Tips to Make Your Workspace Source of Motivation

 We've all been there, rushing through daily tasks. And we all have our daily workspace- where we spend all day. But still, no thought goes into its making. But, if we do take out time to decorate our work desk, it can boost energy and focus

This blog gives practical tips on creating a workspace that naturally motivates you. No jargon, just simple steps to personalize your desk, make it comfy, and arrange things for maximum charm. 

So, roll up your sleeves and transform your counter into a motivation hotspot with the below tips!

How to Make Your Work Surroundings More Inspiring

  1. Restore Your Past Achievements 

Your earned rewards are great reminders of who you used to be as a person. Seeing them daily while working can affect you deeply and rekindle your passion. Plus, placing your certificates on your desk acts as a personal pep talk. You can select any diploma or degree to frame.

In case you have lost your certificate or diploma, don't panic. It happens to most of us. You can try restoring your documents or hiring a certificate maker  to create them. A professional can quickly rebuild your old records into new ones. Comparatively, if you choose to do it yourself, there is a risk of damaging your certificate.

  1. Add Plants to Your Cabin

Beyond visual charm, these natural companions bring calmness and purify the air you breathe. The color green stimulates growth and balance, symbolizing progress in your efforts. With their presence, you create a miniature ecosystem that reminds you of your potential. 

As you engage with these living decorations, you'll revitalize and be motivated to tackle tasks with renewed energy.

  1. Decorate with Family and Friends Pictures

As you look at the snapshots while working, you're reminded of the support network behind you. These images serve as a living reminder of the journeys you've undertaken alongside your loved ones. 

They remind you of the shared laughter, the challenges overcome, and the bonds that fuel your drive. Psychologically, they provide a brief escape from the hustle, offering a mental break. 


So, take a moment to add pictures to your work desk. Let this change be more than decor – let it act as a door to an encouraging work journey.

  1. Buy a Decent Table Lamp

Illuminate your workspace by investing in a quality table lamp. Adequate lighting isn't just practical – it sets the ambiance for productiveness and creativity. Studies reveal that well-lit environments positively impact focus and energy levels.

A table lamp also adds a touch of personal style to your workspace, making it tailored to your preferences. Whether you opt for a sleek modern design or a classic aesthetic, the choice is yours. We suggest you embrace the power of light and watch as your enthusiasm and potency soar.

In Conclusion

Personal touches, cherished photos, refreshing plants, a welcoming table lamp – these chords resonate with your aspirations. As you decorate your desk, remember that each element is a brushstroke in your canvas of productivity. 

So, as you sit at your desk, fueled by passion, remember that your workspace matters! And at the end of the day- it's a launching pad for your journey to success.

Homemade Play Dough Recipes: A Fun and Easy Way to Keep Kids Entertained

 Play Dough Recipes: A Fun and Easy Way to Keep Kids Entertained

Play dough is a great way to keep kids entertained for hours on end. It's also a great way to help them develop their fine motor skills and creativity. And best of all, it's easy to make at home with just a few simple ingredients.

Here are a few of our favorite play dough recipes:

Ice Cream Playdough by Bitz n Giggles

This playdough idea is perfect for a mess free ice cream play session with the kids.

Thanksgiving Playdough by Making Frugal Fun

Make this for the family feast, and give the kids something to do while they wait to have dinner!

Shimmer Makeup Playdoh by In the Playroom

Who knew you could make playdough with make up?! This is a fun idea for girls who love all things glam.

Cornstarch and Lotion Playdough by The DIY Nuts

This recipe makes for the softest playdough ever. You are going to want to squish this a few times before letting the kids have it.

Pumpkin Spice Playdough by Suburbia Unwrapped

Playdough is always fun, but when it smells of pumpkin spice, the experience is twice as nice.

Super Soft Fairy Dough by Little Bins for Little Hands

This recipe for fairy dough is so soft it feels nothing short of magical!

Glittery Pumpkin Pie Playdough by Retro Potluck

A pinch of glitter takes this pumpkin pie play dough experience to the next level.

Glow in the Dark Playdough by Our Wabi Sabi Life

This playdough glows in the dark for an incredibly fun experience for kids.

