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Glam Pumpkin Make Over

From outrageous orange to golden glam in a flash! This is how to make those plastic pumpkins super stylish!

I was browsing at the local thrift shop a few weeks ago and I noticed they had a huge pile of Halloween stuff out. Everything was 10 cents. I sorted out about 10 plastic pumpkins and happily took them home. 

I grabbed some gold spray paint and gave them a generous coat. I let them dry throughout the day, and now I have some total glamorous pumpkins to display! It may be only August, but I am ready for a super stunning and stylish Halloween display this year!

You might want to wear gloves when you spray paint... I got a little too enthusiastic about the idea and I just went for it. My hands were a lovely shade of gold too. HA!

How am I going to use these glam pumpkins in my Halloween and fall decor?
Make sure you come back in a few weeks to peek at the final results. 

I am thinking to have hubby drill a hole in the bottom of a few and use them to plant mums.
I am going to stack 3 together and create a fall totem pole of fun. I am looking for Rose Gold and bronze spray paint to add to the colorful display!
If you have any ideas for my remaining 4 pumpkins, please leave it in a comment!


Over the weekend I scored a great deal on mums. They were not in the best shape, but they were $1 for a big bunch! The farmer also had some lopsided pumpkins priced to move, and an idea that I have loved but never got around to trying popped into my head.

Out of my bargain shopping, a mumkin was born.

This was such an easy project! All you need are:
A pumpkin
Some mums
A drill with a 7/16th bit

Simply drill holes into your pumpkin, be generous with your holes!

Snip the mums to be about 2" long, insert them into the holes you drilled.

And there you have a mumkin!

This is a perfect activity for preschoolers. I made one live on the Quirky Mama page with Harper and we had a ton of fun with it! I loved that making a mumkin gave her a chance to work with natural materials and to use her fine motor skills in the process.

The mumkin is a very chic and classy option for Halloween decor without going the route of spooky and scary! I can't wait to make more with the kids!

13 Savory Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is here and I am craving all things pumpkin! Pies, breads and cakes are lovely but there is something amazing about a savory pumpkin dinner! I gathered 13 recipes from my favorite bloggers to share with you. These recipes are completely craveable! I still can't decide which I will make first!

Pumpkin Pasta with Sage and Sausage by Food, Folks and Fun

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Pumpkin Dinner Rolls by Tastes of Lizzy T

Cheesy One Pot Pumpkin Pasta by Domestic Superhero

Beef and Cabbage Dinner in a Pumpkin by Over the Big Moon

Family Dinner in a Pumpkin by Capturing Joy

Vegan Pumpkin Nugget Tacos by Elephantastic Vegan

Pumpkin Chicken Enchiladas by Tatertots & Jello

Pumpkin & Feta Empanadas by Amuse Your Bouche

Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Bread by Om Nom Ally

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One Pot Pumpkin Mac & Cheese by B Inspired Mama

Pumpkin Chili by Food, Folks and Fun

If you still need a pumpkin fix, check out these yummy pie recipes or these other pumpkin for dinner ideas.

Which of these savory pumpkin recipes will you make first?