Summer Slim Down Guide

So, how did spring quarantine treat you? 

I gained weight. So much weight that I am in SHOCK still. 25 pounds? Yes, easily. None of my clothes fit and I am miserable. Out of necessity, I am making an effort to walk more, eat less and drop all 25 of those pounds by the time fall rolls around. If I don't, I am likely to roll into fall at this rate.

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite products for living healthier with you, as well as what efforts I am making to drop the weight I have gained during covid. Samples were received and affiliate links have been used.

First, I stopped buying FAMILY SIZED BAGS and instead started buying multi-packs in bulk for all of our snacks. While it might cost a little bit more to buy a 40 pack of little bags than it does to buy a few family size bags, but it really helps with portion control on snacks. 

I started buying bigger bags of vegetables at the grocery store. If I buy it fresh, I will find a way to use it because I despise food waste. This leads to bigger servings of veggies with dinner and less room on my plate for extras.

I fast.
From 10 pm to 12 pm, I do not eat or drink anything with calories. Although I sometimes waver around 10 am with an iced coffee. I try to keep my calorie intake under 50 calories during my fasting period, so I keep that in mind when adding a splash of creamer, to keep my calories down. I think it is too early to tell if this is effective for me, but 6 days in, my pants feel looser. I will update you on this later.

I stopped weighing in daily.
I was feeling discouraged the first week I started trying to cut back. I saw no movement on the scales, and then that made me feel like, why am I denying myself anything? I am now hungry and overweight.  Instead I now weigh in two times a week, in the morning. I have seen my weight drop by 3 pounds, which is a wonderful start.

I started switching out for better snacks and higher quality meals. 
I know from personal experience that lifestyle changes come in steps. We usually dine out 3 times a week, so I reduced that to two meals out the first week.  I started adding more healthy proteins like salmon to my meal plan, and I started looking for lower carb options. 

Some of my favorite healthier snacks are Good To go Bars. These are great because the flavors are light and the texture of the bars is unique and pleasant. These are one of my favorite things to toss in my bag for in the car snacking without the guilt. Order them online, at about $24 for 9 tasty bars. I love vanilla almond and the blueberry cashew flavors the most.

When you think about cutting back and getting healthier, you probably imagine saying buh-bye to cookies. But, Made Good has a line of soft baked mini cookies that are perfectly portioned for an indulgent treat minus the guilt. I love that they are organic and offer a ton of nutrients in a sweet snack. Find the store locator to get snacking with Made Good! They also have awesome granola bars. 

A diet that leaves out treats, is a diet that is likely to fail. I have been treating myself to The This Line from Blissfully Better. I love that these tasty treats are portioned perfectly for a sweet to share, but also, they have minimal ingredients for a better product that tastes like real candy! I couldn't pick a favorite, because they are all noteworthy, indulgent and several are even low glycemic. Order them online  at Amazon or Blissfully Better in 4 or 10 packs.

I have never been an energy ball person but, I am a snacking person who likes real food. These energy bites from Metaball are actually really tasty and perfect for after a long walk with my dog when my appetite is peaked. I loved the cinnamon apple crisp balls! So good! Order them from Metaball for about $15 for a trial box to try them all.

Being more active means I need to keep hydrated. After a long walk, I like to wash down my healthy snack with a Greater Than Sports Drink. These are packed with electrolytes and have no added sugars. They have a great line to try, including watermelon and chocolate. Order a variety pack from Greater Than for about $44.


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