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Lovely Necklace Projects

Looking for a fun and creative way to accessorize your outfit? Look no further than these 15 lovely necklace projects! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned jewelry maker, there's a project here for everyone.

We've gathered a variety of necklace projects, from simple beaded necklaces to more complex wire-wrapped designs. You'll find projects using all sorts of materials, including beads, crystals, shells, and even yarn. So what are you waiting for? Start crafting today and create a necklace that's as unique as you are! Be sure to click thru the links to find the full tutorial.

 Pressed Flower Necklaces by Mod Podge Rocks

Resin Pendants by Artsy Karma

Seashell Necklaces by Barley and Birch

Embroidery Hoop Necklaces by Albion Gold

Feathered Dream Catcher Pendant by Ruffles and Rain Boots

Marbled Clay Pendants by Sum of Their Stories

Crystal Necklaces by Craftsy Hacks

Glow in the Dark Ghost Tassel Necklaces by Albion Gold

Photo Pendants by Mod Podge Rocks

Macrame Sea Glass Necklace by Crafts by Amanda

Comic Book Necklaces by Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Rock and Wire Pendants  by Reuse Grow Enjoy

Boho Dreamcatcher Necklaces by Happy Mothering

Marbled Wooden Bead Necklaces by Sustain My Craft Habit

Scandinavian Hoop Pendants by Lovely Indeed

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Easy Labor Day Table Decor

 Can you believe that labor day is right around the corner? It seems like the summer really went by faster than ever. Now that school is in session, why not send summer out in style and welcome fall with open arms? These festive and oh so easy table decorations are perfect for a party, and they look nice long after the patriotic holiday season.

This is an easy project, and chances are, you have everything you need to make a few in your pantry!

This easy candle project is perfect to make with the kids. We used leftover dyed rice from a sensory bin and tossed a battery operated candle into the mix, and BOOM! There is a cute as can be way to decorate for the day. For FREE!

If you don't already have dyed rice laying around no worries, it is so easy to do! You can get the complete dyed rice tutorial here.

Start by putting a little red, a little blue and a little un dyed white rice into a mason jar. Shake it. Add more of each color, making sure to shake in between colors, until you fill about 3/4 of the jar.

Add a battery operated candle. Repeat as needed. Decorate tables, patios, walkways and more with these.

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Sushi Sensory Bin

Tolsby Frame Message Board IKEA Hack

This Ikea Tolsby Project turns old frames into something unique and useful in just a few moments.

I love Ikea. I could spend a few hours there every week, day dreaming up projects and ways to transform my home! I also love the little bargains; the scrub brushes and napkins. The glass bottles, and place mats and all of the deals to be had at under $1. Hello? Awesome Toilet Brushes, handy waste paper baskets and picture frames! Last year before they discontinued the Tolsby frame, I bought a bunch for about 70 cents.  

I found a cute way to repurpose them and share info the gool ole fashioned way; with a note. This Tolsby hack only needs some basic supplies like the frame, washi tape, some string and a dry erase board to create something useful and cute.

Tolsby Frame
Washi Tape
Embroidery Thread
Dry Erase Pen

Begin by covering the frame with washi tape.
Cover the base, and both sides, using small strips of the washi tape of your choice.

When your frame is covered, tie a 16" section of embroidery thread on to the base and screw it together.
Tie a dry erase pen to the thread.

We use this to leave important info for each other. This is also awesome for writing the wifi password on if you are having guests.

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Teaching Children Sustainability Through DIY Projects

 Sustainability is important as it promotes a different way of living that doesn’t revolve around consumption, spending, and pollution. However, implementing sustainable principles is not always easy, especially if you have small kids. Simply, teaching them how to be more sustainable individuals can be tricky, because first, they’d need to grasp the concept of sustainability and accept it. 

In case you’re a minimalist parent, or you just wish to go more in that direction, here are some DIY projects and other tricks that are a perfect opportunity to teach your children about a sustainable way of living. 

Start your own garden 

Growing plants is the best chance to teach your kids about nature, plants, and how they grow in reality. If you have a backyard, then you’re already set, so you can use that space to grow some useful vegetables that you’ll use later in cooking. Besides, growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs are also an excellent way to reduce your spending and eat true, organic foods. So asking kids to give you a hand while planting seeds or watering the plants will teach them how nature works, plus they’ll feel proud of themselves. 

