get one!

Rainbow Sorting Sensory Bin

 This rainbow sorting bin is so much fun for little ones. It has a variety of textures, shapes and colors for sorting on a rainy day, or anytime! This is perfect for kids who are learning colors, or just need some busy work!

My daughter loves rainbows, and she loves busy work, so this rainbow sorting bin was the perfect rainy day activity for her. We had dyed oats in our craft supplies, and with that, an idea was born to make this activity. Dying oats is so easy, and they are awesome to play with. 

I grabbed a 3 pack of mini pots at the dollar store  and painted them with Kwik Stix but you could use any type of small container, like a baby food jar, a food storage container or whatever for this bin. you just need something that your toddler or preschooler can place the beads in.

Small containers
A plastic storage bin with a lid
Small spoons
Foam beads
Buttons or larger beads

After dying your oatmeal start layering it into the storage bin.

Place the pots or containers for sorting into the bin.
Add beads to the bin, or buttons. I like to offer a variety of textures in the beads. This bin has foam, wooden and standard crafting beads in it.

Add a few small spoons, clothespins and other items for sorting, pinching and measuring. Tongs and slotted spoons are great additions!

I added a clear plastic ornament to the bin too because I wanted to challenge Harper to place the items in a smaller opening.

Offer your child the bin. Ask your child to identify colors as they are picking them up. Encourage your child to sort the colors. This bin is fun to play in, and it is visually appealing too. The variety of textures is engaging. The use of clothespins and or tongs uses the small muscles of the hand. 
This bin has so many developmental benefits and it is a lot of fun too!

Harper loved this bin. She is a big fan of rainbows and busy work, so this rainbow sorting bin engaged her for a while on a rainy afternoon. When she was finished we snapped the lid on the storage bin and stashed it away for another day.

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Large Mickey Mouse Bell Ornaments

Grab a few bells and a ribbon to put together these cute and easy DIY Mickey Mouse Ornaments!

I love Christmas. I start getting excited about it as the kids return to school, plotting, planning, creating and shopping. I love to share gifts and treats with friends, family, teachers and neighbors, so getting an early start is crucial with so many cute things to make.
This is such an easy and affordable craft to share. Make a few to decorate your tree with, or to dress up wrapped gifts. You can make dozens of these for $5 or less if you shop at Dollar Tree for your supplies.

This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I earn a small ad fee

Hot Glue Gun
Large Jingle Bells
Small Jingle Bells

Begin by threading a 5" section of thin ribbon thru the loop on the larger of your bells.
Tie a double knot in the end to keep it secure.

Next, glue one of the smaller jingle bells onto the side of the larger bell.

Now glue the other bell onto the other side.
Allow to dry.

Hang on the tree, or adorn a wrapped gift with a Mickey Mouse Ornament.

These are awesome to make and share with friends, classmates, or anyone that needs a little extra holiday cheer.

Are you looking for more awesome DIY Disney holiday ideas?

Play Dough Ghost Ornaments

This easy Halloween craft is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little boo to the holiday without having to spend any cash! You already have the ingredients to make the Play Dough Ghost Ornaments in your pantry! 

With the kids being at home this year, it feels like old times, we have time to craft in the afternoons again, and I LOVE it! With Halloween coming up, we decided to add a little boo to our decor with this easy homemade play doh ghost ornament craft. This is such an easy craft to make! It is perfect for all ages, from kids to adults.  You can make about a dozen of these (or more depending on your cookie cutter size) from a batch of dough.

1 cup water
1 cup salt
2 cup flour

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.

Slowly add water, a few spoons at a time, until dough is smooth.
You will know you haven't added to much water if your dough is easy to handle and isn't sticking to your hands messily.

Knead by hand for 5 minutes and let rest for 10 minutes.

Roll out the dough until it is about 1/2 an inch thck.
I used a cookie cutter to cut the shape of ghosts.
Next, poke a hole thru the top of the ghost so you can hang it up.
I used a BBQ skewer.

After cutting my shapes, I used a black crayola marker to make the face of the ghost, on the raw dough.

Place  the dough on a cookie sheet and place it in a cold oven, turning up the temp to 200 degrees. Allow your ornaments to bake for about 90 minutes. Check them frequently to make sure they are not browning (if they are pull them out.)

Allow the ornaments to cool then feed a section of bakers twine or a string into the hole and hang.

Add a variety of faces to your ornaments for a boo-tiful variety of economical and adorable DIY Halloween decorations.

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Design Your Own Play Doh Ornaments

Kids of all ages are sure to love this Design Your Own Play Doh Ornaments project. It is perfect for holiday crafting and turns out so cute everyone will love to display these!

