Is An LSAT Tutor The Right Move For You?

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Despite there being dozens of books, courses, guides, and manuals, getting an LSAT tutor can be a difficult decision to make as a student. Law students always have trouble deciding if they need a private tutor or if a similar level of exam preparation can happen in other ways. Financially this is a big step, and it can be tempting to say you’ll just self-study instead.

The LSAT score is weighed the same as your undergraduate GPA by most law schools in the admission process. The law schools who do seem to prioritize the LSAT score do so because it helps them to improve their law school rankings as a high score guarantees high bar exam passage rate. A high LSAT score helps to guarantee you’ll be a competitive law school applicant. Below are 3 signs that you may need to get a private tutor to help with your LSAT prep.
1. When You Learn Better One-On-One
Every student has their own learning style. If you are the type of student who does best with one-on-one tutoring to comprehend concepts and theories, then it is a sign that you may need the help of a tutor. Large LSAT prep classes do not offer educational material that suits every student's style of learning.
Also, the large classes tend to rush and provide incoherent solutions to students who might require direct help from their tutor. So, if you struggle with the traditional method of large class lectures, getting a private LSAT tutor is the best option for you.
2. If You Need Flexible Scheduling
Another downside of large classes is that they tend to be inflexible for working adults and college students. A private tutor, on the other hand, can be available depending on your schedule, and they also leave you with the option of rescheduling your sessions.
If you are always in a dilemma about the schedule of your large LSAT class, it could be that you need to consider getting a private tutor. The flexibility they offer is worth it and your working hours won't have to be disrupted by the large LSAT class sessions.
3. When You Need Feedback
LSAT books and guides are an excellent way for self-tutoring but doing that on your own can be frustrating if there is no one to ask questions or give feedback. If you are the type of student who performs well when guided through tough issues by a tutor, hiring one is a worthy idea.
Private tutors can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student and can be of great help with one-on-one consultations. They can also help keep you accountable with your studies so you don’t become complacent. Self-study can be difficult, so if you know you’re the type of student who needs help staying motivated then a private tutor will be useful. This kind of help increases your chances of getting a high LSAT score, which helps your entry into a good law school and even the opportunity to get a scholarship.
Unlike large LSAT classes, a private LSAT tutor can be beneficial in that they get to understand your struggles, are available on request, and they offer one-on-one assistance, which is more effective in helping you to understand the material. Working with a private tutor on your LSAT prep is highly recommendable as it guarantees tremendous improvements in your LSAT score.


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