Kool Aid Playdough  by The Best Ideas for Kids

This playdough is made with kool aid for such a vibrant color!

Chocolate Play Doh by Rainy Day Mum

Make a batch of chocolate play doh for kids to play with!

5 Minute Playdough by Made in a Pinch

This recipe only takes 5 minutes to make and is just the thing for a rainy day activity!

Color Changing Playdough by STEAM Powered Family

This recipe makes for a magical color changing dough that kids are going to love to play with.

Extract Scented Play Doh by The Typical Mom

This dough is scented with extracts for a sensory experience that kids are going to love.

Glittery Blue Playdough by Tikkido

This glittery blue play doh is perfect for a Frozen themed play session.

Conditioner Playdough by Sweet Silly Sara

Make this recipe with conditioner for a really soft playdoh to share with the kids.

Play Dough Variations There are endless possibilities when it comes to play dough variations. Here are a few ideas: Add glitter or confetti for a festive touch. Add essential oils for a calming aroma. Add herbs or spices for a sensory experience. Add different types of flour for different textures. Add salt dough to make ornaments or other crafts. With a little creativity, you can make play dough that's perfect for your kids. So get started and have fun!

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How To Plan A Short Trip Efficiently

 Some people might consider short trips to be a waste of time. They might think that they need to pack too much into their time so that they can make the most of their trip. However, doing less can also be as productive and satisfactory as you might need time to relax and reset.

Planning your trip efficiently will always ensure that you can have the best time wherever you go for a short amount of time.

If you want your short vacation to be worth the while, here is how to plan a trip efficiently. 

Photo by Pixabay:

Book a relaxing hotel

When you are visiting somewhere for a short period of time, it is a wise idea to get the most comfortable hotel room possible so that when you do go to rest after a busy day, you will successfully get a good night's sleep.

For instance, if you are visiting a city like Charleston in South Carolina, then you will likely spend much of your day outside walking around. There is so much to see there that you will not want to spend much time in your hotel, but you will want to have the comfiest bed and space to stay possible. Book your Charleston hotel stay here - - to guarantee the most restful night's sleep during your short trip.

Make a list of the things you want to do and prioritize things

When planning a short trip, it is essential that you make a list of all of the things you wish to do and put activities on a priority list so that you can ensure to use your time wisely and pursue those first. 

When you pirate activities then you will ensure to get the most out of your trip and return home feeling satisfied and that you have done everything you wished for.

Take a map and download offline maps

The last thing you want to do on your short trip is get lost. Getting lost will waste your time and might hinder your chances of doing all of the activities that you hope for.

Therefore, ensure to take him up and download offline maps to your mobile so that you never get lost and you always know where you're going.

Offline maps for a great way to access where you are and where you need to go if you do not have a signal.

Spend inside of your budget and financial comfort zone

Whether you are taking a short or a long trip, it is important to spend inside of your budget and your financial comfort zone so that you don't return home feeling guilty. Plus, ensuring that you have a budget for your short trip will guarantee that you can pursue everything that you need to without putting yourself in an uncomfortable financial situation.

When you spend inside of your budget, you would ensure to have planned your short trip efficiently and have ensured to put your financial stability first.

Unlocking the Artist Within: 11 Crafty Hobbies to Inspire and Awaken Your Creative Magic


Photo from Pexels

Are you ready in order to unlock the hidden artist within you as well as infuse your life with a dash of creative magic? From the rhythmic dance of yarn all the way to the elegant strokes of calligraphy, the realm of crafts is something that offers a plethora of creative pursuits that go beyond mere pastimes.

This blog post takes you on a journey through 11 crafty hobbies that will inspire, delight, as well as awaken the artist within you. Whether you're a seasoned artist reading this in order to seek new inspiration or a curious soul eager in order to embark on creative adventures, these diverse activities promise in order to be therapeutic as well as fulfilling, as well as a gateway to self-expression!

1. Painting

There's something of an ethereal beauty in art that in order to unlock, you need to look within the art of painting. All you need to do is grab your paintbrush and let your imagination soar, as well as immerse yourself within a world where colors become emotions. 

