DIY Barbie Serving Tray

My daughter is really into all things Barbie. So I made her this cute little rustic serving tray for her Dreamhouse play sessions. It took me less than 5 minutes and is pretty cute and you can personalize it if you wish!

We have all but given up on Barbie accessories. My kids lose them, the dog chews them and it seems like a big waste of money. I won't buy any more, but I will DIY some!

 I made this Rustic Barbie Serving Tray happen in moments with 3 supplies. It is pretty cute and it cost me $0 to make.


6 small craft sticks 
Glue Gun


Glue 3 craft sticks together
Trim the rounded edges off of 3 craft sticks then glue 2 of them to the longest sides of the base.
Cut the remaining craft stick in half
Glue this to the other ends

 Now you have a rustic serving tray for Barbie and her friends. Can you believe how easy that was?

We are already planning to make a version of this with taller sides to flip over as a coffee table for Barbie. You can paint the serving tray, or cover it with washi tape for a unique look if your daughter isn't into Farmhouse style decor yet.

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