Skip the Store and Get it At Your Door

In the current covid climate, I am trying to avoid the store as much as possible, but life happens and who wants to go without the things they need? Thankfully, you can get almost anything delivered these days! I have rounded up a few favorites that I have skipped the store for and had delivered to my door. I think you will love all of these ideas and I hope they help you skip the store and get it at your door too.

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Spending so much time at home means wearing shoes less, and slippers more. Treat yourself to something super comfy! EZ Feet makes memory foam slippers for both men and women that are affordable and perfect for working from home, or just relaxing! Get them starting at about $20 on Amazon.

Bugs happen, especially in the summer! No need to dash out to the store where the other scary things might be lurking. Earth Kind has all kinds of ways to keep insects at bay in an earth friendly way. Check out their insect repellents, spider, moth, rodent and mosquito away kits and get them delivered to your door for a bug free summer. Prices start around $13.

Craving cookies? Why not get some crunchy chocolate chips delivered to your door? Miss Myrtle's Chocolate Chip Cookies make a great way to deliver a smile with snack time. Order a 6 pack starting at $5. We loved the chocolate chip walnut ones! 

Has the grocery store meat department been a little blah lately? It has been a challenge to get a good steak around here, but that is not a problem. Bone In Butcher Shop is shipping some of the finest cuts of meat you can imagine, right to your door. Prices are reasonable for such great quality. 

Need new undies? Get them delivered to your door with Wama organic underwear. They make styles for men and women that are comfortable and earth friendly. Prices start at about $24 for men's styles and $20 for ladies. You will love how easy ordering your unmentionables can be.

Craving gluten free cheesecake that won't blow your low carb diet? Get it dropped off at your door from Good and Tasty Bakes. They offer 3 varieties that are really good for when the craving hits.  Prices start at $15 for a slice of keto friendly decadence. 

The best burger is as close as your doorstep when you order Vermont Wagyu. Mix it into a meatloaf, or grill up a few burgers for a great flavor that you don't need to leave the house for. Wagyu Burger starts at $14 a pound and is well worth it considering there is nothing quite like it!

No need to travel for fresh roasted salmon! Blue Circle is happy to ship it straight to your door. Get happy salmon in cute shapes, smoked thin salmon for lox bagels, or ready to serve roasted salmon that you can feel good about starting at about $14 for melt in your mouth thin sliced smoked salmon.

It has been said that bacon is life; so why not bring flavor to your day without dashing out the door? The Baconer makes some of the best bacon to be found, and they will ship something wonderful to your house. Imagine full flavor with no contact! Order the XXL Bacon Steaks for a total meaty treat. Prices start at $75 for a 3 pack of XXL bacon steaks.

If you have ordered something unconventional for delivery, I would love to hear about it. I hope this list helps you skip the store and get it at your door on some unique items! 


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