Try making DIY laundry detergent 

Laundry detergent can be expensive, plus it’s often full of chemicals that may cause certain health issues, while also harming the environment. But, there is a solution: making your own laundry detergent! There are many recipes online, and usually, you’d need borax, baking soda, and a bar of soap. These ingredients are less processed than the commercial ones, so if you feel crafty, try making your own laundry detergent and teach your kids to do the same. 

Show them how to recycle 

Recycling is a staple in one’s eco-friendly journey. This activity will also show you the importance of using less, while your kids will learn a valuable and noble skill. Also, if you’ve ever wondered how can we reduce plastic waste, then recycling is definitely one of the ways to do it. Basically, almost all commercial products that we use are made of plastic, and recycling and reusing them will definitely reduce plastic waste consumption, and therefore, pollution. 

Clean the garbage

Collecting the garbage to compost is another fun DIY activity that can teach children about sustainability and saving the planet. Unfortunately, in some places, people still throw trash and empty their pockets carelessly, and many parents don’t teach their kids about proper behavior. The trash that we often see outside is also polluting the planet, so if you want to teach your kids about eco-friendliness, then collecting some of the garbage is a definite act of kindness that will also show them how to care for the planet. 

Make homemade art supplies

Most kids love art and anything that goes with it: drawing and painting are some of the most popular ones, that’s for sure. So, you’re probably super tempted to buy them all the amazing art supplies, but did you know that you can make them at home? That’s right, you can make your own paintbrushes, paints, stamps, and even crayons? There are many recipes that will teach you how to do it, plus your kids will definitely enjoy the whole process of creating something fun and new that they’ll be able to use later. 

Final thoughts 

These DIY projects and activities are a perfect way to start teaching your children about sustainability and living a greener lifestyle. They will learn to appreciate the environment while also learning new skills that will boost the environment, lower pollution, and make the world, one truly happy place. 

Easy Cement Ring Holders

These easy concrete ring holders have a delicate fern implant, and a pretty gold finish for a luxe look, on a budget. Make a few for your jewelry and a few to share, because everyone is going to LOVE these pretty and functional ring holders.

I love to make things with cement. From garden stones, to garden mushrooms to functional patio coasters and lots of things in between. I wanted to find a way to bring my love of cement into the house, but was stumped on a functional way to do so. I was stumped for ideas and kind of dismissed it altogether. Then one day, the kids were eating snow cones and it was like a light bulb went off in my head. 

This is such an easy project. All you need is a few paper cones, concrete and some plant life to complete it. The paint is optional, but I think it gives a nice touch to the finished product. You can make a dozen of these for about $10, so they are perfect for gifting, and add a nice touch to the home. You could use these are ring or bracelet holders, paper weights, or a decorative accent.

I picked these plants from my yard. I have no idea what they are. They have always come up in the flower bed on one side of my house. They might be a weed, or maybe a fern of some sort? I don't know, but I think they are pretty and were a good fit for the project. Use whatever type of plant you have on hand for your ring holder.

Paper Snow Cone Cones
Cooking SPray
Sturdy Cups to hold the paper cones during dry time

Mix the cement according to the instructions. You will not need to use a lot of cement for the this project. Start with 5 cups of cement or so.

Place the paper cones into a cup for support. 
Lightly spray the inside of the paper cups with cooking spray.
Gently lay the plants you wish to imprint in your ring holders on the side of the paper cup.
Carefully fill the paper cup with cement making sure you don't displace the plants from the sides.
Allow to dry for 24-48 hours in a warm dry place.
When the cement is completely dry peel the paper cone away. 
Brush the fern from the cement with your hands, or a toothbrush.
Paint the ring holder in your desired shade, using a good quality spray paint.

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Ways to Keep Tweens and Teens Entertained This Winter

 Winter is the time to introduce tweens and teens to new, screen free activities. If you are looking for inspiration for busting boredom while teaching new skills to older kids, you are going to love these ideas.  From knitting to financial know how, this collection has something for a variety of interests.

Making a quilt is a great project because it teaches useful sewing skills and produces a good blanket to keep them warm once they're done. Try getting some simple quilt patterns from here and see what kind of project your teen will produce from there on out.