I am crazy for all things play doh, so naturally I had to make something for Christmas from my favorite craft material. These ornaments are so easy! They will have you saying, who knew you could not only draw on play doh but you can bake it too?!

This post contains affiliate links. Making a purchase means I will earn a small advertising fee, at no cost to you.

These easy ornaments give kids a chance to design their own addition to the Christmas tree! Made with basic supplies this is the perfect project to do with the kids for minimal mess this holiday. 

You can make your own white play doh, like in my super soft play dough recipe, just leave the food color out, or to make this activity really easy during a generally already packed holiday season, just buy cans of white play doh.

To make these design your own play doh ornaments you will need
white play doh
washable markers
cookie cutters
bakers twine
A pen or stick to poke a hole with

Roll the play doh out to be about 1/8" thick.
With your cookie cutter of choice cut shapes of doh.

Poke a hole in each ornament so that it can be hung after completion. I used an ink pen to make my holes.

Use washable markers to draw on the designs.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Thread bakers twine through the hole and display on your tree.

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Best Holiday Gifts for Women

Are you looking for an exceptional gift for a special lady in your life? I have gathered up some of my favorites for the 2019 holiday season to take the guesswork out of shopping for you! There are gifts on this list for every budget that are sure to wow any woman in your life.

Samples were provided for original photography. Affiliate links may have been used.
Check back often as this list will be updated daily!

My favorite gift idea for women this year is the Charcoal soap from The Adventure Project. This soap is awesome, and it puts awesome out in the world. Each soap purchased at $20 gives a family in Kenya or Tanzania a new stove. Gift it and feel good! It even comes in a pretty box, so no wrapping required on your part!

Give the gift of life and beauty in one neatly delivered to your door package with a live plant from Leon and George. I personally appreciated the care put into packaging, and the modern vase and plant stand trivet included. Find them online with a great assortment of live plants made for gifting, starting at about $80.

Winter can be tough on the skin, so this year, give a special chick in your life the gift of fragrant and smooth skin with Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs. I can't decided which of these winter fragrances I like best, so I recommend buying them all and giving the gift of self care. Find them online or at a number of nationwide retailers.

Give the gift of relief from achey joints and muscles, and even migraine relief with this powerful healing salve from Healing Botanicals.  It is packed with good for the body botanicals and a healthy dose of cbd for immediate relief. Find it online for about $50 a tin.

If you need a pretty, practical and convenient gift for a woman with limited space, why not give her a set of Magic Ornaments? This little folder has all of the ornaments you need for your tree. When you take it down, the ornaments fold up like magic for a space saving way to decorate and store all of your pretty things. Get a set online for about $50.

Make life a little easier for a special lady this holiday season with an automatic counter top paper towel dispenser from Innovia. These are awesome because they are easy to use, and anytime you need a paper towel, you can just wave your hands and get one! Get it from the Innovia site for about $100.

Journals make for wonderful gifts for the holiday season because there is no limit to how they can be used. This one from Moonster is my favorite. It is gorgeous in all of its simplicity and is durable for use in any situation. Plus the Moonster Leather Journal smells so good that any lady will want to carry it around every where she goes. Check out the Moonster website to view the collection. Buy from amazon, but the website will direct you to the right place.

Turn a special lady's restroom into the classiest place in town with a bidet. Tushy makes some easy to install and totally life changing units that she needs in her bathroom STAT. You can also gift a to go butt washer and towels to keep her dry and comfy without paper products. Order online for about $80 at the Tushy site.

I can't stop swooning over the travel train cases from Petunia Pickle Bottom. These are spacious enough for cosmetics, toiletries and short baby bottles, but look so pretty you will want to carry them everywhere. If you are shopping for a woman who is often on the go, grab one of these from the Petunia website or find them on amazon for about $35.

Leather wallets never go out of style and I found a really great one. Add a Raw Hyd leather wallet to the gifts under the tree and you are giving a gift that will be used for years to come. I love that you can have these personalized and they come in so many styles. Find them starting at about $20 on Amazon.

Wrap a special lady on your list in a warm hug anytime she may need one with a Blankiegram. These are great because they come in several varieties to match exactly what any lady might need from hugs to healing thoughts, to even yoga phrases. Blankiegrams are a great way to send a personal message this holiday season. Order from the website for about $35.

 If you are shopping for a chick who loves to cook, she needs a great cutting board at her disposal. I love this Walnut cutting board from  Heritage Ware. It is large, handsome and made to last thru tons of chopping, slicing and dicing. Order from amazon for about $50.

