Glam Pumpkin Make Over

From outrageous orange to golden glam in a flash! This is how to make those plastic pumpkins super stylish!

I was browsing at the local thrift shop a few weeks ago and I noticed they had a huge pile of Halloween stuff out. Everything was 10 cents. I sorted out about 10 plastic pumpkins and happily took them home. 

I grabbed some gold spray paint and gave them a generous coat. I let them dry throughout the day, and now I have some total glamorous pumpkins to display! It may be only August, but I am ready for a super stunning and stylish Halloween display this year!

You might want to wear gloves when you spray paint... I got a little too enthusiastic about the idea and I just went for it. My hands were a lovely shade of gold too. HA!

How am I going to use these glam pumpkins in my Halloween and fall decor?
Make sure you come back in a few weeks to peek at the final results. 

I am thinking to have hubby drill a hole in the bottom of a few and use them to plant mums.
I am going to stack 3 together and create a fall totem pole of fun. I am looking for Rose Gold and bronze spray paint to add to the colorful display!
If you have any ideas for my remaining 4 pumpkins, please leave it in a comment!


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