Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Internet

The internet is a powerful tool now that pretty much everyone uses. With a multitude of internet providers available, like Viasat internet, it's now easier than ever to get connected and get online. It’s now something younger generations grow up with, and it can be easy to forget that there are always dangers to using the internet in regards to your children. Here’s how you can keep your kids safe on the internet.

Talk To Them About The Dangers
There are many dangers on the internet, but if you just tell your children that the internet is
dangerous and give no other information than that, it will likely pique their curiosity to find what
these dangers are. Ultimately, that’s something you don’t want else they’re going to put you and
your household in danger. So talk through the different dangers that are on the internet. Tell
them to be wise about what websites they go on as some may cause viruses to infect the
computer. Encourage them not to speak to any strangers on the internet, no matter what. Stress
the importance of not giving out any personal information, particularly where you live, your
name and age. You don’t want to petrify them into having nightmares, but you need to find the
right balance to ensure they’ve taken note of your warnings.

Know Their Passwords
For younger children, it’s good to know their passwords for anything they use. This way, if you
ever need to keep an eye on what they’re doing, you’ve got access to any accounts and sites that
they use. Failing that, you can always check the browsing history of what they’ve been looking
at and control this feature so that only you can delete what you browse.

Be Wise With Electronic Devices
There are so many electronic devices that have access to the internet, and sometimes we can
forget they exist when we give them to our children. Devices like Kindles and iPads all have
access to the web, and it’s easy enough for them to jump on. Children are very bright, and they’ll
likely figure out how to use devices faster than you can. Going forward, be wise with your
electronic devices and at what age you decide to give them to your children. Mobile phones are
ideally given to children when they are teenagers as they are likely to be going out more with
friends and therefore it’s good for them to contact you, so you know where they are. A lot of
mobile devices also have GPS tracking so that you can subtly keep track of where they are if
ever they ring you in a panic and have gotten lost.

Set Parental Controls
Parental controls for the internet are something everyone should be using, particularly for young
children going on the internet. Family Orbit is the best parental control app that allows you to
monitor your children’s activity on the internet and to block certain sites that might be harmful
to them at that age. The app helps block these sites from your phone, and it can help you lock
or unlock your child’s device if you’ve banned them from using their mobile device. They may
not like you for it, but as a parent, it’s looking out for their interests and safety.

Keep Computers Visible
Any computers at home should be kept visible and that means that they should be out in open
areas of the home, like the office or living room. Avoid getting laptops or desktop PCs in your
children’s rooms until they’ve reached a certain age where they can buy it for themselves. By
that point, they’re likely to be at an age where they understand the dangers of the internet
anyway and are using it for work or for socially connecting with friends.

Assign Rules And Stick To Them
Finally, ensure you assign rules for using the internet and be strict with them. Set a time limit on
how much internet they can use on a daily basis. Keep electronic devices from the dinner table
if you tend to eat together as a family and ensure that these devices are removed from the
bedroom at night if they’re young. These rules will help them understand that the internet is a
luxury and something that should be used wisely.

Keeping your kids safe on the internet is going to allow them to go forward with safety in mind
whenever they use the web. Remember to be clear about the dangers of the internet and don’t
avoid any sensitive topics. Keep computers visible and assign rules that they need to abide by.


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