DIY Kids Reading Nook and Book Storage Solution

We have moved into our house and are now in the stages of making it work for us. The rooms are all spacious, there are closets! But we have a mass of childrens books fitting for a small library. After filling the only 3 shelves available with books, I had to get creative about storing them but I also wanted to come up with something functional.

I got an under the bed storage tote. I filled it with about 50 books.

I placed the lid on it and immediately my daughter dashed into see what was up. She is a little bookworm and the idea of several hundred available books really appealed to her... and the mess maker in her too.

                  From here I got a soft blanket. and covered tote of books.

I added a few favorite stuffed animals, but they were instantly snatched away by the kids. so I gave them a pillow and a small basket of books at the side of this reading nook.

As you can see, it was instantly put to use by my sweet book loving daughter.

So, for about $8 I created a storage solution and a seating area for the kids! This has worked well because the kids like to lay down and read, and the tote filled with books supports their weight and is just the right length for them to do so.


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