From the vibrant strokes of acrylic all the way to the gentle gradients of watercolors, each medium is something that offers a unique way for you in order to express your innermost thoughts. As the canvas absorbs your passion as well as the colors blend harmoniously, you'll find that painting becomes not just a hobby but also a profound emotional journey that works in order to leave a lasting imprint on your soul.

2. Knitting and Crocheting

Imagine yourself with a cup of warm tea as well as a cozy blanket with the sound clicking needles creating a melody of comfort as well as warmth. Knitting as well as crocheting are more than just crafts; they are therapeutic journeys in order to create something tangible with your hands. 

Whether it's a stylish scarf or a cuddly knit stuffed animal, the satisfaction that comes with seeing your creation come to life is definately unparalleled. The rhythmic dance of yarn as well as needles becomes a meditative sanctuary where time seems to slow down. Also the joy of gifting your handcrafted treasures in order to make loved ones happy spreads warmth as well as love like no other.

3. Woodworking

Carving wood is something that is a very soothing hobby that is absolutely perfect for nature lovers. With the touch of a chisel, you have the ability in order to shape raw materials into intricate pieces of art. Woodworking is a craft that demands patience as well as precision in order for you to coax shapes as well as forms from blocks of timber. The scent of freshly cut wood as well as the satisfaction that comes from crafting something with your own hands make woodworking a meditative as well as fulfilling hobby. 

As you run your hands over the smooth, polished surface of your creation, you'll feel the pride of knowing that your artistry as well as skill have breathed life into a once lifeless block of wood, turning it into an awe-inspiring masterpiece that serves in order to stand as a testament to your craftsmanship.

4. Sewing and Embroidery

Sewing as well as embroidery are art forms that work in order to blend creativity as well as technical skill in order to create art. The gentle whirr of the sewing machine is something that brings together innovation as well as imagination, in order to take you to a place where you can transform ordinary fabric into extraordinary masterpieces.

As you meticulously stitch your way through fabric, you will notice that it is a very very meditative process as each stitch becomes a testimony in order to show your dedication as well as your creativity, culminating in a finished piece that is not just a creation but also an heirloom that has the ability in order to carry your legacy through generations.

5. Candle Making

Enter the realm of aromatherapy as well as ambiance with the craft of candle making. As you mix fragrances as well as pour wax into molds, you create candles that carry emotions as well as memories within their flickering flames. Lighting one of your handmade candles can transform any space into a sanctuary of tranquility. 

Candle making is an alchemical fusion of science as well as art, where you blend scents in order to evoke nostalgia, relaxation, or invigoration. Each candle becomes a vessel in order for emotions to poke through, casting a soft glow that soothes the soul as well as envelops you within a cocoon of serenity.

6. Photography

A single click, and you freeze time – that's the magic of photography. With just a camera in hand, you have the ability in order to be able to become the storyteller of your life's moments. Capture breathtaking landscapes, candid portraits, or mesmerizing still-life compositions. Photography lets you perceive the world through a lens, in order to find beauty in the simplest of details. 

The camera is something that becomes an extension of your eye, and through it, you uncover the hidden stories as well as emotions that surround you. Each photograph you take is something that immortalizes a fleeting moment, in order to fossilize a stolen fragment of time, allowing you to relive memories as well as share the essence of your experiences with the world.

Photo from Pexels

7. Pottery and Ceramics

In the hands of a potter, clay comes alive. From shaping a delicate teacup all the way to molding a majestic vase, pottery as well as ceramics invite you in order to discover the beauty of simplicity. The feel of wet clay between your fingers as well as the joy of glazing your creations imbue these crafts with an almost spiritual connection into the earth. 

As you spin the potter's wheel, you become one with the rhythm of life, finding harmony within the tactile process of creation. Each piece you mold as well as fire becomes a unique expression of your artistic voice, a testament to the timeless bond between humans as well as the earth they tread upon.

8. Playing Musical Instruments

Learning a musical instrument is something that allows you in order to be able to explore rhythm as well as melody. Whether it's strumming a guitar, tapping the keys of a piano, or perhaps playing a flute, the journey in order to master an instrument is something that helps in order to enrich your soul with music's wonders. 

Playing a musical instrument is something that opens a portal into another world where feelings come forward in order to transcend words, as well as emotions flow effortlessly through sound. The language of music is something that connects you with others as well as brings an unspoken understanding that knows no bounds.