Keep a teens hands busy while creating a useful item with knitting kits. Make a scarf with the included pattern and knitting tools. These are so much fun for kids of all ages and they will love wearing their creation all winter long! 

Give kids the chance to have fun while developing financial literacy. This game is perfect for a variety of ages and will help pass the time on a snow day. Cash Flow for Kids is from the Rich Dad line of goods, and packs a lot of fun into a compact package.

Y'art Kits are the perfect crafty escape for a winter day. These are easy to create works of art with yarn. Harper and I loved this unicorn kit from Play Monster and it only costs about $11. We are going to order the Pug Y'art Kit too because it is so cute!

Knitting is the thing to do this winter, and this Hat Not Hate Loom Kit is the perfect way to get started. This makes it so easy to make a toasty hat for yourself and to share. Buy more yarn and keep creating hats, which are so much more fun to share than hate. Order for $25.

In the 1980's my cousin was really into Latch Hooking Rugs. I was always a little jealous of her creations and wished my parents would buy latch hook kits for me. 40 years later, my daughter has been latch hooking some impressive works that would have my cousin jealous! Order these for about $15 from Play Monster for a fun crafting session that will have your girls hooked.

Yamaha offers an assortment of high quality musical instruments that are perfect for all ages, including teens and tweens. Something like the Alto Venova makes for a perfect pastime. The instrument produces the mellow sounds of the sax, in a portable and fun to play package. Tweens and teens will love picking up a new skill this winter like playing a unique instrument. 

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Ways to Accessorize Your Outfit with DIY Ornaments

 Nowadays, you can get outfits and accessories for all occasions, thanks to lading designers Like Alexander McQueen, Celine, and Gucci. The collection of dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories is also limitless, and getting the best attire shouldn't be an issue. But, have you ever thought of flattering your gear with DIY ornaments? These ornaments are quite famous and are a great way of creating that stylish yet unique look.

Here's how to match your outfit with DIY ornaments:

1. Avoid color mistakes- pay attention to color coordination

Accessorizing your outfit is not just about wearing all types of ornaments that you come across. Your ornaments should match your outfit perfectly. For instance, if you're wearing a colorful dress with many colors, your accessories should help tone down the color and blend well with your dress.

Natural hues are splendid for bight colored dresses, and this avoids color clashing. Simple outfits match well with elaborate ornaments. For instance, you enjoy more flexibility with a black dress, and brightly colored ornaments are ideal.

2. Wear event-appropriate outfits    


How you dress depends on your type of event. For formal occasions, you need more conservative outfits and jewelry accessories. Dangling jewels don't work so well in the office. If dressing for work, you may want to forgo too many bangles and hanging bracelets. Moreover, choose ornaments in cool or natural colors.

But, if attending a party or a night out with friends, your choices are limitless. You can choose those bright colored dresses and accentuate your looks with colorful DIY ornaments of your choice. 

 What's more? You can match this with a cute clutch or a leather tote bag. You can as well add a scarf and gloves for that classic look. The idea here is to stand out but still achieve the perfect match for your accessories.

3. Your skin tone matters!

Your ornaments should not only go with your outfit but your skin tone as well. Silver is an excellent choice for illuminating natural tones. On the other hand, gold is ideal for women with darker hair or matte skin. For cooler skin tones, Ornaments in red, purple, and blue colors make perfect choices. For warmer skin tones, choose yellow, green orange ornaments.

4. Chose a focal point

Accessorizing your outfit is all about limits. Choosing giant and brightly colored ornaments draw attention to your jewelry, making others not to notice you. Remember your decorations are meant to complete your outfit and not a focal point.

Choose accessories that blend in well with your dress, handbag, and shoes. Avoid jewelry that draws more attention than your outfit. If you are wearing other types of jewelry, match them well for a more harmonized look. Visit ARY D'PO if you're looking for some nice designer pieces.

The bottom line

DIY ornaments are cost-effective and stylish. They are a great way of accentuating your looks-in a unique way, of course. No matter the type of outfit, you can also make ornaments to suit your style and dress. To make the best DIY pieces for your dress, acquire some materials from your local store, and search online for tips on making the best ornaments for all outfits and occasions.