Every girlie girl needs something furry, pink and fab at her disposal. I love these furry triangle clutches from Area Stars. Gift one of these and she will have something totally glamorous at her disposal for New Years Eve or anytime she wants to fancy things up a bit. Order online from the Area Stars website for $75.

If you want to gift while giving back, consider this Opportunity Serving Bowl and Opportunity Serving Spoons from World Vision. The bowl retails at $150 and the serving spoons at $85. These are truly breath taking. They make me want to have a dinner party every time I look at them. Asides from being an amazing gift, these items help families affected by disaster and poverty through the World Vision  Organization. Order online.

If you need  gift for a woman who likes to be in control, the Misty Mate is the perfect gift. It gives her a chance to control her climate with a personal misting machine. This is awesome for summer days, hot flashes or just keeping yourself fresh on stressful days. Find online for around $50 at the Misty Mate website.

Every lady loves a bath bomb. These giant ones from Steve's Goods are perfect for melting the stress of the day away with a dose of CBD and a lot of lovely lavender fragrance. These are great for skin, better sleep and pain management. Find them online at the Steve's Goods for under $14.

Clipa is a functional gift for ladies on your shopping list. It holds bags, purses and backpacks up to 33 pounds. I love this for when you are out to dinner and there is no where to put your purse, or even worse, in the bathroom with no place to stash it. Clipa keeps your bag clean and germ free for about $15. Buy it on the clipa site or from amazon.

I am shopping for a few chicks that love jewelry. This year instead of my standard styles, I am gifting some statement jewelry . My favorite is the Faith necklace from Zoe's Loft. This necklace displays your faith in the shape of a cross, for a subtle but strong statement. Get it from Zoe's Loft website for about $25.

Give a special lady a fun shirt for the weekend from a Portland-based designer is a sociologist by day and entrepreneur by night who creates images and designs that celebrate and share a person’s interests and values. The Portland Mugshot shirt is really comfy for weekend adventures and has a really fun design. Check out all of the designs while you are at it. Get it from Red Bubble for about $22.

If you have ever had a cosmetic, or even worse, a snack, melt in your bag, you are going to know why this is a great gift for any on the go woman. Featuring a removable ice pack that will keep the contents cool all day long, melting makeup or chocolate bars will be a thing of the past. Get one for a cool gift for under $20 online at the Icy Bag site.

The hottest gift of the early 90's is back and ready to burn up the holidays again decades later. Give a chick a fanny pack from Sojourner and watch her transform into an instant VSCO Girl before your eyes. I love this pretty translucent one. Get it online at the Sojourner website for about $15.

Fun socks are always a favorite gift option because it is winter, and everyone needs socks! I love this pair from Oh La Lemon. Featuring pineapple to brighten a dreary day while keeping the tootsies toasty. While you are checking out the site to get these, buy a bunch of other cute things The owners are 14 year old friends and I love supporting young women in business! Get the pineapple socks for $8 from Oh La Lemon.

While a trip to Paris might be out of the budget, you can add a French flair to her kitchen for $8 with another great find from Oh La Lemon.  I love this line of Paris Dishtowels. Choose from 4, or buy them all online at Oh La Lemon.

If you are shopping for a woman who loves shoes, she needs Forme  in her life. These are a one of a kind gift idea that is great for a woman who seems to have everything, or a footware fashionista. This shoe shaper keeps her heels, sneakers, boots and or flats looking brand new, but fitting like an old friend and in perfect form. Find Forme online in a variety of sizes for a comfortable fit for under $50.

Everyone has a tote, so set a special lady in your life apart from the crowd with a high quality leather tote from Moonster. When I saw this bag all I could say is "I want that bag!" then I smelled it, and it is made with real leather, which smells so good! So I knew that this Moonster leather tote bag was high on my list of must haves for the holidays. At $30 it is a steal Get one for any woman on your list this year.

Give the gift of toasty feet this holiday season with these faux fur lined slippers. They are great indoors, but can also handle a trip outside. These are available in several colors and are really supportive for a comfortable, cozy and slip resistant footwear choice this holiday. Get them from Amazon for about $35.

If you are shopping for a salty chick this holiday season, Offensive Crayons makes for an unforgettable gift. She can chill with her coloring books while being true to her sassy side. I love that they offer a special holiday set with festively offensive colors. Get them online for under $10 a box.

This year give the gift of glam for a special ladies nails this holiday season with the Morgan Taylor holiday collection. There are s many colors in the Morgan Taylor collection, but these are a few of my favorites. Find it at Ulta for about $15, or even better get a favorite 8 pack for under $25. These would be great for spreading cheer to all of your chic friends this Christmas.

