Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

Both of my kids love sensory play! They can spend hours engrossed in a sensory bin, exploring. We made this easy rainbow rice bin to Harper's delight. She had so much fun sorting, threading and mixing the colors up. 

This bin has it all. And I do mean IT ALL. My 5 year old stood with wide eyed wonder before this bin. She adorably said "You made this for me?!" As she dove into the colors of the rainbow. It has colorful rice to touch, fun beads to sort and thread, and a puzzle as an added bonus. It touches on so many fun sensory features and functions too. The best part about it is that I spent less than $2 to make this bin with smart shopping at Dollar Tree. But, for your convenience I am linking to my favorite paint markers on amazon. You want to get these! And if you do from my affiliate link, I will earn a little amazon credit.

Dyed rice in the colors of the rainbow
Pipe cleaners
A sandbox tool, kitchen spoon or tongs

To make the rainbow puzzle:
Cut a rainbow shape from the cardboard; I used a half of an oval shape about 6” long and 4” high.
Cut that cardboard rainbow form into 7 sections. Cut the sections with the shape of the rainbow, so
that they will fit back together. This forms a simple puzzle for little hands to explore.
Color or paint the sections of cut cardboard to represent the colors of the rainbow; red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
Set aside.

    To form the rainbow rice base:

    If you don't want to color the rice you can buy it on amazon
    Layer the rice in the colors of the rainbow in the box; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

    As you have your rainbow base down begin add beads to the rice base.

    Nestle the rainbow puzzle sections into the coordinating color of rice.

    Add a pipe cleaner or two.

    Add a sandbox tool, kitchen spoon or tongs to offer new ways to explore!

    With supervision, invite your child to explore the colors of the rainbow, to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners and to build the rainbow puzzle. 

    When playtime is over, you can snap the lid on the box to store for future play sessions. 

    While the children are naturally going to mix the colors together, that is okay! The next time they explore this sensory bin, they can work on their sorting skills!

    If you make this bin with your preschoolers send me a picture on facebook.

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