Washer Necklaces

This easy DIY washer necklace is perfect for making with kids to wear and share!

My daughter loves to look at my jewelry box and naturally, she asks to borrow all of the pretty things inside. She is 4, so I am not often likely to hand over anything! One day last week she was especially pouty after I declined her request to wear an old locket from the 1950's with photos of my grandparents in it, so I decided we needed to make some fun things she could wear and keep in her own special jewelry box.

I came up with a few basic supplies and a plan! We were going to start with a simple washer necklace.

I gathered:
A washer
Mod Podge
A Paintbrush
Washi Tape

We began by covering the washer with washi tape. Carefully tearing off the excess and covering the interior edges.

Next we painted the washer with glow in the dark mod podge. Allow it to dry, flip it over and paint the other side too.

Next we looped a section of black yarn to make a necklace.

This was a perfect start to building a jewelry box collection for my preschooler. We will definitely try this again with other patterns of washi tape!

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