If you are shopping for a crafty chic, get her a 24 pack of fabric markers to inspire her winter projects. This is a good set for getting creative with all kinds of fabric based crafts. Crafts 4 All also has a lot of other really great supplies you might want to check out. You can find these fabric markers on Amazon for under $13.

Give the gift of travel sized toxin free skin care without breaking the bank with My Alchemy Skincare Travel Mini. This 3 product set is TSA approved sized in a handy carry case for exceptional skin care on the go. Find it online at My Alchemy Skin Care for under $65.

A trip to the salon would be a lovely gift, but why not make the quality of the nail care she has at home exceed what she would find at her local salon? Londontown Nail products brings luxury to her fingertips. I am totally smitten with the colors in their collection, including gray! Buy it online for about $16 a bottle.

Groove Rings are a favorite this holiday season because they are functional, affordable, and stylish. Get a few for a special lady in your life that is active and never worry about her losing her ring on the next adventure. I also love these for women who experience swelling of the fingers and hands. The silicone groove ring is safe, comfortable and looks good on any finger. Get them online starting at about $30. You can also customize them with a special message.

The Art for Joy's Sake Watercolor Discovery Journal makes for a gift that offers creative release for an artsy chick on your gift list. This journal gives you a chance to begin drawing, regardless of skill, for the sake of art and joy. Get this online from Kristy Rice's website or from retailers like Amazon for about $25.

Winter can be brutal for delicate skin, so this holiday season give the gift of healthy and moisturized skin with an assortment of 7th Heaven peel off masks. I love the gold version myself, but there are quite a few to choose from. Add these to a stocking or a DIY gift basket this year. Find them for about $2 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

The Pillowpia Braiden Pieced Pillow is a great gift that multi tasks like all of the women I know. It looks gorgeous on the sofa or in a favorite chair, but it is also supportive and ideal for napping or cuddling with. Order from the Pillowpia website for $58. They have a ton of lovely pillows to choose from.

Pillowpia offers so much more than just pillows. I found these simple but adorable modern market totes there too. I love that they are perfect for taking along to the farmers market and toting all of the veggies you buy home. Buy them on the Pillowpia site for about $22.

If you are looking for a gift for an Asian food fanatic, the double bamboo steamer by Playloff is a great addition to the kitchen. This steamer is great for vegetables, meats and dumplings at home. Order from Amazon for about $37.

Chicks want to have a little glamour sometimes. This faux fur leopard flap clutch from Areastars is perfect for gifting any girlie who wants plush, luxe accessories in her life. Retailing at $60 this clutch is perfect for completing any outfit and will make her stand out from the crowd on New Years Eve. Order online at Areastars website.

If you know a lady who is always looking for her keys, add a Finders Key Purse to the pile of presents under the tree for her. These are so handy because they key your keys where you need them. No more searching the bottom of your bag to find them when needed. These also pair with personal safety devices to keep your girl safe anywhere she goes. Order online. Prices start at $5.

Shopping for a mystery buff? This new one from Ellie Alexander, A Cup of Fear,  sounds like a killer. If she likes cozy mysteries, grab a copy of this one so she can do some sleuthing as she unwinds from the holiday hustle. Oder online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or a number of other retailers for about $8.

Make Christmas the bomb with this luxe set of bath bombs from Mom Bomb. These are generously sized, so colorful, and will help any lady relax after the stress of the holidays. This set contains 6 fab bath bombs. Order online from Mom Bomb for $30 and know that your gift helps other families in need.

Skin care is an important part of every woman's life. This set from Lexli will tone and balance her skin. Made with aloe, this is gentle and effective skin care that is perfect for lifting this holiday season. Lightening Lift Brightening and Firming Aloe Vera Face Mask is perfect for winter use because it is so hydrating to dry winter skin. Order online from Lexli.

If you ares shopping for a lady that you love to see smile, consider the gift of great dental health this Christmas. I love the Bruush system for my pearly whites and I know that any woman on your list will feel the same. This electric tooth brush has a long battery life, 6 cleaning modes and so many other features. Buy online for $69 from the Bruush website.

If you are shopping for a woman who loves to be in the kitchen, she will really appreciate this 50% deeper Pyrex baking dish. Available in 3 sizes, these are perfect for anyone who loves to cook and share. The 9x13" casserole retails for about $8, while the 8x8" is priced at $14, making these options that are affordable, useful and made to last. I love the sage lids that really stay put. Buy online or at select retailers.

Add a smile to her face and an everlasting flower to her desk with this paperweight. I love the message of friendship that these offer. Each resin encased orchid is slightly different to make them as unique as the the woman you are shopping for. Get the Amogha Collections orchid paperweight for about $37 on Amazon.

