Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Grown ups like stockings on Christmas morning too! If you are looking for some unique ideas to help spread Christmas cheer, check out this list of awesome stocking stuffer for adults ideas!

This list contains items sent to me for inclusion and or affiliate links.

Paint It Decorating Pens are a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to get crafty and creative. These pens are easy to fill with any acrylic paint for mess free paint projects on wood, canvas, acrylic, glass and more. Get them online for about $20.

Touch Up Paint Pens are a great stocking stuffer for anyone who is doing some DIY projects at their house. Touch up little areas with ease, and know the paint you fll the pen with will stay fresh for years.
Get them from Slobproof for about $10.

Tweexy is a stocking stuffer must have for girls, tweens, teens and ladies who love to paint their nails. This lets you wear your polish without spills for easy at home manicures. Get it and a great glass file from Tweexy. The tweexy is $10, while the file is $8.

Beesential lip balms are perfect for stuffing stocings and giving the gift of healthy lips this winter. Get a 5 pack online of some amazing good flavors. Give them all to someone special with a tin, or split them up among a few stockings for a great gift at under $13.

Add an Amogha Collections Gift bracelet to a stocking and see a face light up. These are delicate, dainty and perfect for daily wear, or as an eye catching accessory on a special night out. Made with a real pressed flower with gemstones, any lady will love it. Get it from amazon for about $37.

Unique, handmade and full of heart, a Luc and Bell bracelet is as unique as can be and add a great touch to any outfit. I love these as a stocking stuffer for their heartfelt message. Get them from Etsy for $15.

Biofit 360 offers a variety of supplements to make anyone calmer, sleeping better and feeling less pain. Add tinctures, gummies, balms and drops to a stocking for a well balanced holiday season with fewer medications needed. Prices vary from $22 to $90.

In this political climate, all one can do is smile. Grab a deck of cards from Sweet and Sour Politics and give your favorite political person a one of a kind gift. From Sweet and Sour Politics. Get it on their website or from amazon for about $13.

Stuff the stocking of your favorite home repair person with a handy little wall repair kit from Slob Proof. This kit has everything you need to repair imperfections in walls. It was made by a mom so you know it works too! Get it for  about $20 from the website.

Add organic skincare to the stocking of someone special with Moon Mag. Specially designed to eliminate pain in minutes, this brand gets rave reviews for performance and quality. Order from the moonmag website. Prices start around $10 and they offer so much more than just effective pain relief.

Hair ties are always a safe bet for a stocking stuffer. This tin has 25 classic black ones with a bit of snark. At about $9, this is a great filler gift for any lady with long hair. Get it from Cricket Co or in select stores.

If you want to stuff a stocking with awesome for an ambitious woman this holiday season, get her a set of statement cards right away. She will adore getting to share her statement with her other empowered friends all year long. Cards are $5 each and can be found online.

Give the gift of organized everything with Packbands. These are perfect for saving space on trips, or getting things together around the house, the easy way. Add a pack to a stocking this holiday season for easy organization. Prices start at about $20. Order them online.

Make peeling boiled eggs a breeze by adding the Negg to a stocking this Christmas. This is a handy tool for the kitchen that takes the work out of getting the shell off of boiled eggs. Order it online or from amazon for about $15.

Make self care an easy and pain free process with the Kaire tool crystal sculpting tool. This is great for reducing cellulite, while sculpting the face. Get it online for $165 and avoid all of the nips, tucks and procedures that you might pursue to get a useful appearance.

A good night cream is a great way to stuff a stocking this holiday season. Block Island Organics makes a really effective option for about $30 that is packed with great ingredients that keep the skin healthy and free of harmful chemicals. Find it online for fuss free skin care.

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