9. Scrapbooking

In order to unleash your inner storyteller get involved within the art of scrapbooking. Combine photographs, mementos, as well as creative embellishments, in order to weave a tapestry of memories that celebrates all of the beauty in order to capture your life's journey. In order to make a personal scrapbook, make each page to be a reflection of your unique experiences, reminding you of cherished moments as well as the lessons they hold. 

Scrapbooking is something that is much much more than just preserving memories; it's a labor of love that works in order to capture the essence of your life's story. As you flip through the pages of your scrapbook, you're transported back into those special moments.

10. Cooking and Baking

Cooking as well as baking are things that are not just culinary skills; they are expressions of love as well as creativity. In order to be a chef and an artist, think of your kitchen as your studio, where flavors are things that blend like hues on a canvas. Whether you're whipping up a hearty stew or crafting something like a delectable dessert, culinary crafts are things that promise a feast in order for both the eyes as well as the soul to feed. 

The kitchen is a playground of flavors, and each dish you create is something that tells a story of tradition, culture, as well as personal flair. From the aroma that fills the air all the way to the symphony of sizzling ingredients, cooking as well as baking are sensory experiences in order to bring people together as well as nourish not just the body but also the heart.

11. Creative Writing

Writing is a craft that works in order to give wings to your thoughts as well as your feelings, allowing them to soar through the pages of your journal or the lines of a poem. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, creative writing lets you in order to be able to weave stories that touch hearts, provoke thoughts, as well as inspire minds. 

The pen becomes your conduit in order for you to reach your imagination, and with it, you become the architect of entire worlds, breathing life into characters as well as stories. Creative writing is a symphony of words, where each sentence plays a note, as well as every paragraph orchestrates emotions in order to resonate with readers.


You've now embarked upon a journey all the way through the enchanting world of crafty hobbies in order to find the perfect one for you. From the painting all the way to cooking, each pursuit is something that holds a unique magic in order to kindle your creativity as well as ignite your passion.

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pasta with Shrimp

 This creamy garlic mushroom pasta with shrimp is a delicious and easy-to-make dish that is perfect for a weeknight meal. It is made with simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand, and it comes together in just a few minutes.

This is such a good instant pot meal! It comes together so fast, and I know your family will love this dish without the red sauce. Add frozen shrimp for a good source of protein.

8 ounces of spaghetti

½ c yellow onion, diced

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 tablespoon of minced garlic

1 cup of half and half

4 ounces of cream cheese, cubed

2 cups of chicken stock

2 cups of large shrimp, tail removed

½ c of mushrooms

½ c grated parmesan cheese

2 tbsp butter

Turn the instant pot to saute.

Add olive oil and onion and saute for 3 minutes, or until the onions are tender, stirring as needed.

Add garlic and saute for 1 minute.

Turn off the instant pot.

Add chicken stock.

Break spaghetti noodles in half and submerge them into the stock.

All noodles should be covered by the stock. Stir them to adjust their placement if needed.

Add shrimp. As I used tail on, I chopped the tails off right before adding to the instant pot.

Add butter.

Place the lid of the instant pot and seal the instant pot.

Set the instant pot to manual and set the timer to 5 minutes.

When the timer dings, quick release the steam.

Remove the lid and add the half and half, parmesan cheese and cream cheese.


Add mushrooms and stir.

Replace the lid on the instant pot and allow the cheeses to melt in the pasta for about 5 minutes.

Stir and serve immediately.

Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge.

Why this is a great instant pot family meal:

  • It's a delicious and healthy meal. Shrimp and mushrooms are both low in calories and fat, and they're a good source of protein and nutrients.
  • It's a quick and easy meal to make. You can have this meal on the table in about 30 minutes, making it perfect for a busy weeknight.
  • It's a versatile meal that can be customized to your liking. You can add different vegetables, herbs, and spices to make this meal your own.
  • It's a crowd-pleasing meal. Shrimp and mushrooms are both popular ingredients, so this meal is sure to be a hit with your family and friends.

If you're looking for a delicious, healthy, and easy meal to make, pasta with shrimp and mushrooms is a great option.

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