If you are looking for a collectible gift that will be treasured for years to come, this cute as a button moose ornament from Precious Moments is the way to go. This is the first animal ornament in the series and is perfect for proudly displaying on the tree year after year. Get The Moose Wonderful Time Of The Year, 1st Annual Animal Series Ornament for about $33 from the Precious Moments website.

Send your favorite lady to bed with words of love and affirmation with this Pleasant Dreamz Pillowcase. These are awesome for gifting because they are available in several colors and they add a positive impact to the space, and what any woman sees before going to sleep, her pillow. Get it online for about $18.

Give the gift of self care and great skin with an assortment of masks from Leaders. They have fun and snarky names for each mask and these are a great quality. Add them to a stocking or just buy her one of each! My favorite is Detox and Chill. Get them online for $5 each.

I am a quirky chick. I wear almost no jewelry, save my wedding ring and a tag that used to belong to my soul dog. But, I saw these pins from The Gray Muse and I literally went wild. These are so funny, snarky and adorable that I want to wear THEM ALL! From pins that say You Can Google That, to sweet pins with slogans like Happiness is Homemade for the artsy and craftsy chicks, these are the best pins on the internet, hands down. Get a few for your winter coat, and a few to share with some sassy sisters in your life for about $10 from The Gray Muse website.

If you are shopping for an animal lover, these Christmas Cat and Christmas Dog books are a great gift idea. Get them for about $10 from Red Rocket Press and add a lot of holiday cuteness from some furry friends along with a history of both beloved family pets.

If you need a gift for a woman who likes to travel this Ellis James Tall Cosmetic Bag is perfect for getting all of her must have products in one handy and gorgeous place. This generously sized bag is quilted for a classy look she will love. Get it online for about $30.

If you want a funny but useful gift for a special lady on your list, might I recommend the Marla Goldberg Original Scream Pillow? It is cushy and comfy, and it offers an outlet for those times she might have the urge to scream into a pillow! Get it online for $35.

Give the gift of protection with these blue light filtering glasses from Prospek. These are stylish and will filter out the harmful blue light from phones, tablets and computers for happier and healthier eyes. Get them online for kids, adults, and even for prescription lenses. Get Prospek starting at about $35 a pair.

Give the gift of peace of mind and protection with a Silent Beacon panic button unit. This wearable device can contact an emergency person of your choice, or the authorities with the press of a button while tracking the location to keep your favorite people safer. Find it online for about $100.

If you want to give the gift of fashion and function for someone who loves to do Yoga, or just dress really comfy and cute, Yoga Club is the way to go. You can order a subscription of delivered to your door, and curated just for you, clothes for someone special. I love that this box involves a quiz to make sure the stylist knows the styles that you like and dislike from go. Get this online for about $70 a box.

The gift of accessories and jewelry are always good ideas for the fashionable females on your list. These one of a kind earrings from Whitl Woodworking will certainly turn a few heads anytime she wears them. Find them at the Whitl site starting at about $20 a pair.

Add a comfy pair of pajama pants to her wardrobe that make a statement and making a difference with this pair of Kavari Full Gray Classic Fit Pants from Sudara. This company empowers women in India with a trade and a living wage, while providing great gifts for ladies. Get these pants for about $28 online.

Holiday Gifts for Women

It might be closer to the start of winter, but the gift of a sarong with pockets will have your favorite lady dreaming of summer days at the pool with an easy spot for her phone, in her pocket! Get these handy sarongs  from SholdIt online for about $20.

Ladies love pockets, so give the gift of a cute infinity scarf with a built in pocket with SholdIt. These are pretty great because while we love pockets, fashion designers seem to forget this when making our clothes. With this accessory the problem is solved! Get it online for about $40.

A smart watch makes for a great gift for any lady who wants to get in better shape, and to get more organized in her life. Get this one from Amazfit for about $200. I love the pink color and how easy it was to set up. Choose from an assortment of displays for a custom  watch. Find it at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart or Target.

A great pair of wellies can brighten even the rainiest of days. The line of women's and kids wellies from Lone Cone is perfect for gifting this holiday season. They are cloth lined for comfort and oh so colorful. Get a pair for someone special online. Prices start around $17.

Crystal deodorant makes a thoughtful gift idea for a special lady in your life. This is a pretty effective option that is free of many of the toxic ingredients of your traditional deodorant. Get it in a number of varieties for under $5.

Give the gift of improved dental health with a naturally microbial toothbrush. Stuff a Dr. Poltka's in her stocking and watch her smile get brighter over time! Find these online at the Mouthwatcher website for about $5.

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