Bomb Pop Cocktails

All the flavors you loved as a child in bomb pops take a grown up turn to create a cocktail that is perfect for your holiday festivities, or anytime of the year!

I might not be sipping on boozy drinks very often, but I do love to play bartender for friends and neighbors.  Last weekend one of my favorite neighbors caught me outside taking photos and he asked me to make his lovely wife a drink, something cheerful that would take the edge off. She had a rough day. I knew right away what I wanted to serve. I dashed inside and gathered my supplies. This drink came out so beautifully that I made a few and headed over with my little drink tray and visited with them. 

This drink looks like it might be complicated to make, but trust me. Layering this bomb pop cocktail is effortless!


Strawberry syrup (torani makes a nice one that is easy to find)
Blue Curacao


Fill a glass with ice.
Add 1 ounce of strawberry syrup.
Add 1 ounce of vodka.
Add 6 ounces of sprite.
Add 1 ounce of blue curacao.
Garnish with a strawberry if desired.

You can easily make this a mocktail for the kids and friends who don't indulge by omitting the alcohol and replacing the curacao with blue gatorade or Hawaiian Punch.

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