Kindness Rocks

Hot Kindness Rocks are a fun way to decorate rocks to hide to share with others!

Harper and I found a kindness rock in the woods one day and we were inspired to make some of our own! This was a fun multi part project for us. As we had to find rocks, decorate them and then hide them!

We found a super special rock that had a chip in it. The chip was in the shape of a heart. We knew this special love rock needed to be placed someplace special. We knew just the place! Preschool! We headed there to hide it in a special spot!

These rocks were fun to make, but truly not kid friendly. 
To begin I heated rocks in the oven at 200 degrees for an hour.
When they were hot I melted crayons on them.

After they cooled for several hours we were ready to share them!


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