Salsa Steak Kebabs

The  weather is turning colder, but there is still time to fire up your grill and make something amazing like Salsa Steak Kebabs for dinner!

I don't know much about steak you guys. I really only eat it every few years. Sometimes I feel bad for my husband, who happens to love steak. So, a few weeks ago I made him something yummy, spicy and meaty! He was most pleased with the results and assured me anyone who likes meat will like this recipe!


bacon pieces
green pepper
steak cut into small rounds
salsa verde
skewers, presoaked in water
tortilla shells, soft

Cut your onion and green pepper into small chunks
Make a few thin slits into your steak rounds, so that the salsa can soak into the meat.
Place salsa verde directly onto the meat, 
Place bacon bits on the salsa then add a chunk of pepper and a chunk of onion, wrap the meat around the veggies and salsa and thread it on to the skewer.
Add a chunk of onion and pepper to the skewer.
Repeat until you run out of veggies and meat.

Grill for 6-8 minutes, flipping half way through. Adjust cooking time to reflect what is recommended for the cut of meat you are using.
Place a skewer on a tortilla shell and slide the kebab off of the skewer.
Top with additional salsa, sour cream or ranch dressing.
Wrap and enjoy.

This was an easy to make and even easier to eat dinner. My husband loved it and has been asking me to make it again with chicken

How do you like to make your steak a little spicier? Tell me about it in a comment.


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