DIY Easel Photo Stands

This easy straw easel diy is the perfect solution to displaying photos and works of art on the cheap.
All you will need is a few straws and some hot glue to create these fun and functional easel photo stands.

My kids love to draw pictures and my husband loves to take photos. I usually have an abundance of things to display on any given day. Considering how artistic my family is, I regularly rotate the display!
These easy easel photo stands are the perfect solution for displaying notes, photos or works of art.
They come together in moments and are just the right size.


To make straw easel photo stands you will need 4 paper straws and a hot glue gun.
Begin by forming an upside down V with 2 straws and glue them together.

Next, cut one straw in half, place this on the two straws to form an A shape. For larger photos, add the cut straw a little lower to allow more room to stand a photo.

Now glue the last straw on the back of the A shape.  Glue from the top to give the stand its support.

Allow to dry for a moment then place a photo or work of art on the stand to display.

I love this idea for the office, a dorm room, or around the house.

I have a video on facebook for this project.
I would love to have you check it out and give it a thumbs up!

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