Popcorn Candle DIY

Fall is on the way and I am itching to decorate, bake and savor the cooler weather and the bounty of last of the season produce that I will scout out in the coming weeks! This year I want to keep my decorations for autumn simple and my costs at a minimum. I am gathering inspiration from nature to make my home feel warm, inviting and seasonal.

I have been experimenting with natural supplies to create stunning additions to my decor. This super simple candle holder is perfect for adding something naturally lovely to your home this fall on even the tightest budget!

All you need is a bag of popcorn kernels and a LED tealight and a clear glass candle holder.

Simply fill the candleholder with popcorn kernels then add a battery operated tea light!

I made a short facebook video to show you how lovely this is. I love the simple touch of natural beauty this easy project offers. You could also wrap a simple burlap ribbon around the candleholder also to add another sweet touch to the finished product.

Queen of Hearts Bookmark

These easy no sew queen of hearts bookmarks are perfect for making and sharing! Give a few as a gift, or keep a few near your bookcase.

Summer is here and I am loving the lazy mornings by the pool. As soon as the kids get up they are want to jump in and spend the day there. We often joke they are going to grow fins if they don't come out and dry off for a little while. I don't mind sitting pool side, observing the kids and reading a book.  So, in the warm months, book marks are essential to my life.

I wanted to make something a little bit fancier than a paper bookmark so I checked out my craft supplies and decided to make a few of these. They were so easy and required no sewing, but are substantial enough to not fly away on a windy day.

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Wide Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun


Cut a section of ribbon that is twice as long as the average book.

Fold the ribbon in half and liberally add hot glue.
Fold the ribbon over on to the hot glue and press.
At the end of the ribbon, insert a necklace clasp so that it just  barely hangs out of the ribbon.

Secure with hot glue.
Attach a jump ring to the clasp.
Attach the charm to the jump ring.
Secure with hot glue.

These are great for stashing around the house, where ever you like to relax and read.

These no sew bookmarks are also awesome to share. My husband is a school librarian and we love to make bookmarks to share with the kids, so I have a stockpile started for the day our kids can return to school and enjoy a visit to the school library.

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Homemade Lilac Perfume

Homemade Lilac Perfume is the perfect easy gift. It is made with the most unlikely ingredient that you may already have at home, vodka.

Lilacs are one of my favorite parts of spring. I love to pick them and fill small vases and bowls with them. The fragrance is almost intoxicating. I have been known to carry scissors on my walks in the spring so that if I run across a bush I can snip a bunch of delicate flowers. How I wish I could preserve that fragrance and enjoy it on winter days!

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The next best thing is this easy to make and super economical perfume. It uses vodka and lilac oil to make a simple and elegant fragrance that is perfect for daily wear. It doesn't smell like alcohol. The jojoba and lilac will blend with it.

I like to make two bottles at a time, one to keep and one to share with a sweet friend.

Homemade Lilac Perfume Supplies for 2 bottles.

20 drops of Lilac Fragrance Oil
1 tablespoon of jojoba oil
1 tablespoon of distilled water
2 tablespoons of vodka

2 smaller roller ball perfume bottles
A small funnel


Mix all liquid ingredients in a small glass bowl.
With a micro funnel pour the perfume into the 2 small roller ball bottles.
Shake well and wear.

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Glow in the Dark Galaxy Slime

My kids have been begging to make slime for a while now. I finally caved and made a really pretty glow in the dark galaxy slime. This was easy and fun to make. My kids loved it in the daytime, and at night too!

We loved this slime because it can technically be made with stuff you already have. I happened to have glow in the dark powder at home, so I added it. Use whatever glitter or confetti you have to make this easy slime. 

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1 cup of cornstarch
3/4 cup of water
A craft stick


Mix the glow in the dark powder with the cornstarch.

Slowly add the water to the blue cornstarch.

Add a generous amount of extra fine black glitter and silver star confetti.

Begin to mix the slime with the craft stick.

As it begins to clump together begin kneading by hand.

Your slime is ready when it is dry to touch but squishy!

If your slime is too runny add a pinch more cornstarch.

This will glow in the dark if left to 'charge' in the sun. You can also use a black light to really bring out the glow in the dark properties.

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