OurPact vs Screen Time - What Do You Really Need to Keep Your Child Protected?

If you own an Apple device, it is probably you’re using Screen Time feature to control and manage the time
spent on the device. But if you’re a big fan of parental controls, it is likely you already know about

OurPact and Screen Time are both used to check and control the amount of time your kids spend on devices. 
You’ll have to pay for subscriptions to use OurPact app on your iPhone, Screen Time, on the other hand,
comes with no additional costs. 
But why will someone prefer to pay subscription while there is a free version of the same?  
Read below to see the difference between Screen Time and OurPact.

How OurPact Compares with Screen Time

Want to know more about OurPact vs Screen Time so you can make an informed decision? The following
points will be helpful.
1.  You’ll have to pay a subscription of $5 per month to enjoy OurPact features on your iPhone, but Apple’s
IOS 12 with Screen Time is free. OurPact has a free version too but will come with limited functions.
2.   For you to manage the device from the parental OurPact app, you’ll have to install the device
management software on each device. On the other hand, Screen Time functionality depends on Apple ID’s
, meaning, provided that the device is logged into your child’s Apple ID, Screen Time will continue with
its job.
3.  With OurPact you can create multiple downtime schedules for your kid’s devices, such as homework,
dinner, bedtime, etc. with Apple’s Screen Time, you can only create one downtime schedule for each child.
If your kids are using different devices, the schedule will apply to them all.
4.  Both OurPact and Screen Time allows you to mark specific apps as “always-on” regardless the downtime
schedule set.
5.   Apple’s Screen Time has the option where kids can send requests to their parents seeking for time
extension for a specific app. Unfortunately, OurPact iPhone does not have this functionality.
6.   With Screen Time, you can set time limits for specific app categories. OurPact does not have this feature.
7.  OurPact gives you the option of setting time allowances for each of the child’s devices. You can use a
different allowance for each day. while using their devices, kids can pause or unpause their time. You can
also set the time allowance just like OurPact on Screen Time but it does not allow kids to pause. 

Screen Time Vs. OurPact – Final Thought

Both the Screen Time and OurPact are good, and you can rely on them to see and control what you
kids do on their devices.
If you are looking forward to multiple schedules and don’t mind about the cost, OurPact can be the
right choice for you. Again if you are looking to have basic restriction over apps on your child’s device,
Screen Time is the right choice.
It all comes down to your needs and preferences.

Why You Need to Manage Your Kids Screen Time

Discussion regarding the amount of time that kids should spend on their devices is an intriguing one.
This is because there is a specific rule to govern this.
Reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that overuse of screen devices can lead to
cyberbullying, sleep difficulties, disengagement from social life and also contribute to negative performance
at school.
For this reason, apps such as OurPact and Screen Time have been developed to help parents limit the
amount of time that they spend on their devices.
Parents in the 21st century must embrace the need to teach their kids the screen time etiquette.
And since parents cannot afford to be always present so they can manage their kids' screen time, apps
such as Screen Time and OurPact are there to help.
The secret to instilling good behavior is consistency and these apps help you to program the way your
kids use their devices without putting any pressure.
Managing your kid’s screen time prevents them from spending many hours on the screens. No parent
would like their children to spend time on their devices, while their rooms are still messy or when they
have homework due.
That’s why you have to set rules that will help your children to balance the time spent on devices as well
as the time to do other chores.
Both OurPact and Screen Time can help you have control over your kids so that they can use technology


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