Coffee Lovers Favorites of Summer

Over the last few months, nothing has been better for my soul than my coffee time. I love to sneak away to the kitchen and watch the squirrels and birds come visit the feeder with a cup in hand. If quiet coffee time in the morning can make one feel so good, adding a little bit of the bean to the rest of the day is a recipe for success! Here are a few of the best ways to bring coffee to all parts of the day!

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Nothing smells quite as lovely as coffee. Once Upon a Candle captures the fragrance with mouth watering perfection! Check out their wonderful assortment of fragrances and they also offer fresh coffee bath bombs that are wonderful for the skin and the spirit.Order online for a special gift, or an indulgence for your self care routine. Candles are about $18. 

Getting a great blend of coffee is easier than ever. You can get whole bean, or freshly ground options delivered right to your door starting at about $17 a bag, with Yes Plz Weekly. Set your delivery preference and get ready for the best brew in town to happen in your kitchen.

I could sip those wonderful little bottles of coffee all day long, but they have so many calories. Milkadamia makes really great dairy free creamer that has like 10 calories a serving. Add it to your favorite coffee and enjoy a creamy, low cal way to get your fix without milk. Locate a store near you to stock up on this creamer.

Kickbar is one of my new favorite things ever. These little coffee bean bars are so easy to eat on the go, and they are really good too! You can get all of the flavor and benefits of a cup of coffee, anytime, anywhere. I love to toss them in my bag and take a tasty pick me up along on all of my adventures. Get a 20 pack of Kickbar in latte, coffee, or mixed for $40. Order online.

This summer, I have been skipping the coffee shop and making my own drinks at home, adding a splash of Torani puremade syrup to your cold brew for a summery kick to your coffee. I love the smoked black cherry with a dark roast coffee. Explore the extensive line of syrups and locate a store near you on the Torani website.

Cowffee is a unique coffee drink that you will want to try ice cold. It is a premium blend of coffee and milk with CLA protein to create a thick and delicious drink that is filling and has all the kick you want from coffee with a hint of sweetness.

I have been avoiding retail enviroments as much as possible since March. With the avoidance of my beloved Tim Horton's, I have a surplus in my coffee budget. I have been loving the indulgence of whole beans, roasted to perfection. If you too want to sip on some stellar brew, check out the offerings from Unrest coffee. You can get a monthly subscription for under $12 and the bags of beans are generously sized. Order online.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get all the good stuff like caffeine, on the go, in a portable little package? With a Viter Mint,  your get up and go got up and mint. With 5 tasty flavors, you are bound to find a few to love. Order online for about $18 a 5 pack. These are perfect for an afternoon pick me up without the cup of coffee.

Good beans make a good brew, and a good brew can give anyone a good brain. Rube's Good Brain Coffee makes for a great way to get that indulgence we discussed earlier delivered to your door. Get a subscription starting at about $13 a month for those times when great coffee is required.

If you want a coffee service that delivers fresh roasted and flavorful beans, you will want to check out Rave Coffee. This UK based subscription service is one of the best coffees I have tried. The beans are roasted to perfection, and provide a robust flavorful brew. I highly recommend! Get info on ordering, with international shipping options online.

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